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Emotions flare at Lakers game protest

Emotions flared Monday evening as activists protested remarks by Lakers coach Phil Jackson that seemed to support Arizona's controversial immigration law.

The activists had gathered outside of Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles when two men squared off in an emotional debate over Arizona's new law, which makes it a state crime to lack immigration papers and requires police to determine whether people they stop are in the country illegally.

One of the men, Michael Novick, said his father's family had been killed in the Holocaust. He compared the Arizona law to policies enacted in the early days of Nazi Germany. That drew an angry response from Mark Steven of Santa Ana.

To hear the men, click on the video above.

--Robert J. Lopez

Video: Protest outside of Staples Center. Credit: Robert J. Lopez/Los Angeles Times.

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Yeah, it's a racist law (just how many blue-eyed blondes are going to be asked to show their papers), but lets face it people. It is a Arizona state law, & who cares what Arizona does?

amazing its just amazing.... come here legally and be happy! : )

You come into the United States of America and you abide by our laws, which are enacted generally to protect the rights of US citizens. Whether you agree with our laws or not you have no choice.
The Arizona law was authored and amended to protect our rights as well as illegal immigrants and force our so called law enforcement entities to enforce the law. Return the 12 million illegals(which I'm sure is a very conservative number)to their homeland and either work to improve their countrys' living standards or apply legally to enter the United States of America. We desperately need to discontinue the social welfare that encourages more of the same. Start taking care of americans first! I realize this issue is well beyond the average idiots level of comprehension.
Right on Phil Jackson and btw Adande you suck at your profession. Think about a political future. You definitely have the characteristics.

what other Federal laws should states choose to ignore?

The police have been profiling African Americans for years. None of these people spoke up, but are now speaking up for people that are here illegal. This law is for people being here illegal that the federal government has done nothing about. The federal government needs to start taking businesses that hire illegals, and that would stop many from hiring just to have more for their bottom line. We know the feds will not do that to their bed partners.

It is amazing that after all of the hysteria which came with Prop 187, we are even still debating these issues. It seems that the majority of Americans are fed up with the Welfare State! It is truly amazing that foriegn nationals still invade our Country on a daily basis, and have the gull to wave their flags in our faces. Maybe it is the spirit of America, to accept blatant adversity. Or maybe it's something more. Why do some of these protesters wave their country's flag? If their country is so great, then go back and make it better.

Seriously...I hear the argument about their civil rights being violated...dude..they are illegal. They have no civil rights in America. In thier county they might and if not, then they should apply for citizenship. I dont hate them, but I hate the ones who come here and my tax dollars are the dollars that pays for their health care and such. Thats what really pisses me off.

What a Joke. Illegal is illegal, Its sad that they are that many criminals in the city of Los Angeles, & the Mayor supports them what a JOKE. Alot of people would feel diffrent if they have been a VICTIM of a crime by a illegal alien. I have been victimized twice by a illegal alien. Drunk driver who was illegal alien rear ended our car and then try to run away was caught by a witness. second time was ran over by a illegal alien after runnung a stop sign also ran away but was caught. They should all be deported if they are here illegaly.

My family came here 20 years ago as legal immigrants, And now we are all citizens of this country.

All they do is make excuses. there is no excuses.

the la times is an illegal newspaper.they ALWAYS take the side of the poor little illegals.

Arizona's law is the same as California's. Phoenix police have been using these guidelines for the past two years with NO complaints of racial bias. The law is intended to provide for ICE intervention for people who've already committed one crime or at least been arrested. They are under siege, having been US "kidnapping" capital for 2 years with several police officers killed by many-time illegal offenders.

The newspaper of this city should be investigating drug cartel ties costing people their lives all throughout the Southland, drug cartel ties to "advocate" groups and "attorney spokespeople" - and why some Arizona officials are so eager to lie egregiously about this law.

And remember Jamiel Shaw - "activists" (drug-associated criminals) continue to try to state he was a gang member to this day - shot down in cold blood one block from his house by an illegal alien gang member - whose own family tried to get him taken into custody and off the streets to no avail, just a day before Jamiel was killed. Whose civil rights? Foreign drug cartels, people who want their chronic, or Jamiel and his family's? Or yours? A man from Arizona was found dead yesterday in Mexico, murdered by drug cartel members while he was taking gifts to an orphanage he'd supported for years. They wanted the chrome rims on his truck.

born and raised in LA, lived there for over 45 years with family living in southern CA for over 140 years. back in the '60's and '70's many of us used to make the occasional day trip to TJ to purchase hand made goods but were always wary and cautious of Mexican lawlessness. now that same threat encompasses all of LA threatening the security of everyone. like TJ back then we do not go south even to visit relatives these days, much too dangerous made even worse by apparently inherent corrupt politics that routinely favors special interests.

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