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Immigration protesters jam downtown L.A. streets; LAPD makes arrests

Traffic in parts of downtown L.A. were jammed because of a demonstration by critics of Arizona's new law cracking down on illegal immigrants.

The LAPD said some of the protesters were blocking several streets, including Alameda and Commercial streets. KTLA News video showed police making arrests of demonstrators lying in the street.

Traffic at the civic center near L.A. City Hall was backed up.

The protest was outside the federal prison in downtown L.A. "This detention center symbolizes the incarceration and internment of so many immigrants and the separation of families," according to a statement on a website posted by the protesters.

Officials said the protest could cause traffic problems for several hours and might cause disruption for people trying to drive into the detention facility parking lot.

KTLA News video showed gridlock on some streets as motorists struggled through detours.

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: Dozens of people rally Thursday in front of the Federal Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles to protest Arizona's new immigration law. Credit: Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times

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On the bright side...Once the illegal are arrested, served their sentences and are deported, they won't be tying up intersections anymore...

See how one good idea gets rid of several problems...

I don't think these people understand...

The more people they piss off, by blocking intersections and causing people to be late, the less sympathetic they'll be about their concerns (Deportation).

Now that you've arrested them, check their immigration status....Ha!

---- "This detention center symbolizes the incarceration and internment of so many immigrants and the separation of families," according to a statement on a website posted by the protesters. ----

OK, lets translate this from the copy the professional protesters handed to lazy LA Times staff: The professional protesters' recent staged rallies did not result in the crowd sizes nor popular sympathy for the racist message. Therefore, a new "humanitarian" marketing theme will now be pushed.

Lock em up and keep them in jail for a couple of days

Love it! Fight the power!

Yeah, upsetting all the commuters by blocking traffic is really a great way to rally support and sympothy.

This is really unfortunate what our city has come to thanks to the politicians. This is why our city is going bankrupct. We have people blatantly breaking the law and making our police officers utilize resources they don't have the money for just because of their ignornance. Why don't they leave our city and go back to their country if they think its so great.

Ummmmm. . . . . shouldn't they be protesting in Arizona? I mean, LA is protesting the stupid law, so why block our streets?

Contact your congressional representatives and tell them that IF they decide to give another amnesty to illegals, then make it the last amnesty....EVER. Codify it. Don't wait until we have another 10-20 million illegals DEMANDING (not asking) that we make them legal.

FYI - Arizona doesn't care about LA and its protesters.

Arrest. Deport. Repeat.

My Brother was convicted of a triple homocide.


Why don't we just hand over kahleeforneeah to mexico and the drug cartels since they have more power than the police anyway thanks to the liberal idiots in kahleeforneeah

Lets go ahead and make life difficult for people in California for laws enacted in Arizona. :|

all for not.....you lose illegals, the majority want you out and the borders secured.....MARCH ON though, right on down to San Diego for an easy exit

I just don't understand how cheaters like illegals think they deserve everything. ALL states need to adopt the new AZ law before it gets out of hand. The illegals leaving AZ already stated that they weren't going home, but to move to other states and break more laws. ALL illegals need to go home.

Deport them while their are at it.

Let's really get tough on immigration and use Mexico's immigration laws!
Then they'll really be crying!!!


Did any of those people getting arrested ever stop to think-The LA DWP gets 21% of it's power for the people of LA from Arizona!!! Yea that's right-ARIZONA! They would have been better off-not using Arizona power than standing in the streets and getting arrested!

Oh, it was reported today that President "O-Bummer" has taken this off the topics of things he is going to work on this year. So, it appears that states now must take matters into their own hands becuase the FED's won't do their jobs!

This just proves folks ignorance!! Come on people, you are protesting something in another State that has NOTHING to do with California (yet!!). AZ is standing as a role model for all other states because the federal Government wont uphold the federal Laws!!! Pathetic it has come to this. If you want to live in the USA and be a bona-fide resident come here LEGALLY like all of our distant (or not so distant) relatives did. Learn to speak the English language and get jobs! Stop thinking you have a right to come here illegally and then demand government assistance, welfare and my hard earned social security benefits and stop waving your countries flag...If you love your birth country so darn much GO HOME. If you really & truley want to be a US citizen then become legal and carry the American flag and learn to speak English!! Its that simple folks, If you want ot live here become a legal US citizen and adopt our countries way of speaking and doing things!! Good job Arizona I support you!!


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