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Villaraigosa calls for shutting down some city departments amid budget crisis


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa called Tuesday for all city agencies -- except for police, other public safety and revenue-generating departments -- to close for two days a week starting April 12 because of the city's continuing budget crisis.

"We have to act, and we have to act quickly," Villaraigosa said at a press conference.

The mayor said he would direct the city's chief administrative officer to immediately begin planning to set the shutdown in motion.

Villaraigosa's call comes one day after executives with the city's Department of Water and Power said they would recommend not sending a promised $73.5-million contribution to the city's beleaguered treasury because the City Council recently declined to grant a desired electricity rate increase.

That action prompted City Controller Wendy Greuel to warn that Los Angeles could run out of cash to pay employees and business vendors within four weeks.

A full story will follow shortly.

-- Phil Willon at Los Angeles City Hall

Photo: L.A. Times

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Shouldn't the DWP pay raises from last fall be rescinded?

Why doesn't Tony V. stay home 2 days a week; it's not like he is doing his job serving the people of L.A...Instead he serves the DWP Board and does whatever they want...he kisses the feet of the heads of UNIONS, yes the ones that have unionized janitors, the ones that clean "Our Toilets."
He just didn't metion how the pensions these unions negotiate for are cleaning out the take home pay of L.A, citizens. Oh yes and these "GREEN FEES." DWP works for US...not the other way around. IF the DWP has a surplus give it back to rate paying DWP customers. It shouldn't go to the general fund...

Tony, is it necessary for you to have a staffer that gives you breath strips when you snap your fingers?

And I thought the State of Washington and Seattle in particular is in bad shape.

Does this mean that all employees of these agencies are taking a 40% pay cut???

They'd be do better to just lay off 20% of the employees and restructure the pension benefits of the remaining 80% to be in line with the private sector. But of course, that never happens in a big city.

Dire times = dire measures.

Ah, Gomez and Gore behind Villaraigosa pushing LA over the precipice. Just what is needed, a pail of water on a drowning man.

I guess that's one way to bring the outsized pay packages of some city employees in line with the private sector.

Time to sell DWP. I'm sure the City could get a few billion for it, then charge business taxes to shore up the budget. Where would Freemen and D'Arcy be then?

DWP is cutting the rest of the city loose, so it can survive. S. David Freeman is a genius, as his stint as State Power Czar proved.

"We have to act, and we have to act quickly," Villaraigosa said at a press conference.

Sound familiar.

This city is screwed.

really. what a scam and a shame. dwp and the mayor both should be held accountable. a 40% pay cut for city workers is what this is equal to. police the city. people will go ape if this really goes through.

I agree with Hoot at 12:20. It's time for the DWP (and the state prison guards) to start working for the greater good.

Raising utility rates and giving the money to the general fund is just a tax increase by another name. Deceit from the Mayor and the council will not change the facts. Taking money from increased utilities to pay for general fund expenses is not just wrong, it is against the law.

Yet they continue to give away.....I REPEAT....GIVE AWAY over a half million dollars a year to Channel 36. A pathetic insignificant channel that nobody watches and wouldn't exist without this money from the City of L.A.

Tony V. needs to cut his staff,welfare and perks and freebies for Illegal Aliens at the expense of the American Taxpayer!!!

Why don't some of the extremely wealthy celebrities and other mega-millionaires who live in LA help out the city? Or the mayor could create a fund in which people like this could give money as a tax-deductible donation. Why not consider something like this?

Tony the Turncoat can't stay home two days a week. He only works as mayor 15 minutes a day,which equals out to 1 hour and 15 minutes a week. If he stayed home two days, he'd owe the city money!

Didn't Bush also say we have to act and we have act quickly?

Mayor what you gone do now, Council I don't know but what sonever I do its got to be funky.

What the city needs to do is get control over the union pensions. They need to cut those way back or any budget problems they have this year will not be solved for future ones. They then need to cut salaries, sorry but it needs to be done. Complain as you wish, the money just isn't there and this year isn't he worse. That date will be in 2012. As for the LADWP so called promise of a contribution. It's at least nice to see the LA Times no longer making it seem as if it was the city general fund money to begin with. Even then, they shouldn't be making the so called contribution anyway. That is rate payers money that is suppose to be paying for the cost of generating water and power. It's not suppose to be offsetting the cost of bloated city government.

"Academy begins training gang intervention workers
Story Published: Jan 14, 2010 at 1:09 PM PDT
A gang intervention training academy has received a $200,000 one-year contract from the city of Los Angeles to teach former gang members how to convince their friends and neighbors not to join gangs, and to track their effectiveness.
Gang intervention programs have had mixed reviews in Los Angeles, with some of their staffers — many of whom are former gang members — arrested for committing new crimes.
But Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said the Los Angeles Gang Intervention Training Academy will professionalize the work of gang interventionists.
'These brave men and women have chosen to correct their life’s path, to work side by side with our police department to bridge the gap of cooperation for the sake of saving lives,' he said at a news conference Jan. 7."

Retrieved April 6, 2010 from http://www.laindependent.com/news/local/hollywood/81546162.html

Shut down the cop shop also, let the criminals have some free days, shut down the FD, your house catches on fire tough beanies, shut down the mayors office, they don't do anything anyway, oh! yea they like to whine......and waste money..

This is a pathetic administration. none have of them have been able to sit their butts down, and do any kind of financial analysis, forecasting, and let us know how much laying off x-amount of people will save the city, etc. wouldnt it be sensible to furlough everybody including public safety? at least an hour or two for public safety wont hurt, especially for the police officers? The LA Times Reporter should go to every department and interview everyone and then report back to the mayor. I cant believe we dont have an intelligent administration, where did they go to school?

Tell Tony to go to hell. His mismanagement has ruined this city. Moral is at an all time low. DWP keeps cashing in. Already approved a 4 year contract for raises.

I do not know what favors or preferential treatment he gets from police.

He has back stabbed the city employees that have worked for him. He goes on local news taking credit for what we have done. We have to here his crap.

It would be nice to have a few days a week off.

Do it!

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