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Alcohol monitor placed on Lindsay Lohan at Beverly Hills courthouse

A Los Angeles County judge Monday imposed a strict regime of drug testing and alcohol monitoring on actress Lindsay Lohan and said she will have to delay filming a movie in Texas because the checks must be done locally.

Judge Marsha N. Revel, at a hearing in Beverly Hills conducted because Lohan missed a mandatory court appearance last week, immediately forbade the actress from consuming alcohol, and ordered that she submit to random drug testing, attend alcohol-treatment classes weekly and wear an alcohol-testing device.

The 10-ounce ankle device, known as a secure continuous remote alcohol monitor, was put on Lohan at the courthouse.

Lohan missed an appearance in her probation hearing for driving under the influence because she said her passport had been stolen at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

At Monday's hearing, Lohan's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, told Revel the actress needed to travel to Texas to shoot a movie and wanted to submit to random alcohol testing there instead.

"She is going to have to delay that for now," Revel said. "The drug testing is going to be here."

Lohan, 23, wearing a dark suit and a white blouse, was asked if she agreed to the new probation terms. After conferring with Holley, she agreed. Revel reminded Lohan "a missed test is the same as a dirty test."

Revel said the only excuse for missing an alcohol-treatment program is a drug test. The judge also set July 6 to decide whether Lohan has violated probation and failed to comply with her alcohol-treatment program.

-- Richard Winton

Photo: Actress Lindsay Lohan, left, is shown in court with her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley during a hearing Monday in Beverly Hills. Credit: Jae C. Hong

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How is this "news"? Please stop posting Lindsay Lohan updates as if they are important Los Angeles-area breaking stories.

TMZ exists for a reason. Please, let the gossip page nonsense stay there

delay filming? yeah right she wil probably get replaced. It costs thousands if not millions of dollars to hold back filming unless she is signed to a deal that names her a star and cant be replaced. Maybe Megan Fox can take her role


How many chances does she get? If anyone else was to skip a prob. hearing numerous times and then did it again to be in Cannes, they would be getting some jail time and not this bogus "monitoring system". Like anyone is going to be that stupid and have a drink with that on. Glad to see the system is the same for celebs and everyone else -- NOT!

Artie, are you kidding? I want these stories published so I can use them if I ever get arrested on similar charges. There's no way my sentencing could be harsher than what Miss Lohan has received to date.

That boob-enhancing blouse she wore most certainly wasn't appropriate for a court appearance.

Bravo to the judge for not easing Lohan's restrictions.

I agree with Artie. What a joke! Wait...Lindsay needs to be resposnsible for her actions like every other person in society? What a revalation! Welcome to reality Mrs. Lohan. Suck it up and deal with the consequences.

Why is the LA Times printing this trash? How exactly is Lohan relevant to anyone?

The judge seems to be over-reacting, and it's petty not to allow Lohan to film the movie in Texas. She could just as well be monitored there.

Also it's costing her whole production company a lot of money to delay filming, probably many millions. A huge financial hit on a lot of people just so the judge can exert her control and get even with Lohan for staying in Cannes last week. Both that and the movie are related to her career and work, even if they involve some fun. Chill, judge.

Well let's see if the ankle bracelet holds Missy Lohan! How ridiculous is the courts when it comes to these so-called startlets! They get more chances than Carter has pills! They're special people alright!??? They need mentally and drug rehab, but on in-patient basis for at least six months or more!

I think she should go to jail:

First, she looks totally and completly BORED which is NOT the way you want to appear in court..

Second and I know this is petty but.... she oughta button up her blouse better next time she appears. Showing her breast ain't gonna help her much.

Wow I did'nt show up to court for a traffic ticket due to a family funeral, and I was denied a bail amount and sent staright to jail, now the beauty of this is that the ticket was for going 35 in a 25. Should of been a movie star instead of a Science Tech.

Who Cares! This is not news!

Lindsay, this is probably the best thing that will happen to you in your life. It will serve as a turn-around point for you, one you will look back on and maybe say, "Wow, that was awful, but it did save my life." Good luck, girl. It's fine to not party for long enough for you to see what life is really about, and what that is is truly the people who do care for and about you. This judge is a guardian angel for you.

It's time for Lindsay to go to jail... This has gone on for far too long...County jail her she comes for at least 90 days.

Bracelet that monitors your booze intake? That's some scary 1984 type of contraption...not a good sign of things to come.

Could Lohan look MORE bored?

This is a very reputable news organization. These type of stories should not be on the front page and rather in an entertainment section or a gossip blog page.

WOW! This is such a important, relevant news story. Thank GOD the LA Times put it on the front page of their web site.

You know what I'm glad is NOT on the front page of the LA Times web site? The story being reported today by The Guardian newspaper of London and Al Jazeera English about newly released secret documents showing Israel offered to sell apartheid South Africa 8 nuclear warheads in 1975. Cause' that is certainly not a story worthy of being on the front page of the LA Times website.

If you were REALLY crazy, you MIGHT think this story was relevant in the context of how talks are currently going on in New York about nuclear non-proliferation in the Middle East ... where the clearly proliferation-prone, completely undeclared and unregulated Israeli nuclear weapons program is not even a topic for discussion, yet fears about possible eventual nuclear proliferation by Iran (maybe someday) garners endless attention and demands for drastic action.

But of course, you'd have to be CRAZY to think that.

How could a story about Israel's offer to secretly sell nuclear arms to one of the world's most vile regimes -- a regime that institutionally segregated and systematically discriminated against it's Palestinian ... I mean, BLACK population POSSIBLY be newsworthy? I laugh at the mere suggestion.

Thank God I live in the USA, where the news media -- who are free to report anything they wish -- are burying this story in favor of front page coverage of Lindsay Lohan's court hearing, the "Lost" finale, and the fact Bret Michaels won "The Apprentice". Cause, you know ... I might not have been able to learn about those tibits of "news" from any other source.

It's unfortunate that Judge Marsha N. Revel saw fit to continue treating Lohan with inappropriate compassion. The common person would not receive such soft treatment, and it sends a clear message that "Justice for All" is a farce. Perhaps more tragic however is the message it sends to young people; that self destructive behavior is not only acceptable, but without consequence. For millions of young Americans that are not afforded the star treatment, the consequence of similar behavior will indeed be costly, and sometimes deadly. Until we dispatch justice equally for all, the youth of this country will look upon Lindsay Lohan, the cast of The Jersey Shore and Amy Winehouse as role models. May God have mercy on us all!

I think it was interesting since it's in the LOCAL section.

That's a great photo. Nice of Lohan to look concerned and contrite. I'm sure the judge got a kick out of that. What do you expect from a loser who thinks she's entitled to do anything she wants. Well, at least she won't be drinking because of the monitor. I assume she won't be drinking, anyway. Maybe she should spend some time behind bars.

I guess maturity will never make it's way into Lohan.

Someone stole her passport? Why don't I believe her?

And the 12-Step Religious Cult's Drug & Alcohol Witch Hunt continues....

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