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L.A. City Council votes to ban travel and future contracts with Arizona because of tough new immigration law

The Los Angeles City Council, protesting Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigration, on Wednesday voted to ban most city travel to Arizona and future contracts with companies in that state.

During a morning-long debate on the resolution, council members compared Arizona’s action to Nazi Germany and the beginning of the Holocaust, as well as the internment and deportation of Japanese Americans during World War II. A new Arizona law, which will take effect July 23, will require police to determine whether people they stop are in the country illegally, which critics say will lead to racial profiling.

“Los Angeles the second-largest city in this country, an immigrant city, an international city. It needs to have its voice heard,’’ said Councilman Ed Reyes, one of the resolution’s sponsors.  “As an American, I cannot go to Arizona today without a passport. If I come across an officer who’s having a bad day and feels that the picture on my ID is not me, I can be … deported, no questions asked. That is not American.’’

The action was approved 13-1, with Councilman Greig Smith casting the sole dissenting vote.

The council’s action fell short of a total boycott or canceling all of the city’s $58 million worth of contracts with Arizona companies. Officials with the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles International Airport expressed concern about potential effects on those agencies. The council asked boards overseeing the port, airport and city utilities to review all contracts with ties to Arizona, however.

LAX receives $22 million in revenue from two Arizona-based airlines -- US Airways and Mesa Air. The port relies on three Arizona firms for new, low-emission big rigs, part of the city’s “clean truck’’ program that is expected to reduce truck-related pollution at the port by 80% by 2012.

-- Phil Willon in Los Angeles City Hall

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I could not finish reading this article have the opening paragraph! Comparing it to Nazi Germany is distasteful and disgraceful to Holocost survivors and families! The immigration law in Arizona has no similarities whatsoever. We are not talking about ethic cleansing! The law simply states that officers have the authority to question people WHO ARE INVOLVED in CRIMINAL ACTIVITY their legal status. And for California to act negatively towards a sovereign state is completely ignorant! But, what I've come to learn from living out here in the Golden State, is that ignorance is rampant, probably due to our less than adequate school system...49th out of 50 states!

No, Al Reyes, the problem is not that the Arizona legislation is un-American, but that you are not thinking. You are simply acting out of emotion, over a boogie man that doesn't exist. The legislation simply mirrors federal law and permits AZ law enforcement personnel to ask questions if the circumstances first permit, and then warrant it. It is what law enforcement officers are sworn to do - uphold the law and NOT to look the other way. Simply because the City of Lost Angeles and its council have chosen to look the other way does not require, nor make it illegal, immoral, discriminatory, racist or un-American for any other jurisdiction to choose not to. Mr. Reyes, you've got it wrong, you and the council are legally and morally in the wrong, NOT the state of Arizona. Quit deluding your selves and feeding fears in the latino community.

If L.A. citizens continue to reelect these politicians--then the City Council is right. They can delay solving the budget crisis, create layoffs, cut services, mismanage public funds, and raise taxes, but it's not important, because the public is only concerned with hot button issues which the City Council has no power or authority to change.

There are millions of people in Los Angeles. 13 city council members made this decision without a general consensus from Los Angeles residents. I was not asked for my opinion or my vote. Something about this is not right.

Be here legally or leave.

The City Council is more like Natzi Germany than Arizona. They have the City of Los Angeles so screwed up its hard to watch a meeting or read about them without puking. I do not see were they have any time to jump into other peoples buisiness when they are not even close to taking care of there own city. There use to say Los Angeles lead the way, know people look at this city anf laugh about the idiots who run it.

this is crap. why are people supporting illegals?

I'm going to boycott L.A.

Fine. The city council has just handed me a reason to add L.A., along with San Francisco, to my do-not-visit list. No tourist dollars for you from me. Or from my friends. Or from any of the businesses I persuade to boycott L.A.

Arizona did the right thing. Would that more states had the courage to stand up and do the job that the federal government won't.

L.A. and San Francisco need to mind their own business, especially considering how deplorable their finances are. Just yesterday, the news was replete with stories that L.A. doesn't even have the money to repair sidewalks. L.A., along with most of California, is turning into a fiscal armageddon--much like Michigan. And what does the L.A. city council spend its time fretting about? A law in some other state.

L.A. San Fran. Who needs 'em?

But what about the Republicans? Even the hatemonger nazi republicans have the right to join with their conterparts in Arizona on the war against hispanics, teachers, unionized workers, goverment officials, healthcare advocates, people who would rather be more responsible to pay more taxes than create a larger deficit and degrade the schooling system further than it already is. We have to be fair to them, don't we?

I intend to boycott California and especially Los Angeles.

So, is the Council guilty of illiteracy, stupidity or race baiting? Or maybe all of the above!! (read the law, dummies!!) If our elected officials can't be counted on to support the law enforcers, instead of the law breakers, they should swiftly be shown the door.

