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L.A. City Council votes to ban travel and future contracts with Arizona because of tough new immigration law

The Los Angeles City Council, protesting Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigration, on Wednesday voted to ban most city travel to Arizona and future contracts with companies in that state.

During a morning-long debate on the resolution, council members compared Arizona’s action to Nazi Germany and the beginning of the Holocaust, as well as the internment and deportation of Japanese Americans during World War II. A new Arizona law, which will take effect July 23, will require police to determine whether people they stop are in the country illegally, which critics say will lead to racial profiling.

“Los Angeles the second-largest city in this country, an immigrant city, an international city. It needs to have its voice heard,’’ said Councilman Ed Reyes, one of the resolution’s sponsors.  “As an American, I cannot go to Arizona today without a passport. If I come across an officer who’s having a bad day and feels that the picture on my ID is not me, I can be … deported, no questions asked. That is not American.’’

The action was approved 13-1, with Councilman Greig Smith casting the sole dissenting vote.

The council’s action fell short of a total boycott or canceling all of the city’s $58 million worth of contracts with Arizona companies. Officials with the Port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles International Airport expressed concern about potential effects on those agencies. The council asked boards overseeing the port, airport and city utilities to review all contracts with ties to Arizona, however.

LAX receives $22 million in revenue from two Arizona-based airlines -- US Airways and Mesa Air. The port relies on three Arizona firms for new, low-emission big rigs, part of the city’s “clean truck’’ program that is expected to reduce truck-related pollution at the port by 80% by 2012.

-- Phil Willon in Los Angeles City Hall

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Ha! Ha! No wonder California is the joke of the nation. Yes, we'd all continue to look and laugh at your folly but you're bringing the nation down with you. Watch out because the national economic backlash against California will be a bitch.

Is this the same L.A. City Council that recently got owned by the DWP monster they helped create? Go figure. As a lifelong Angelino and Californian, I'm truly ashamed of my city and state right now.
I can't wait until another good state follows AZ's example. And then another, and another. And then I can't wait until the U.S. Supreme Court upholds AZ's law and similar state laws, and sends an unignorable message to the rest of the nation. A wake up call that it's time to start pushing back. It's time to start acting like every other sovereign nation in the world that enforces its immigration laws and borders.
One need only look at the recent immigration marches, rallies, and protests by anti-American, self-entitled, freeloading, racist (yes, racist!) illegal immigrants and their nutty sympathizers to see that the country's going to hell, and fast... unless something is done about it sooner.

Man, I'm ashamed of LA

Here's what the LA City Council is proposing to the great folks of Arizona:

You can send us your illegal immigrants and we'll send you our law-abiding, productive US citizens!

Sounds like a fair trade to me!

Next step will be to build a security wall along the border between Arizona and California.

@Andy - San Francisco has also boycotted Arizona. Get used to it. But, when you come to California we won't ask you for your papers. This is America here.

Buy Arizonan!

I am now boycotting Los Angeles. I had a few big vacations scheduled for L.A. this year, including a three game baseball series to see my Dbacks at Dodger Stadium.
CANCELLED TODAY due to L.A. boycott of AZ. I also was planning to see a concert over the summer in L.A. CANCELLED MY PLANS TODAY DUE TO THE L.A. BOYCOTT OF AZ.
Arizona people love visiting and patronizing L.A. during the summer months to get out of the heat. Wake up L.A.!
I am going to remain in AZ, spend ALL of my baseball money in AZ now to support this great law, and as a matter of fact, I have some friends from Chicago and Wisconsin that will be flying out to AZ later this year in SUPPORT of the law. My friends just told me that they too would boycott L.A. in support of the AZ law. Once Texas passes their law, we will be flying to Houston for a baseball series, and also Galveston to give the hurricane damaged city some of our hard earned LEGAL American dollars. L.A city council are un-American, and I will never return to L.A. for as long as they have this bocott in effect. Shame on you L.A.

The AZ law specifically states that no complaint will be investigated soley on race, color, or national origin. Read the law L.A. ! As a matter of fact, a police officer can get in trouble if it is proven that he stopped someone soley on race, color, or national origin. Read the Law L.A.


This is a great opportunity to Boycott L.A. and visit Arizona in SUPPORT of the AZ law. Texas is going to implement similar law soon. God Bless America.


My thought is that other cities and states should boycott Los Angeles. Current polls show a majority of Americans support the Arizona immigration law.
I wouldn't mind at all if I had to have a passport or Citizenship identification card on me at all times or if I had to produce it when asked. To say the Arizona law is "not American" is sad.............I do not want the America I love to start believing illegals are an acceptable part of our culture. We can no longer take "the tired, the poor, etc. who want to leave their own country and come to America to ride the backs of the American taxpayer.

Those who are protesting the enforcement of a federal law keep insisting that someone may be "checked" even if they have not committed a crime. Duh - the first step on US soil is their first crime. I think that all whites who support the enforcement should advise Arizona that they welcome the opportunity to have a police officer check them and for every white person then they should check a Latino. How would that then be racial profiling. I am white - they could check me 10x a day - so what?

Just like Obama & his stupid comment about the cop in Cambridge.

The LA City Council stuck their foot in their mouth without knowing all the facts. How about having them take a ride along tour with the Pinal County Sheriffs to get a first hand view of the "war" in their territory.

