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Tea party rallies across Southern California bash taxes, spending

Torrance T.E.A. Party Patriots

Several boisterous "tea party" rallies occurred Thursday in Southern California, as demonstrators used tax day to protest government spending and what they consider high taxes.

Politicians joined demonstrators at afternoon events in Irvine and the Santa Ana Civic Center. 

Hundreds of such rallies were scheduled throughout the nation, marking a year since the "tea party" movement gained widespread attention for its ardent opposition to President Obama's housing-rescue and stimulus packages.

Adopting the rhetoric and, occasionally the dress, of the founding fathers, the activists of the tea party movement have developed a strong network of grass-roots groups adept at staging well-publicized protests across the country.

In Irvine, Chuck DeVore, who is running for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate, was on hand along with other candidates and about 500 demonstrators, according to the Orange County Register.

In Santa Ana, there were assorted speeches as well as a Patrick Henry impersonator. Speakers spoke on a podium shaped as a crate of tea, the Register reported.

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: Judy Hartman, right, and Kathy Ross wave to passing cars while participating in a protest with the Torrance T.E.A. Party Patriots at the Torrance Civic Center on Thursday. (Christina House / For The Times)

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As a progressive republican, I see this whole political hullabaloo as a North vs South thing. I mean think about it. The tea party is hand in hand with the Republican Party. Against Obama. What does Obama stand for: EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW. His 1st legislative effort EQUAL PAY. Now come on we know our history when it comes to THAT, especially when the health care law helps people who are disadvantaged, so the Confederacy is alive once again. Look at the Tea Partiers, don't they look like the confederacy??? What you didn't know there was BLACK Confederate soldiers, check the story


TPers....You are going to get yourselves in trouble with the law if you start using the Leftist tactics, Alinsky was willing to face hard prison time for his beliefs. The old school protesters didn't care if they got locked up by the police for what they were doing, they expected it. The Leftists, like Code Pink, Greenpeace, ect are willing to give up their own freedom, in order to make a point.... Also we never took children into the protest zone. The only "Kids" that were involved were US. "Civil Disobedience isn't all it's Cracked up to be, a lot of protesters over the years have LOST their voting privileges fighting their causes, as well as getting seriously injured. Do we remember Kent State? How many of you are really willing to go down that road?

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -- Mahatma Gandhi

limited taxes, private property, and no police state. Lewrockwell.com is an excellent source for literature on how a large government makes all of our lives worse.

when was the last time you heard yourself say.... gee, i'm so glad my councilmember helped me out..... gee, im really glad that my senator or representative helped me out today....... gee, im really glad i ran into that police officer, he sure was helpful. either never or not in a long time.

i bet you do remember your last parking ticket, or waiting ten years at the dmv to get service.

And, I assume these folks are also protesting the $983,459,500,000 (as of today) that's been spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Are people conveniently forgetting that taxes have DECREASED under Obama?


I was grateful to my elected politicians & public servants when:
- My car was broken into last year.
- When the police raided a new crack house in my middle-class neighborhood.
- My child received public assistance to help with expenses for a very serious illness.
- I drove on safe roads and bridges.
- My child received individual attention from a teacher.
- I used clean and safe tap water.
- I used my local library (yes, I'm a genuine library patron).
- Every time I saw public intervention for people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness.

I could go on and on. Politicians are not perfect and I have no special affection for them. They often think too much of themselves and behave shamefully, just like people without public responsibilities. However, I recognize that they have to be pragmatic, negotiate with people who have a whole spectrum of opinions and interests, deal with undue influence and pressure from the powerful, and do what they believe is in the best interests of their constituents.

As to the Tea Party: The Tea Party isn't going to be much fun when it's held in a world of crumbling infrastructure, lawlessness, epidemics, and people even less well-educated as themselves. If you want to live in a decent environment, you have to pay for it. You have to pay even if it means that some of your money goes to people who would make better neighbors than beggars, and not directly back to you. You have to take responsibility and behave like an adult. There is no free Tea Party.

Lets see... they want a powerful military, a good police department, effective fire department, good schools, good roads, beautiful national parks, great public libraries, good public museums, support for the arts, free lunch at shcool, medicare and medicad, secure borders, unemployment benefits and on and on...but they dont want to pay for it, and to think that this people call illegal aliens freeloaders


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