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White supremacist rally at L.A. City Hall prompts large LAPD response

The LAPD is planning a large deployment of officers for a planned white supremacist rally at Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday, which will be met by more than a hundred counter-protesters. 

The National Socialist Movement obtained a 1:30 p.m. permit for up to 150 of its supporters to attend a so-called “Reclaim the Southwest” rally. The movement has been advertising the event for weeks on the Web. 

The LAPD is bringing in specially trained crowd control officers and plans to create a buffer if necessary to prevent any violence between the groups.

"We are going to allow both groups to exercise their 1st Amendment rights,”  Los Angeles Police Cmdr. Blake Chow.

The LAPD is preparing for arrests and has already set up a jail operation procedure to arrest anyone breaking the law. 

“Anyone stepping out of line will be arrested. We will have a very heavy deployment of officers,” Chow said.

Counter-protest organizer Fred “Scorpio” Smith of Watts said he anticipated a turnout of at least a hundred demonstrating against the white supremacists, whose rallies a have spurred opposition in Riverside and San Diego.

 “We’re staying until they leave,” he said. Smith called the group’s presence outside of City Hall an insult to the city’s minorities. 

-- Richard Winton

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Why did the City of Los Angeles permit such a racist rally if they knew they would have to spend a lot of non- existent money to police it? Just arrest all the Hitlerites preemptively; their hate speech and actions are criminally immoral anyhow. By the way, racism has nothing whatsoever to do with socialism. To call yourself the National Socialist Movement misrepresents three traditions: Socialism , the national/ nation, and movement politics. So, Irrational Racist Stagnation, luddites of the worst sort, see you in the jail of your own making.

They not only an insult to the cities minorities, they are an insult to all of us.

Majority White America is gradually losing its social and political power as non-Whites gain more influence, and the Man doesn't like it. Poetic justice after 500 years of colonialism, murders of indigenous peoples, and slavery? White supremacists, like the Tea Baggers, are spittin' mad that "colored" folks will soon be the majority. But America is not a nation founded on ethnicity. It's a nation based on ideals. The "All-American" will no longer just be the blond blue-eyed upper middle class person, but a motley crew of brown, black, yellow, and yes, white, too.

What a despicable group! It makes me ashamed to be caucasian.

While I am glad that we have a right to express our belief's in this country, I find this thoroughly sickening! Unfortunately, if you are going to give this right to everyone, this group will have to be allowed to do their "protest". However, I'm glad another group is counter-protesting.

This National Socialist Movement hate group is disgusting. I hope the police can throw the book at these people and arrest or ticket them for even the smallest infraction... jaywalking, disturbing the peace... anything! Makes me sick.

On behalf of the rest of us sane caucasian people, my profuse apologies to any and all minorities targeted by this hateful group. If anyone has any doubt, the vast majority of us do not share the beliefs of these crazy ass nazi's!

Thank you LA Times for letting us know. I'll allert all my brothers. Facebook style.

"Let's Get READY TO RUMBLE" can you believe these idiots still have something to say, inbread morons trying to hold on.

Reclaim the southwest rally? I thought for a second this was going to be a Mecha protest.

This is really disturbing. We are in L.A. the melting pot where caucasians are the new "minority" everyone here is Mexican, Asian, African American and we are going to host garbage like this? Seriously disturbing. I checked out their web site and they have all these pictures of them rallying with Nazi flags..please let them stay in their hick states.

Picture this- 150 nazis holding a rally, interspersed with 3000 anti-nazis.
PLEASE- if you are against nazis, go to this rally and their picninc afterwards- DO NOT make any trouble at all, be friendly and kind, even act interested in what their doing-just attend peacefully.

AKA Tea Party rally.

Free speech is like that sometimes. It can be insulting, but the only way to make these Nazi cockroaches scurry is to turn on the lights.

This must be the follow-up rally to the Tea Parties this week.