Better yet, take a look @ their own city & see how it now looks like Downtown Tijuana

“As an American, I cannot go to Arizona today without a passport. If I come across an officer who’s having a bad day and feels that the picture on my ID is not me, I can be … deported, no questions asked. That is not American.’’

This is completely false. That's not how the law was written.

So the logic is to hurt American Businesses to support those who break our laws. WOW...

I lived in Arizona for many years and everything AZ is doing now is justified. It's easy for California cities to "boycott" because they don't live there. I am going to encourage everyone I can to avoid traveling to LA, San Francisco, and any city which boycotts AZ. Wish NV could pass a simular bill on illegal immigration, it would be interesting to see how many cities would boycott Las Vegas.

How dare some city council ban travel. This is the United States of America, not Russia. We are free to travel where we want. And what has happened, flying the Mexican flag above the U.S. flag and people accepting this. They want the Mexican flag flown then go to Mexico. Get over it people this is the U.S. Take back our country!

I am already loading up on Arizona based products and will now make sure I buy nothing from LA of SF based companies. I urge all Americans to boycott LA and SF and vist the Grand Canyon and other Arizona tourist attractions. Tow can play this game. It amazes that LA and SF will side with non-Americans and try to punish an American State and fellow American businesses. True American haters especially that adulterer in San Francisco!

Can you say illegally,can you say that,L.A. city council?These people are here
illegally,Cost the tax payers millions,When are you going to admit it,and to compare it to nazi Germany,What planet are you on,What a bunch of idiots.
B.A. on L.A.

Although I do not support the initiative, I think a total boycott, would do more harm than good, since many Angelinos would lose their jobs. Although a viable alternative, which the city council should consider, is before releasing the above-mentioned airlines from their leases (which could run into legal issues for the city), that they let such leases run out, and then renew leases with the non-Arizona airline competitors, i.e., assuming competitors want to take these leases up.

Los Angeles is no doubt the laughing stock not only of the nation but the world. Los Angeles was the envy of other cities. Our schools were among the best.

This once glorious city is now pretty close to being a third world dump. We give money and costly services away to hoards of people who know how to abuse the system.

We give money and services away to hoards people who are citizens of other countries, here only because they know they WILL be financially supported by this city.

And this city is nearing bankruptcy.

As a fourth generation Los Angelino, I am sickened by what this city has become. I am sickened that our politicians seem to be placing the concerns of non-Americans above Americans.

Los Angeles really was once a paradise, and not that long ago.

It is now clear which "ethnic group" controls the LA city council. LA is an armpit of California anyway, so who really cares. I'm going to AZ this year for my vacation just to applaud AZ and their efforts to control illegal immigration. Sorry CA, you're begining to suck.

Unfortunately, many supporting this law naively note... "we are a nation built on laws". In reality, we are a nation, as like any nation in the world, which I think is important to point out, who is out for our best interests, legal or not. Was invading Iraq lawful? Was not creating mortgage lending standards lawful? No laws were followed in these cases since it was not in the best interest of wealthy Americans (who as we all know, tend not to be minorities), who benefited from the war (i.e. via security company investments) and the real estate boom. During WWII, while all our great men were fighting the war, there was a shortage of manpower, what does the U.S. do? They kindly ask Mexico to help them by sending them Mexicans to help out with their hard labor (i.e. the Bracero Program). What happens? Well enough Mexicans come to the U.S. where they actually realize that they like it here and they tell all their relatives back in Mexico of how good a country the U.S. is. This commences the waive of migration from Mexico to the U.S. in the middle of the last century, which continues until today. In reality, we are a nation of self-interests, which we hide with words like "laws" and "liberty" when trying to justify our actions. Where was this Arizona law in 2007, when things were going well in our great economy? Nowhere, however, the economy goes down, and the first thing many want to do is point the finger, who is an easy scapegoat? Illegals.

Do illegals commit crimes, yes, of course they do, however, legals also commit crimes. The widespread notion by many who support this law that illegals are running rampant committing crimes is nonsense. The vast majority of illegals are hard working members of their communities who are making minimum wage (which is the reason why they do not drive nice cars like us or dress in nice clothes as us).
They are the ones who more than likely are picking the fruit that you eat and are preparing your meals at restaurants. I actually support stiffer crime laws for illegals and legalized immigrants who commit crimes, if they come here to commit a crime (throw this people out once, if they come back, make them do time in jail), I say we deport them and strip them of their right to be in this great land of ours. However, let us not penalize those who are hard working and are being productive members of our society (many of which have been here for over 20 years and are still illegal, which is an entirely different issue).

Also, let us not be naive, a police officer can pull you over for practically any pety issue and still be within "the law". I know this since my brother is a police officer in California. If police officers were "color blind" when pulling someone over, there would be no issue with applying this law and I would actually have no qualms. However, let us face it, none of us are color blind, it is human instinct to judge, especially on appearance, which includes race. As the councilman mentioned, if a police officer is having a bad day, and you like "illegal", i.e. which equates to being brown-skinned, you could face the unfortunate possibility of sitting in an immigration office all day, or worse yet be deported.

I had plans to go to LA but have changed my mind and will instead visit AZ. I will be boycotting LA, for that matter all of California, including the motion pictures that come out of Hollywood. What idots....

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