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Arizona immigration law protesters to rally outside Dodger Stadium

The Arizona Diamondbacks are expected to face more than Los Angeles fans Monday evening when they show up at Dodger Stadium to kick off a three-game series.

Grass-roots groups protesting the controversial Arizona immigration law were expected to station themselves outside the main entrances to the stadium.

Unlike other groups and municipalities that have been calling for various boycotts of Arizona businesses, this protest was to be more educational, according to an organizer.

“We’re not going to stop them from attending the game,” said organizer John Morales. “They’ve already bought their tickets. We’re trying to make a connection between sports and politics.… The Diamondback team is not just from Arizona, the ownership has contributed to the Republican Party that has spearheaded the legislation.”

Diamondbacks managing general partner Ken Kendrick, a substantial financial backer of Republican politicians, issued a statement in late April saying he shared the Major League Baseball Players Assn.’s concerns about the effect that the legislation could have on players and lamenting that “this whole situation is sad and disappointing for all of us who are associated with the Arizona Diamondbacks.”

But Morales said Kendrick’s statements weren’t enough.

“If you really disagree, maybe you shouldn’t be aiding and facilitating those politicians who pass these kinds of laws,” Morales said.

Across the country, as opponents to the law have called for boycotts of Arizona businesses, the Diamondbacks have found themselves targeted as well. There was a protest rally outside Wrigley Field in Chicago in late April when the Diamondbacks played the Cubs.

Protesters outside Dodger Stadium, Morales said, would be handing out leaflets encouraging fans to sign an online petition urging MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to move the 2011 MLB All-Star Game out of Phoenix, where it is scheduled to be held.

"We’re also trying to remind people that Dodgers spring training is in Arizona,” said Morales. “We would like to urge the Dodgers to pull out of Arizona.”

-- Carla Hall

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Never seen as many whiners as I do in California. The illegals are just that, illegal. Get off you racist high horse and realize that laws take precedence over your illegals.

Nobody cares that the Diamondbacks are from Phoenix.

Go protest something else.

"Give us your money!" (clap, clap) "Give us your money!" (clap, clap)

No, they don't want your game tickets. They'll just take it out of your paycheck.

Organizer John Morales said "The Diamondback team is not just from Arizona, the ownership has contributed to the Republican Party that has spearheaded the legislation.” Ironic that Republicans are seen as anti immigrant when it was Republican deity Ronald Reagan that granted the first amnesty. The last President, another Republican tries to pass one too. The majority of American voters want immigration laws enforced.

reminds me of how well intentioned albeit misguided some of us were as teenagers...they would be smarter to protest the dodger ownership.

Give me a break.......the law in Arizona is only the beginning to stop the invasion of America. Brown slavery, in the form of "coming to America to work" is wrong and this government needs to stop it.

The real problem is not the law, its the failure of government to enforce the laws that are on the books. All of these poorly informed people need to read it, and get it.

How fitting. People "dodging" the law by entering the country illegally protesting outside Dodger Stadium.

it's called ILLEGAL ALIENS MR MORALES.. if you'd like to change the law maybe you should get a job and then take YOUR money and contribute to who you'd like to promote in politics.. damn fool.

seriously, these people need lives. What do they want from Californians? we have nothing to do with the (much needed) law.

And now these criminal supporters would soil my beloved Dodger Stadium. I may live in AZ, but my heart is always w/ my Dodgers, even when against the D-Backs. GO DODGERS!

Thank you John Morales for deciding not to "stop them from attending the game". So kind of you. Stop who ? The 50% of Californians who agree with the law according to a poll printed in this newspaper? Or stop the people who will attend and pay California vendors for goods and services that will help our economy ? Even in AZ, who are you hurting ? Morales is on the losing side of this argument. How about spending time at a veteran's hospital today since its Memorial Day. Read about those who have given their lives for this country instead of trying to get your name in the paper with a cheap publicity stunt. Compare yourself to those men and women and let us know the result.

Oh Pleeze!

If they can do all this without being legal ,what are they going to be like legal? Its not a good sign ,they are dangerous,I hope it doesn't get violent when they find out that american politians owe the american citizens not them. And as far as threatning Democracts they actually have more to lose by giving them what they are asking for.Most Americans want mexicians out,they have worn out thier welcome.They only know civil rights when it pertains to thier selves,they don't hire other races but they go to other races looking for jobs.They don't want other races in thier neigborhoods ,but when they see a house up for sale they come flooding in,they want thier undocumented children to be able to go to college for instate tution,which would put a burden on the state ,would make the already riseing tution go up for legal students and would open up a floodgate for other nationalities to demand the same thing for thier undocumented children,truth is california is bankrupt,its going the way of Mexico,because they are taking more than they are bringing.The Bible says we are to be law abiding,and we are to treat others the way we want to be treated,these same people would never support a a take over of mexico from americans.

Again, more people with way too much time on their hands, supporting those breaking the law instead of those who abide by it.

Supports of SB 1070 should rally at a soccer game.

“We’re not going to stop them from attending the game,” said organizer John Morales.

Oh really? All 15 of you with your stupid picket signs aren't going to stop 50,000 people? Yeah, we could have figured that out on our own, genius.

If you are looking for a site that keeps tabs of the Boycotters go to : AZFIGHTSBACK.COM It allows us to Boycott the Boycotters.

And if you want to see ONE of the reasons so many people favor this law,
go to : OJJPAC.ORG .

" May They All Rest in Peace "

Don't you see what this new Arizona law is saying. I ask you what does an illegal imigrant look like? We have illegals from eveywhere, from Canada, Central America, and Asian countrys. But this law is pointing out one group of people. This is wrong.
Many will be hurt, family's , children, the United States is so post to be better than this. How could Arizona, the govenor , take it in there own hands to do this and not measure the impact this would have on the country. There are other ways to deal with this problem. I agree about securing our borders. But this is the wrong approach. It is not about CA being on our High Horse, it's about doing what is right for everyone.


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