And I hope the LAPD sends the bill to the National Socialist Movement.... They want it they can pay for it. I hope more and more show up to protest.

I can't believe that in this day and age there are still hate filled bigots like the NSM that exist. Of course many take this seriously and i'm sure most take this as an insult since Los Angeles is the mecca of multiculturalism, there's just so many races (especially people of color whom the NSM are against) that make up the population of Los Angeles. These folks are here to promote hate and racism their beliefs go as far as to support sexism and genocide. I don't understand how Los Angeles or the USA for that matter hasn't banned all form of Nazism. I mean Nazi's were ruthless bastards that killed people back in WWII and to still permit these animals now to carry those swastika flags around proudly is a joke! I truly hope these ignorant folks realize someday how dumb their cause really is! I will definitelybe in DTLA this sat to support the anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-nazi, anti-NSM groups that will be marching against them.

The freedom of free speech and protection under the law given to the NSM (and the counter protesters) is part of what makes this country great. There is nothing illegal about being stupid or evil...

ha you people are a joke....they have every right to display what they feel....as do those who disagree. get off your high horse

good for them. they have every right to display what they feel...as do those who disagree. good exposure to get their message out....if you're here illegal get out!

Ahh, Libz: You push for free speech for all, except when you disagree with it. These nuts are racist fools, sure, but at least at the heart of it theirs is a sense of patriotism, not invader opportunism. What, never been to K-Town? Pacoima? What these misguided wannabe NAZI boobs really want (and would compromise for) is to have our old country back. It's not "fair" to all, true, but it's a place they understand, a state of shared norms, language and culture. Not racialist paradise but boring old _America_ again, and not some sick hybrid of México Norte and some Asians-only enclaves. They want to feel just as much pride in the country their forefathers built as all the immigrants do for their troubled homelands, the ones they want to re-create here. Unless,in fact, you are the one living in a privileged white enclave like large swaths of the (310) you would clearly see that his place _is_ turning into a pit, and no, boring old John Smith Whitebread with his mild food and quiet manners is not at fault for every last freaking thing under the sun. Gangs are racists, Black History Month is racist, affirmative action is racist, not knowing English working at McDonalds is racist. The following, however you slice it, is not:

Sounds like Daryl Gates' funeral procession is taking place this Saturday. The fact that the LAPD is allowing this scum to hold a demonstration is proof they side with them. Up in Canada, you could go to jail and be fined for staging a hate rally.

Why are most of you who are commenting so irate and hostile to the white supremacists yet you never blink an eye if Mecha was proclaiming taking over the US (like they usually do) or get angry when thousands go to see Farrakhan speak. Racism is only not appropriate when it is done by white people? That is a total double standard that weakens your argument. Also, though you may not support the supremacists (as I don't) you are all going crazy with racist redneck and anti white sediments, yet you are outraged at racism. You are all hypocrites!

the only way to end ignorance such as the NSM, is through violence.

i will be there with a large group, stomping on nazi's.

Special trained officers like those who showed up at the May day fiasco? We can't afford any more lawsuits against this City!!!! Cancel any and all events such as these.

White supremacists and the tea party ARE NOT the same thing nor are they affiliated. A groups beliefs on fiscal policy has nothing to do with racism or intolerance. Stop mislabeling. Mislabeling is just as racist as the supremacists and it shows that you are mis-informed.

Thank God we are still a free country - minorities can cry all they want but EVERYONE has a voice whether you like it or not. I can guarantee you that the jails will be filled with minorities tonight as they are the ones who commit the most crime in LA and it's almost always BLACK on BLACK or BROWN on BROWN - in jail though it is always BLACK on BROWN or BROWN on BLACK.

I always think it's amazing that these low-life white supremists think they're supreme to anything! They truly are pathetic creeps and the scum of the earth. I also think it's funny that they call themselves socialists! And their white supremist faces are usually full of pock marks and really bad acne! Losers!

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