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L.A. City Council votes to ban travel and future contracts with Arizona because of tough new immigration law

The Los Angeles City Council, protesting Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigration, on Wednesday voted to ban most city travel to Arizona and future contracts with companies in that state.

During a morning-long debate on the resolution, council members compared Arizona’s action to Nazi Germany and the beginning of the Holocaust, as well as the internment and deportation of Japanese Americans during World War II. A new Arizona law, which will take effect July 23, will require police to determine whether people they stop are in the country illegally, which critics say will lead to racial profiling.

“Los Angeles the second-largest city in this country, an immigrant city, an international city. It needs to have its voice heard,’’ said Councilman Ed Reyes, one of the resolution’s sponsors.  “As an American, I cannot go to Arizona today without a passport. If I come across an officer who’s having a bad day and feels that the picture on my ID is not me, I can be … deported, no questions asked. That is not American.’’

The action was approved 13-1, with Councilman Greig Smith casting the sole dissenting vote.

The council’s action fell short of a total boycott or canceling all of the city’s $58 million worth of contracts with Arizona companies. Officials with the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles International Airport expressed concern about potential effects on those agencies. The council asked boards overseeing the port, airport and city utilities to review all contracts with ties to Arizona, however.

LAX receives $22 million in revenue from two Arizona-based airlines -- US Airways and Mesa Air. The port relies on three Arizona firms for new, low-emission big rigs, part of the city’s “clean truck’’ program that is expected to reduce truck-related pollution at the port by 80% by 2012.

-- Phil Willon in Los Angeles City Hall

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Johnnycomelately noted: "Council members, I ask you; who is paying for all of the "illegal" immigrants services here in LA"

Johnny, I will take the liberty of putting this issue into perspective by asking you a question, would you agree that there are also millions of LEGALIZED poor Americans who have low paying jobs (minimum wage), and can not afford basic social services, hence, our tax dollars subsidize their services? If you agree, then what is the difference between a poor illegal and a LEGALIZED poor American? If we are talking dollars and cents, wouldn´t it just be a good idea to deport all of them? Yes, deport everyone who has a low-paying job and must have their social services subsidized.

That is a ridiculous notion. If we got rid of all low-paid unskilled labor, there would be an economic crisis in our country. First, there would be no food to eat, since restaurants would have no service, and agricultural fields (which is a big industry in California), would have no workers. Providing social services to illegals, who provide a very cheap source of labor, should be a basic right. Who should shoulder the burden? Two primary sources: (1) the same companies who are hiring them (who by the way will not since they support politicians) and (2) us middle-class and upper-class citizens via our tax dollars (as is already the case), since we are beneficiaries of the fruits of their back-breaking labor (evident by the fact that food in this country is very cheap relative to our wages, relatively cheaper than any other first-world country!).

I guess I wont be going to California for vaction this summer, so much for taking my daughter to her first Dodger game. Arizona is sounding great and I guess it will be Dbacks. Boycott states that dont uphold immigration laws.

To stop illegal immigrants into our country is right on!! I, personally, am sick and tired of what our government is allowing to happen, with the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico, and the Mexican President encourages this!! When are these spineless government officials going to stand up and protect the very Americans who voted them into office. Arizona, at least is trying to do what the federal government is not willing to do. With all this illegal flow into the United States, now we have the "enemy within." If something is not done soon, the United States of America and our freedom is doomed!!

I have decided to boycott my trip to California. When some American city hurts another American city that rings of Unamerican activity. Los Angeles is too Unamerican to have my American dollars, I appeal to all Americans to boycott those places actively trying to hurt other Americans in Arizona.

How about we stop going to war. Thats some form of racial profiling on a much smaller level, dont you think??? Are we the United States of America or the United States of Mexico? There are laws requiring people to show documents at airports to get on a plane, to go abroad, even something called a social security card. Or are those things now irrelevant?

Does this mean the Lakers will ban traveling to Phoenix to play the Suns? works for us, forfeit time baby.

By the way with 1.2 Illegals (2002 figures) living in LA county, you would not mind us shipping our trash (illegals) to you then? we have had a huge increase in Home Invasions in the past year 99% were releated to illegals.

Oh yes 37% of our violent prisioners are illegal. We can release these guy to LA, you seem to love em.

Many hispanics in Tucson support the bill, it is not racial it is against people who do not wish to do things the right way.

For MP, in 2007 the governor of Arizona was trying to get the Bush administration to put troops on the border and secure the border. Same in 2008, 2009. That governor is now head of Homeland Security. She stopped the fence on the border, gave Predators to cover the border in Texas, upped the number of Border Patrol officers in California and basically told Arizona to screw itself. After pleading with the head of Homeland Security and the Obama administration to secure the border, the current governor signed a law requiring LEOs to enforce the federal immigration law. It is something that California has tucked into its state statutes as well.
I was planning a trip to LACMA and several other museums in the LA area this winter. I will not be taking that trip now. I will boycott products from LA and I will ask my representatives to cut off power and water to LA. More for us, then. :)

Again, the stupidity ,incompetence and political left wing drivel have caused great embarrassment to your City. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and the example you are showing to your children on just how stupid parents can be.
One can only hope that you will be term limited and thrown out of office.

I think that the LA Lakers, so show solidarity to Los Suns in their stand for illegal immigrants (led by South African born and current Canadian citizen Steve Nash), should take a dive during the play-offs. Much the same way the Los Spurs did.
It is imperative that no L.A. official come to Phoenix during the series.

