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Phoenix resident angry about L.A. Council vote to ban travel, contracts in Arizona

Phoenix resident John Spencer said Wednesday night that he had canceled four summer trips to Los Angeles to protest a vote by the Los Angeles City Council to ban most city travel to Arizona and future contracts with companies in that state.

The council's action Wednesday afternoon was in response to Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigration. The state's measure requires people to show documents proving their legal status if they are questioned by police.

"I'm urging all my friends not to go to California this year," Spencer said in a telephone interview, adding that he had scratched trips to Newport Beach, San Diego and the Bay Area. "We're not going to come to California."

Similar sentiments were voiced by a number of people who submitted comments earlier Wednesday regarding a report in The Times about the council vote.

"It's just not fair," Spencer said of the council's vote.

-- Robert J. Lopez
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Not everyone in California believes in what the council did. I will be traveling to Arizona on Memorial Day weekend, and will continue to go that beautiful state. Stick to your guns Arizona! You're doing the right thing.

It's okay John,

We didn't want you to come co Cali anyway.

Get a Grip John Spencer... You don't Like it?
Tell your Governor...
She's the One to Blame, NOT US!
We, Californians treat ALL people with Respect and dignity!
Hey, You didn't "EARN" your Citizenship... You just HAPPENED to be fortunate enough to be Born on This side of the Border...
So Quit Yer Bitchin' and Belly Aching!!!

This alarming shows how dumb the LA City Council and Mayor really are. L.A. is on the edge of a financal disaster and they are worring about another state. They should learn english so they can correctly read the Arizona bill. They screw up L.A. and now they want to screw up another state. lol Plus, their boycott will have very little effect on Arizona. Also, you would think those contracts should be in Caifornia instead of Arizona in the first place.

I for one believe that Arizona has a right to do what ever they what the majority rules. They have a right to protect there border. Mexico sure does. Remember you need Arizona water California. You Stop trade They need to stop the water.

Lol am in los angeles and i will be visiting the grand canyon soon!


I am a California resident and I am angry that Janice Hahn and the City Council dare to take this position. They sure don't represent my feelings on this issue or anyone else I know. We are all in support of Arizona's new law and share the same problems of financial, cultural, and law enforcement abuse at the hands of illegal aliens. Our budget deficit is 50% related to the costs involved in dealing with these criminals.

I would hope that this juvenile prank of "boycotting" Arizona will backfire and result in more financial loss to California. The arrogance and dismissiveness of our politicians knows no bounds.

Los Angeles is full it Idiots. It's actions like this that have Los Angeles and the State of California in the "Mess" there in. I've been in California all my life and I've been trying to get outof here as fast as I can before they take all I've worked for and give it away to the Mexicans.
The mayor should look at Mexico and he will know that Los Angeles is going to be just like it!!!! If Mexico is so great, Why are all the Mexican comming here? It's not for all the jobs, It's for all the freebee's the government give them. And all Amercians pay for it.

City of Los Angeles......Get A Clue!!!!!!

If he doesn't think it's "fair", than he should do something in his state to appeal the law that's making this all happen.

Sorry to say other states are looking at the same laws. The states need to protect the border. Since the Federal goverment has failed at it. For boycott that California is trying to do. All Arizona has to do is shut off your water supply. Colorado is looking into the same laws.

Hey Spencer-
I'm in Cali. and I agree with you. Cancel them thar trips dude! I'm going to come to AZ to do all I mean ALL my shopping needs. I have property there in AZ. City.

I agree the GOVT pushed AZ into signing this law because our GOVT did nothing for reform. It is not AZ fault.

We have a Hispanic Mayor whom thinks he can speak for all of Los Angeles, and Los Angeles county...BULL, he is so WRONG,

They, Mayor and Actors that jump on AZ just want to be noticed and they are missing the point that their own GOVT made AZ act out.

However, I do think San Diego is for AZ. It's just fake Hollywood of LA LA Land people that are not for AZ. and most people in LA don't really live in the real world.

