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Hundreds gather at Dodger Stadium to protest Arizona immigration law [Updated]

A mushrooming group of protesters against Arizona's immigration law grew to a few hundred at the entrance to Dodger Stadium on Monday evening as the L.A. team prepared to play the Diamondbacks.

Shouting "Boycott Arizona!" and carrying placards reading "Boycott Arizona Diamondbacks," among other slogans, the protesters sought to gain the attention of fans driving into the stadium to watch a three-game series opener against the Arizona team.

Swelling the ranks of protesters were more than 100 members of the Service Employees International Union.

"The Dodgers have the largest Latino fan base in the league," said Mike Garcia, president of the SEIU United Service Workers West. "We have historically supported them since their move here in 1958. Now we are asking them to take a stand for us -- take a stand against this mean-spirited legislation."

The Arizona law compels police there to check the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally.

[Updated at 6:10 p.m.: SEIU spokeswoman Hilda Delgado said the union had bought about 100 seats in the bleachers and planned to turn their backs when the first pitch went out and urged fans to do the same.]

Unlike other groups and municipalities that have been calling for various boycotts of Arizona businesses, the stadium protest was meant to be more educational, according to an organizer.

“We’re not going to stop them from attending the game,” said organizer John Morales. “They’ve already bought their tickets. We’re trying to make a connection between sports and politics.… The Diamondback team is not just from Arizona, the ownership has contributed to the Republican Party that has spearheaded the legislation.”

Diamondbacks managing general partner Ken Kendrick, a substantial financial backer of Republican politicians, issued a statement in late April saying he shared the Major League Baseball Players Assn.’s concerns about the effect that the legislation could have on players and lamenting that “this whole situation is sad and disappointing for all of us who are associated with the Arizona Diamondbacks.”

-- Carla Hall at Dodgers Stadium

Photo: Lu Cruz was among those gathered Monday at Dodgers Stadium to protest Arizona's immigration law. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

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Americans should be protesting the Mexicans, NOT Arizona. The illegal Mexicans are the problem ....... hello!

What do I see? A labor union arguing for more scab labor from Mexico, putting racial solidarity (among Mexicans) over labor solidarity, the reverse of Cesar Chavez, who sought to end illegal immigration to push up farmworker wages.

What else do I see? Signs in Spanish. This is America. Speak English or go back to Mexico.

What else do I see? People protesting the Arizona law which is weaker than the Federal one, and California's, and Massachusetts, for that matter. The federal right not to enforce its own laws trumping the state right to enforce ... federal law.

Build a whacking great fence. Deport every illegal we can find (and their kids -- the Constitution according to Ginsburg and Kennedy and Sotomayor and Obama and Kagan is subservient to foreign law and international custom, and no nation on earth besides the US grants citizenship to kids of foreign nationals, resident legally or not). Then we can have world class health care by removing about 50 million high-cost, high welfare, low tax paying users, who are Mexican anyway. Fewer people, more money, equals better health care. Let Mexico care for them.

They'd be happier in Mexico. Not having to hear a word of English or being around us awful White people.

Keep up the good work people. Boycott Arizona, we can not let bigotry prevail any ware in this country. Find out who is behind this law.


Looks like the SEIU was the one doing the protest. Hey SEIU members, do you like the union spending your money this way? Oh I forgot, most members of SEIU are probably illegals.

Hundreds protest, while millions applaud the new law! Do the math.

What a waste of time, Arizona will take care of their illegal problem and not worry about what LA folks think.
Arizona has lit the fuse on taking care of the illegal problem and 18 other states are now considering similar bills.

Buy a ticket to the game and then turn your backs? Wow that's quite a protest there! Do you think the players, owners, or other fans are going to care about your 100 backsides? They'll just be happy to be counting your money. Sports are a nice distraction from political issues, and it's unfortuntae that these protesters feel like it's necessary to inject their political views into this arena. Anyway, as I've said before, I support Arizona and their fight for what I feel is a just cause. Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Holiday.