I feel sorry for LA. To have council members running your government that are that stupid is an embarrassment. They have obviously not read the law. No you can't be stopped for no reason. Looking as dumb as an LA councilman does not qualify. This is not a racial issue. It is an illegal immigration issue bankrupting Arizona. If I am stopped for breaking any law I can and should be asked if I have a legal right to be in the country. I am of Jamaican and Italian descent, if the officer does not ask me I will be on his or her case for a reason why. I am proud to be American and proud to show ID and I will not go to or spend my money in LA or with companies located there. I am looking into a full page newspaper advert promoting LA as the illegal immigration point of entry. They should stay there also.

Leave it to Los Angeles to always get it wrong. The immagrations are invading, not visiting. They care nothing about America, thier allegiance is to Mexico. Why does our government insist on helping illegal activities.


I have to say I am so happy someone if finally putting their foot down, and TAKING AMERICA BACK!! I am all for stricter laws reguarding immagrants and the fact that a large number of them and the ones that have come in legally do not speak english! It is so fustrating to try and deal with people like that. Plus I am so TIRED of having to push #1 for english when making phone calls, WE LIVE IN AMERICA AND WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PUSH A BUTTON TO SPEAK OUR OWN LANGUAGE!!!!
Thank You for reading,
A. Moore

Boycott everything from California.

Los Angeles has become a reject...a stepchild of CA, much like San Francisco and to some extent, San Diego. Who do these people think they are, making such decisions on behalf of WE, the PEOPLE??? Don't they keep abreast of the news? More than 70 percent of America favors the AZ law.
I drive a pickup truck. I have just installed a large sign that states my disgust with LA in these words: "BOYCOTT LOS ANGELES" & "SUPPORT ARIZONA". I have relatives who come every year or so. They are scheduled this year for late June, and will use my home as their base of operation, as usual. My cousin called me Sunday to firm up our plans. During the conversation she made it clear that she would not be interested in spending vacation time in LA this time. Who can argue with that wise point?
So Reyes and Hahn, along with the rest of the LA race-baiters, can continue to spread their lies and racially-driven inuendo. As far as I'm concerned, they are shooting themselves in their collective feet by encouraging increased racial tensions within our once proud, beautiful California.

arizona going to save trillions in welfare housing jails hospititals etc just think want they start enforcing this law calif is boycotting arizona what a joke we r 40 billion in debt now just think when we get invade from that 80 billion in debt atleast our gov from top to bottom is a discrace

just google hispanics on welfare in calif they outnumber every other race on welfare put together way to go republicans democrats welfare is not a job we need a 3rd party guyz they r to kurrupt


Okay, let me get this straight. Illegal immigrants can travel ANYWHERE but people from L.A. CANNOT travel anywhere.

Makes perfect sense.

Not only shall I travel to AZ, I THINK I WILL MOVE THERE.


How do you get a job on the City Council? Is it enough to be completely oblivious to the world around you? Are you kidding me with this? Why do we allow these people to run our city any longer? They've already run it into the ground. Now this? I say throw the bums out and get a City Council that will actually work on things that matter and not ridiculous resolutions that waste time and don't do anything positive. A law in Arizona that simply requires state officers to enforce federal law is not something that LA should have any issue with. Over 60% of the country supports the AZ law. In fact, this may come back to bite us during fire season because many of our firefighters are imported from . . . Arizona. Good grief!

What are these idiots gonna do in September when so much of the firefighters and fire equipment comes from Arizona to fight California wildfires.

Are they going to call the firefighters Nazis?

I'm thinking the LA city council is as racist as they come.

If you are a registered voter in Los Angeles, please go here to help remove these idiots from power (Mayor, City Attorney, and City Controller):


Press (1) if you think LA City Council members have a special agenda.
Boycott AZ? Are you nuts?
What does AZ have to do with running our city government?
Do any of these idiots including the mayor realize why the City of Los Angeles and the State of California are destitute?
Here is a clue... Millions and millions of illegal aliens continue to suck our treasuries dry by abusing our social services and medical care programs.
They have managed to disembowel our infrastructure, emergency rooms and jack-up our insurance rates while we sit back and watch.
Check out our jails and prison systems to see who is running L.A. and the rest of the State. It is time for an overhaul. It is time to revolt. I'm in!

Give me a break L.A. City Council, this isn't 1810 it's 2010. I say Bravo Arizona and California should enact these same laws immediately. What a childish, immature knee-jerk reaction, shame on LA City Council!!!

Oh California....get over yourself!! The problems Arizona faces with illegals is legit....no one has a problem with people being here legally. I work in an industry where I see illegals daily and KNOW they are using our system which I help pay for and I don't like it. People doing things the RIGHT way are not what the problem is here!!!!!

Hurray for Arizona!!! At least they got the balls and are trying to do something to curtail the continued flow of illeagals coming into their state. Shame on the LA City Council for trying to make nice,nice with the illeagals and boycotting AZ. I'll try and support them as much as I can. I, as a taxpayer, am tired of paying for all of their freebies. Every year when they have the May 1 rally the should have a bus there and pick them up and send them back to wherever they came from.

I would love to see Arizona cut off electricity to pathetic, bankrupt Los Angeles. I can assure you I will not be doing any business with companies located in Los Angeles until they learn to mind their own business.

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