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L.A. labor leaders plan to send activists to Arizona to protest new immigration law

Los Angeles labor leaders plan to send five bus-loads of activists to Arizona on July 29, the day the state’s controversial new immigration law takes effect.

Participants plan to leave all their identifying paperwork behind in a challenge to the Arizona law, which, among other provisions, mandates that non-citizens carry immigration paperwork demonstrating their lawful presence in the United States. The statute also empowers local police to question people about their immigration status.

The law’s supporters say it is a legitimate response to widespread illegal immigration. Critics, including Maria Elena Durazo, who heads the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, says it amounts to racial profiling against Latinos.

“If this was Arizona and not Los Angeles, I would say standing before you today are a  group of ‘suspicious’-looking people,” Durazo told a news conference Monday. “You can’t tell by looking at us who was born here, who has a green card, who served their country in the armed forces, who works hard every day, pays their taxes, raises a family, sends their kids to school and helps them with their homework.”

Labor unions nationwide have assailed the Arizona law and called on Congress to address “comprehensive” immigration reform, which would include some path toward legal residency for an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants.

-- Patrick McDonnell

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Good you can sit in jail until they identify you with fingerprints....You are not doing this Country any good.

ICE be on the look out for 5 bus loads of illegal aliens! Maybe these union leaders should worry about what's going on in the economy and save all that money that they will be wasting, don't you think?

If what they do is so inconsequential that they can run off to go protest, then we don't need them on LA's payroll. Lay them off.

Sounds like these labor leaders and their members don't have enough work to do themselves. I bet they didn't read the law either. They are the usual suspects jumping on the band wagon to protect law breakers.

Figures Mexifornia would do something like this. Quit trying to bully a state for enforcing a federal law. Its their state and they can run how they like. California is contributing nothing to that state's benefit, all because a bunch of Mexicans don't want to take the time out to become legal members of our country. Such a joke.

So they are going out there looking for and probably going to start trouble. They deserve to be arrested and face the consequences that come with it.

Commit a crime by entering the country illegally. Get rewarded with citizenship. Commit a crime by using forged documents. Get rewarded with citizenship. Commit a crime by not paying all your taxes. Get rewarded with citizenship. Let's see. What other crimes can we give people rewards for?

Of course, no one on the LA Council did anything when Los Angeles and CA decided to discrminate boldly against gays.

Only looking after their own I guess...

You mean "Unions" don't you? Activists aka Union members-go ahead the people will be watching. While the city of Los Angeles mocks Arizona, the people around the US are boycotting and turning off to the city of Los Angeles, good going City Council.

HELLO AZ, dont sell them gas or food or place to stay. I thought they are going to boycott AZ businesses?

Follow them around they might burn something. Then you can charge them with a criminal case, then you can deport them all.

Im from Long Beach and I hope everyone follows your path!!

Why would they do that? All those illegals on the buses will get deported.

I'm so sick of people playing the "race" card!
Ummmm...what border is being broken daily...and by whom?
That's a FACT...not racial profiling!
Once unions were a positive...now they are the straw that broke the financial camel's back!

it would be great if the state of arizona would detain all of you lousy wetbacks. also, try and spend a couple of weeks there. and go buy your snacks and soda,{HELP SUPPORT ARIZONA}

To the unions and the illegals, comprehensive means they get to stay. They stay because they broke the law. Thumbing their nose at the laws of America.

The only way this should work is they leave the country and then apply or start deporting each and everyone

So does this mean I can protest the protestors? We should protest the protestors as they board the buses for Arizona. Moreover, we should boycott LA or at least those businesses that employee these protestors. Wait? Shouldn't they be working or will they be given the day off(paid, of course). We shall find out.

I don't understand why L.A. is so involved in this issue. Worry about your own backyard. It's overrun with gangs, crooks, rapists and thugs, and you're worried about ILLEGALS in another state?

deport them if they do not have papers

Maybe if we start a web site for donations, we can get them some more money for more buses. :)

Obviously by their comments they have not read the law.

And just what are they trying to prove? That Arizona's law requiring identification mirrors that of the federal govts law?

what stupid people .... how can opposing a federal and state law to remove criminals from USA be anything but retarded. Stay in LA, the city for people like you.

Durazo, is only during for the PR just like all the rest of them. AZ is not trying to run CA, and this will only make more states to follow since the FEDS are NOT doing their job. Just enforce the immigrations, and there would not be a problem.

Hahahahahha! this is awesmome!

Not only is the rest of the country pointing and laughing at the zero-cred town of L.A. but, now these w/o a clue activists get to find out first hand how Airzona has a zero tollerance for idiots disturbing the peace. Arizona is not L.A. You do not want to go there and start ranting about someting that does not apply to you unless you want to find yourself in a jail somewhere wondering how your right's were "violated".

Arizona is perhaps the last place in the Country that has an ounce of common sense and American values left. And, they HATE L.A. and it's loser citizens/political base.

So gwon down, bring your Mexican flags and your signs and bullhorns. Make a scene and enjoy your stay at the jail of thier choice. Going to another state to raise a ruckus w/o your I.D. is illegal. So have fun in bracelets and pink underwear while they try to figure out who you are. Which could take a while since you left you I.D. at home. And, you can be detained indefintely beacuse of same.

Are you freaking serious? Going to another state to protest something that does not apply here? Idiots.


You may find a different welcome in arizona. Start bullying and pushing us around,it will not take you long to find
you aren't in new york or chicago,

NEWSFLASH TO MARIA ELENA DURAZO: In case you did not notice, the great state of Arizona could care less about you if you are a legal US citizen. For being "labor leaders," you and your organization must have plenty of free time to go on pointless bus rides trying to make a useless point.

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