LA City council is incompetent.
I doubt that their actions can have much effect on AZ. Regardless, I strongly recommend that rather than complain, Arizona step up the recruiting of California business. I have had enough. I am ready to leave.

I hate LA.

Los Angeles is already over crowded. Who needs more visitors?

I live in Arizona and I strongly oppose the new law. The statistics lawmakers have used are innacurate and purely for propaganda. The amount of inmates of Hispanic origin are 10% statewide, not any higher as has been stated. The real culprit here is Mexico. If they would improve their ways of life, crime, and government, Mexicans would not be leaving in droves to find a better life. This new law is discriminatory, and it is likened to Nazi Germany. No matter what the law says, that a person can't be stopped and asked for documents unless they are committing a crime is idealist at best. I am glad other cities and states are boycotting. Two cities in Arizona, Tuscon and Flagstaff, are already taking measures to censure the law. What does that tell you about the governor? Brewer is merely trying to make a name for herself, and trying to surpass the Napolitano legacy. The whole thing stinks.

GOOD GIVE IT BACK TO MEXICO !!!!!!!!!!!! ouch that hurt
kudos to the one council memeber that had a spine
maybe the native americans will take Mexico back ,, i boycott LA and Mexico ,,and stand firmly with AZ

Oooh. That stings, John.

Dang. And I was going to bake you a cake to welcome you. Oh well.

I am from California and these politions don't do anything we want done. We have been asking for enforcment for years only to get told we need amnisty. I can't wait till election time Mayor V is gone in my mind. I will not vote for anymore people who don't stand firm on protecting our country.

This law will be use for “bad people” and will not stop immigration problems. Please read the bill. Arizona will be under Nazi era. Arizonans residents are going to be against neighbors, friends, and families. People, will not be able to assist or give a rite to nobody unless they ask the person for legal status. I do not see any other race being stop and deported by ICE and police enforcement! This is a direct attack against the Hispanics and Latinos. This law is not what United Stands for. We must get united and stop the hate. Call your Governor and tell her that you do not agree with this law. I am aware that Arizonans who because if their frustration are not thinking logical. Many people just want to deport the "Mexicans' as the majority believe that only Mexicans are not documented residents. Please, do not contribute to racial profile and if you do not want the cities and states to boycott Arizona; act and help to stop it. This law will have an economic negative impact to United States; we can see it now; Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York... and your Mr. John Spencer are telling your friends not to come to Los Angeles, San Diego... do you understand the importance to tell Jan Brewer that we do not need racial, fascist laws.

Oh by Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, and the beaches here are so clean, and the temperature is always mild.....

Janice Hahn and the rest of the vote-hungry butt-kissers on the council set aside their intellect and good judgment in order to pacify the outcry from uninformed Los Angeles Hispanic community. Had they actually READ the Arizona law, they would have determined that it is simply an assumption of the right to enforce those laws already in place but not enforced by the federal government...to whom we pay considerable taxes to do just that.

How dare they speak and act in my name, without my input and against my wishes, to take away contracts to benefit this city? Do they consider the future or the consequences of their acts? Why not let the laws of the land decide if what Arizona has chosen to do to protect themselves when their country won't is valid? What Hahn and the others have done is the equivalent of vigilante "justice".

Its a shame all this non-sence is taking the focus away from the fact the LACC has driven the City into disaster. Good job govering. Maybe they need to spend more time solving the city's issues and keeping out of other city's issues so they can actually do the job they were nominated for.

Who is John Spencer! I think Arizona has more to lose if people boycott.
California is one of the Number One places to visit, move to, or vacation. Out of the United States, nobody knows where Arizona is - the publicity Arizona is getting on this issue will bring negative light to them and people who never heard of Arizona will only have a negative memory or opinion. Nevertheless, California is well-know ALL OVER THE WORLD!! Only John Spencer will boycott California but believe I don't think California will hurt at all..........

This is by far the stupidest action taken by the LA city Council...Ever wonder why 51% of folks polled agree with this legal action taken in Arizona....No one will ever agree when Illegals are involved.....Except that are far to many stretching the resourses in this fine country.

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