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LAPD to crack down on parking-lot drinking at Dodger Stadium

Los Angeles police have a message for tailgate partyers at the season-opening game Tuesday at Dodger Stadium: Don't drink in the parking lot.

Extra patrols will be deployed as officers crack down on all public-drinking violations, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

In the past, drinking has led to fights and traffic problems in the parking lots around Dodger Stadium and surrounding areas including Elysian Park, the LAPD says.

Officers from the LAPD's Northeast Division, aided by police from the city's Department of General Services, will be issuing citations and not giving any warnings, officials said.

The Dodgers are scheduled to play the Arizona Diamondbacks at 1:10 p.m.

-- Robert J. Lopez
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what a waste of resources. tailgating should be encouraged, not punished. people just want to have a good time.

What's wrong with drinking in the parking lot? People are there to have a good time!

Most adults can handle the concept of drinking responsibly, yet in our city the police department is spending tax dollars to ensure everyone doesn't drink because of a few trouble makers?? How is this fair or reasonable? Why not just arrest the trouble makers?

What is this police state mentality and why do we stand for it?

Drinking has led to fights? Morons who act like morons cause fights, whether they're drunk or not?

Don't you people get it? The Dodgers organization is in cahoots with the police to increase revenues, ticket revenues for the cops, and beer sales revenues inside the stadium. Remember, they already share Chavez ravine, now they're figuring out new ways to profit off of the unsuspecting Dodger fan. It's already criminally high to park at the stadium anyway ($15!), now lets see if we can gouge them for even more by writing tickets and "saying" it's to prevent fighting. Face it, the police state is here, next they are going to show up at your house and install a fancy new big screen TV on your wall for free that is actually a two-way surveillance device. 1984. anyone???

LAPD is only responding to requests by Dodger management. You don't have to pay $27 for two beers in the parking lot and the dualing Dodger ownerships need that money for divorce court.

As a victim of these "crackdowns" (I was cited for LAMC 41.27 'Drinking in Public' at an A's vs. Dodgers game last season--note that I'm a female who has never been to Dodger Stadium, was drinking A beer on the way to the entrance gate with my friend, minding our own business), I'd like to express a more effective way to waste LA taxpayer money on this pointless rule.

I wouldn't have been drinking my ONE beer in the parking lot had I known about this. Take a look around the parking lot at Elysian Park. Do you see any signs displaying "No Consumption of Alcohol in Dodger Stadium Parking Lot"? No, because there are not there! So someone please explain, how is someone who comes from a place where tailgating is the norm at ANY sporting event supposed to "assume" that this behavior is not OK? Dodger game-goers need to be notified somehow to avoid being punished for their honest mistakes.

And FYI for all you who think you can get away with it--the LAPD enforcement who cite tailgaters are undercover in Dodger gear, so watch out.

yeah well...used to be you could drink what you want...now the Dodgers draw a different, murdering crowd.

When are you Dodger fans going to get it? Their owners from Boston for gosh sake!!!! If he cared about the fans he wouldn't have the parking so outrageous high!. and lets not talk about the beer and food prices. Take a 20 minute ride to our side of town, you can find $5.00 parking and great food and cheap beer. No MANNYWOOD, but he only wants to stay this year remember?

I live in the area surrounding dodger stadium and it is finally time for this! It may be fun for people attending the game, however fans have been getting away with some really bad driving and behavior for too long. I see people drive through stop signs at very fast speeds, swerving all over the street and generally causing problems. Remember people live here. We walk across crosswalks and have to avoid dangerous, intoxicated fans. The worst part (and I saw this this morning) is people park outside of our house, get drunk, leave their trash all over the place, and pee on our gardens and all over the street. It's disgusting. I'm all for people having a good time, but if I can't drink in public whenever I'd like, then dodger fans shouldn't be able to just because there is a game.

LAPD doesn't have enough money to keep up with homicide investigations, but they have enough to up drinking in public patrols at dodger stadium? I wonder what Chief Bratton would have said about this…

I'm a dodger fan blue thru and thru...although if we see the situation in its true context, this is the right choice! It's not about the revenue dodger stadium will recieve from the beer bought at chavize ravine. It's plain and simple dodger fans do not know how to conduct themselves properly sober or drunk. Until we can get back on that path of just going to a ball game and enjoying ourselves then this is what it will be no more tailgating before the game. One does not need to consume alcohol to have a good time. If that's the case then maybe attending an A.A meeting would be better then attending a dodger game!


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