Hey Mayor Villa, I just signed my RECALL PETITION for your job and I am going out of my way to wreck your name as a leader and representative of my people. You Represent MEXICANS like they are the last Coca Cola on the Planet!!!

Guess what even if Mexico was, I would spit every bit of the COKE out!

Who are these Morons on the city council?

I am an American Citizen and I DO NOT want these illegal aliens in my country!!

You work for Americans?, or you work for criminal illegal alien invaders?

I think the country should boycott Los Angeles and cities like it. The cities already down the tubes.........

Californians need to boycott every business that employees these illegal alien criminals.

Law enforcement needs to do their job!

This is a disgrace to every American that fought, and died for our great country.

Every illegal alien in this country is disrespecting our laws, our culture, our economy. They have no right to be here at all, and they need to be kicked to the curb with the rest of the garbage.

I hope arizona does the same thing in retalitation. LA city council/mayor villaraigosa - let me offer you some advice. you might want to spend more time getting your budget in order and not worry so much about what other states are doing on an issue that doesnt affect you.

Americans overwhelmingly want illegals out. They want immigration stopped since Americans have been raped by it. They want babies of illegals to go home. Give us our nation and culture back!!! We can't live in racist Mexico and illegal Mexicans, illegal Chinese, illegal foreigners should not be permitted to live in the USA.

Incredible this city council of Los Angeles, a city that is bankrupt and in deep trouble is voting to stop doing any sort of business with a neighboring state. One of the biggest reasons Los Angeles is in the hole they are in is because of their illegal population. I think Arizona will survive, but you tell that to the 1700 plus people out of a city job this week in LA.

Councilman Reyes is flat-out lying about what would happen to him in Arizona, and 73 percent -- SEVENTY THREE PERCENT -- of Americans now favor ``a measure requiring people to produce documents verifying their legal status if police ask for them.'' That's according to this very newspaper.

This is your constitutional republic, folks. These are the people you elect into office to represent you. Give that some thought the next time you step into the booth to vote.

Typical liberal nonsense. The City Council is showing their immense stupidity and love for criminals by their weak and utterly useless ban. Had any of them even bothered to READ the law, they would see that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with racism. The new law simply allows local law enforcement officials to, if they suspect that a person, after being detained or arrested for some other offense, is possibly not in this country LEGALLY, to ascertain their immigration status. This will apply to ALL who may be in this country illegally. This is something that the Los Angeles City Council doesn't have the balls to do themselves. Instead they hide behind Special Order 40, which prohibits
L.A.P. D. from doing their jobs to the fullest. Chief Beck should be ashamed at his stance in the matter. If he was a real cop he would be throwing out S.O. 40 and letting his cops on the streets help rid L.A. of gang members who are here illegally. The whole Los Angeles city government is disgusting.

How dare the LA city council members vote [meddle} in AZ lawful and legal [until proven otherwise) legislation. It seems that council members are doing nothing but politically strengthening their Latino base.

The council should be more concerned with local issues rather than FOREIGN POLICY.

Arizona should stop selling LADWP the renewable energy-sourced electricity and let's see then about whether the counsel will continue their aiding and abetting posture.

Too bad Arizona did not simply write their law to say that all persons arrested on suspicion of a crime will be checked for their citizenship status and turned over to the feds if they do not have official papers showing either citizenship or legal residency. Case closed except for the hard core Reconquistas.

Why isn’t the Commander of the US Forces stepping in and stopping this Nazi like tactic?

My rights as a free American have just been stepped on, my local governing official have exceeded their authority and now banned me from visiting or doing business with anyone within the State of Arizona. This is just like how the Nazi’s divided and concurred all of Europe.

The 13 LA council members who voted to boycott Arizona are a total disgust and pandering to law breakers. While the city is in the red for some $500 million dollars and cannot even fix broken and dangerous sidewalks, they have the time to butt in on Arizonas' economy. I think what is good for the goose is good for the gander, lets' boycott Los Angeles. Lastly, if we are a nation of laws, how come council wowan Janice Hahn, who is runnig for LT. Governor in November can support illegal aliens? Take the time to read Arizonas' law, it is a copy of federal law.

I don't know what people are protesting. Is it the manner in which immigration is being policed, or is it the idea of immigration reform at all? I don't believe city/state/federal services should be spent on anyone who avoids paying taxes. I would support a reform that forced people to prove their citizenship when receiving federal aid or money. I would also support reforms to help teach English to immigrants to better join our communities. Is supporting these types of reforms considered Nazism?

People need to get their facts straight before drawing up such ludacris conclusions. You would not be deported for forgetting your passport. If you're registered, meaning have a valid driver's license and social security number then you're fine. The only time you have to worry is when you aren't taking the necessary steps to become a true citizen of this country. Ridiculous!

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