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Should Angels owner take a stand on Arizona immigration law? Steve Lopez wants to know

May 7, 2010 | 11:12 am

Angels owner Arte Moreno shown in 2006. Credit: Los Angeles Times


Hey, Arte Moreno of the Los Angeles Angels, why no comment on Arizona’s immigration law?

Major League baseball’s first Latino owner is an Arizona native of Mexican descent, which makes him someone I’d like to hear from.

Wouldn’t you?

Thanks to the federal government’s failure to enact sensible immigration reform and fairly address the advantages and disadvantages of leaky borders, Arizona has clumsily approved legislation driven by ideology rather than reason, guaranteeing more racial division.

By the way, the Angels lineup includes a Fuentes, a Santana, a Pineiro, a Morales, an Izturis and a Rivera, an Aybar and an Abreu. Who knows? With that much brown skin, the Angels’ bus could get pulled over next spring on the way to spring training in Arizona.

In a pretty clear statement, the owners of the Phoenix Suns took a stand, having players wear “Los Suns” jerseys for their Cinco de Mayo game against the Spurs.

And the owner of the Angels?

“Artie’s respectfully declining the opportunity to speak on that,” a team rep told me Thursday.

Talk to us, Arte.

Anybody can weigh in here, including you.

-- Steve Lopez

Photo: Angels owner Arte Moreno in 2006. Credit: Los Angeles Times