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Phoenix resident angry about L.A. Council vote to ban travel, contracts in Arizona

Phoenix resident John Spencer said Wednesday night that he had canceled four summer trips to Los Angeles to protest a vote by the Los Angeles City Council to ban most city travel to Arizona and future contracts with companies in that state.

The council's action Wednesday afternoon was in response to Arizona's crackdown on illegal immigration. The state's measure requires people to show documents proving their legal status if they are questioned by police.

"I'm urging all my friends not to go to California this year," Spencer said in a telephone interview, adding that he had scratched trips to Newport Beach, San Diego and the Bay Area. "We're not going to come to California."

Similar sentiments were voiced by a number of people who submitted comments earlier Wednesday regarding a report in The Times about the council vote.

"It's just not fair," Spencer said of the council's vote.

-- Robert J. Lopez
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He's right, it's just not fair.

It's just not fair that we have such a dumb city council.

You're writing stories based on commenters now? You realize there's a difference between what people say on the internet and what they do in real life, right?

I'm rethinking my trip to Los Angeles as well. I think the Grand Canyon may be the way to go. Thank you Arizona for defending and protecting American citizens in a way that our Federal Government has refused to do.

well - I guess he and I will cancel each other out, I won't go camping to the Arizona side of the Grand Canyon. Instead, perhaps I will go to Disneyland, Alcatraz or Sea World...I hear there is one less Arizonian there...

uhm... who cares?

More to the point, who is John Spencer, and why is his opinion newsworthy? This is as much news as a YouTube comment.

Don't worry Arizona all the real Americans will be moving there soon to get away from the failed government .


LA City Council are you reading our post? The people have spoken, and they are all saying LACC, leave Arizona alone and do your own jobs!!!!!! No matter how poor that job is!!!!

Mixed emotions...This is becoming a real pissing match...

Solve the problem... Ask for SS#'s and ID before hiring people to work for you.
If not, don't hire them.... I have to show ID and SS# to get a job, ID/Licence to drive, and I have to carry my ID/Visa/Passport in others countries... Soooooo.

It's been a Federal law for years... enforce it... But profiling people isn't right.

It won't hurt California/Los Angeles for Arizona to boycott us, but it will hurt Arizona if we continue to boycott them (from a governmental standpoint of course). Trust me, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knott's, all of the beaches, the convention centers (Anaheim, LA, SD), and other attractions will be packed this summer regardless of what Arizona does. A few less tourists is a good thing!!

Now, onto Arizona's immigration law: I have a wonderful solution, why don't we have the federal government just enforce its own laws like they were up until Bush became president?? Then, we wouldn't have this terrible (and discriminatory) law in the state of Arizona.

Maybe LA Council should read the bill, it doesn't allow for racial profiling it only enforces the Federal laws that should be enforced and are not. You will be asked for citizenship id only when you are breaking a law, if you are illegal then the police take you directly to ICE and there be processed.

Don't they realize the amount of illegals that cross the border with human smugglers and are ABUSED. Drug cartels are killing US citizens along the border now to cross through their ranches. We need protection somewhere and the Feds are not providing the protection we need. Now it's up to our own States to stand up and do something about it. This law will at least bring illegal immigration to the forefront of any debates before this November. Citizenship isn't a human right!! It's true our federal system has failed to easily process citizenship applications. Borders need to be secure for our safety, citizenship processing should be streamlined. We welcome all immigrants from everywhere as long as you pay(taxes) your fair share to be a citizen of the last stand for freedom in the world.

I can't wait for AZ to turn off the water faucet SoCal is so dependent on! MYOB, L.A.!

Will all the boycotters be setting aside a fund to replace the lost wages of the thousands of people in the service industry in AZ who will lose their jobs? I didn't think so.

Good. DON'T come to California! We don't want you here! We have enough people already! Maybe only California residents should be allowed to be in California? Papers Please! Los Angeles did the right thing. If only we could kick Arizona out of the Union for acting like Nazi Germany! Maybe we can give it back to Mexico!

On the news tonight, they said that Phoenix has already lost $93,000,000 in meetings and conventions. That is not counting all the business the stores, restaurants, etc. will lose, because those people won't be there. So, you folks don't come here. Some of those meetings and conventions will find a place in California, and others will go to Nevada or Colorado. Sorry about that. No I'm not.

HaHa. All the places he's going to aren't even in LA. People are so quick to be dumb. Oh arizona!

I wish I could care about Arizona. I just don't. Sorry.

The Pint Size Mayor, and the city council is doing it for PR. These nuts feel it will help their political careers. One good thing is that the Pint Size Mayor will not be our AG, unless he can pass the State Bar, and he cannot do that. His career is DOA in CA, and he cannot have one in AZ either. Maybe he could have one in TX in some small town if he is lucky.

We need to ban the Pint Size Mayor, and the city council for wasting the tax payers money on this. Ed Reyes, and the council is just the rubber stamp of the Pint Size Mayor. It is going to come back to haunt of them for this stupid action. Other states are looking at doing the same thing, so they will have to ban those states. I wonder will he go to his girl friend home state if they do the same.

I'm pretty sure that an Arizona boycott of LA won't do anything and LA gets enough tourists from around the world to not even notice people not visiting.

But what about companies that have LA headquarters, like Trader Joe's, or movie studios, or Johnny Rockets, or Sketchers sneakers? What would happen if people decided to have a day without movies?

Hey, I live in LA and I don't want to be here. Funny, the people support the law and the ignorant politicians don't even ask them before taking a vote like this. It doesn't take courage to pander to lawbreakers.

I fully support the Arizona law. The L.A. City Council are out to lunch!

Boycott Los Angeles! Don't spend your money within the City of Los Angeles.

I would advocate that all businesses that buy from LA businesses return the favor and boycott LA. All persons who travel from AZ to CA should initiate a boycott. Level the playing field. LA wants to hurt AZ, then AZ should do it's best to hurt CA. This should really help the budget deficit in LA.

I'm from the east coast and just read your ban with AZ ,that is one of the dumbest things i heard,your banning any trade with them when your state is infested with illegal aliens ,causing your taxes to skyrocket,your state is bankrupt and we the tax payer are tired of bailing your state out ,so now what we are going to do is start a ban on things from CA .GOOD FOR AZ ,I WISH OTHER LEADERS HAD THE BRAINS TO LISTEN TO WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT.

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