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I wonder how many protesters there were in attendance that were not bribed with free game tickets by the SEIU?

Buying tickets to the game, and turning your back on the game is smart. These people really wanted to see the game, but did not want anyone to know. They are just as corrupt as our Pint Size Mayor.

My friends, and co-workers support AZ. Furthermore, my family supports AZ, and just wants them to get in line like everyone else that comes here LEGAL. My family came here as immigrants, and have paid their way all these years.

WHERE can I throw up! These unpatriotic protesters should be thrown out of the country...the US is set up by a system of laws FOR ALL to obey...or deal with the consequences. Arizona's law is just enforcing FEDERAL law that also California has on its own books for years...

Remember, "ignorance is NO excuse for the law"

I hope all of you that are against illegal immigration will be voting in the Governor's race coming up. If we get Jerry Brown it is going to get a million times worse. Please get out and vote.

How dare this union march against anything but fair wages for an honest days work. I pay into this union, and come tomorrow morning I will be calling the headquarters asking why they think they are speaking for the majority of us. These marches against the imigration laws are a waste of time. The only main difference with the imigration law in California is, your status is checked after you have been arrested, in Arizona, your status is questioned when you commit a crime, if they spent more time education themselves about the imigration laws in all states, they would have nothing to rally about. I have never been stopped and asked for "papers", I am asked for my licence and registration, these protesters want people to believe that you will be stopped for just being hispanic, and last I checked, hispanics where not the only illegals in our country, we need to fix and then enforce our laws, that is the bottom line. My neighbor and his family came here 25 years ago, they worked hard and got legal status, then citizenship, the 2 daughters have been to college and the oldest son is in the Marines, and they DO NOT want anyone to go to the head of the line, they paid there dues to be productive citizens, and they want everyone else to do the same....

I like Israel's approach to illegal immigration...Very effective...

While you Californians are protesting Arizona's enforcement of illegal immigration laws, pirates are taking over Zapata, Texas, robbing boaters whose only purpose is to go fishing. Somalia pirates were one thing on the other side of the world...now they're invading American turf via the waterways and lakes. You're protesting on behalf of millions of illegals who don't have the guts to step up and follow the rules, don't want to be "legal", don't want the opportunity to contribute to their communities, and don't want to learn English. But they do want all the freebies that come with just being in this country, albeit illegally. Why protest for THEIR rights, when so many of our own are down and out?

I have to ask any supporter of immigration reform just one question: What makes you think you can force Americans to accept more from those in the country illegally, who demand rights, wages, housing etc. when they don't demand it from their own government and people?

"mean-spirirted law'? Please, take a look at the US federal government law that this mirrors, except in the severity of it's punishment - this law makes it a misdemeanor - not so the federal law.

65-70% of the Arizona populace (a good portion which are Hispanic, btw) SUPPORT this law - as do a majority of the nation.

I grew up in LA - the god-parents of my children are wonderful people who happen to be American-Hispanic - but for the love of God, the US border states are at their limit financially and otherwise trying to handle this problem.

If a government REFUSES to protect it's borders and it's citizens - what choice to you leave your people than to take matters into their own hands after a good 25yrs. of dithering?!

Where was ICE?

These illegal Mexicans got a taste of American life and now won't go back
to their cesspool.

Go Arizona! We love Jan Brewer!

Mexicans are terrified that SB 1070 will become law nationwide.

They would protest toilet paper if it would help stop open borders.

There shouldn't be a connection between politics and sports. It's like the required separation of church and state.

The mexican mantra

All of the laws should be enforced equally, regardless of race, religion, and/or national origin. That is with the exception of mexicans, and they should be above the law and exempt from the law. And the only purpose that a tonto gringo serves is to pay taxes to support the superior and noble mexican.

Anyone who disagrees with this philosophy is Xenophobic and a Racist.


All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.
George Orwell, Animal Farm, ch.10, 1945

Bal·kan·ize.Look it up,thats what is happening in Los Angeles.This is very serious stuff.And our own government is facilitating this invasion.

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