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L.A. Councilwoman Hahn calls for boycott of Arizona after recent passage of tough immigration law

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn waded into the national debate over illegal immigration Tuesday, announcing that she intends to call for the city to boycott the state of Arizona in response to a newly passed law requiring immigrants to show proof of citizenship.

Hahn, who is running for lieutenant governor, said she would ask her colleagues on the council to take steps that would require all city departments – including the Port of Los Angeles, Los Angeles World Airports and the Department of Water and Power – to end any contracts with Arizona-based companies and stop doing business with the state.

The proposal will be introduced during Tuesday’s council meeting and debated on May 4, according to a statement issued by Hahn.

Arizona lawmakers recently passed legislation that would make it a crime to be in the state illegally and requires law enforcement officers to check the legal status of those they suspect are undocumented. The legislation would also bar people from soliciting work or hiring workers under certain circumstances.

Hahn’s proposal drew fire from former mayoral candidate Walter Moore, who unsuccessfully pushed for a ballot measure to allow the Los Angeles Police Department to arrest, deport, prosecute and imprison gang members who are in the country illegally, even if they are not accused of another crime.

Moore said the council should address a projected $485-million budget shortfall before taking a stand on laws in other states.

“They can’t even balance their books and yet they can issue edicts about far-flung jurisdictions,” he said. Moore voiced support for one part of Arizona’s law but called some of its provisions “counterproductive.”

The Arizona legislation, which was signed by Gov. Jan Brewer on Friday, has created a national firestorm as opponents and supporters bill it as the nation’s toughest law against illegal immigrants. Brewer cast the law in terms of public safety, saying, "We cannot sacrifice our safety to the murderous greed of drug cartels."

Brewer said she would order the state police training agency to form guidelines to train officers to protect against racial profiling.

But President Obama has denounced the measure as “misguided.”

Obama signaled that a legal showdown might be possible and that his administration would "examine the civil rights and other implications" of the law. Department of Justice officials said they "were reviewing the bill" but declined to discuss the legislation further.

Immigrant rights groups have vowed a court fight, arguing that regulating immigration is a federal matter.

Unless opponents can stop it with lawsuits, the law will take effect 90 days after the legislative session ends this month or in May.

--David Zahniser

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I agree, I think Arizona should be boycotted, and I think Hispanic Immigrants should volunteerily leave the state. Let them see if they can function without the cheap IMMIGRANT labor that they use but at the same time have a disdain for immigrants.

thats the dysfunctional LA government for us.....

this city is running raggedy and the leaders are concerned about somewhere else.

I got news honey.... forget about about "there" and do your GD-damn job...

What a dope. Once again, the downtown bobbleheads have found something totally unrelated to the business of LA to occupy their time. There should be only one thing that concerns you right now, Ms. Hahn: the budget. Fix it, will you?

Why, Janice? It is a FEDERAL LAW. the very law Arizona is finally enforcing and that Washington is refusing to enforce. We have a huge problem in this city and state overrun by illegals. When will you people wake up and do something about it? you dont care that jobs left LA and CA and will never come back. you dont care that its costing us billions to feed, give healthcare to and hose illegal criminals in our system. Obama is misguided. He has never run a 7-11 and is telling us how to run our state and country. He will be the fastest one term president we had.

This woman is incredible. What a way to get into the news! No one has really heard of her before except in her voting area and cannot get attention with "MoonBeam" Brown's running for governor so she states this? And, the LA Times thinks that this is news? Wow. News must really be slow today. If anything, we should copy Arizona and take care of our own illegal alien problem here. Such a crock of ^)##$&#)!

Isn't LA in a financial shortfall as well. Perhaps she could concern herself with the finances of LA and do her job rather than concern herself with another state. What a load of Sh&t!

Thank you Janice Hahn! You just got my vote for lieutenant governor, and you can count on my friends and family, who ask for my advice during every election. Say what you will about immigration, but this law intrudes on basic human rights. What about all of the Native Americans who were here first? Arizona is home to thousands of them. Don't many of them look like they are of hispanic origin??

Better solution: Wacko Walter can move to Arizona and become a cop there. He claims he can tell someone's immigration status by looking at them, so his skills will be useful.

Yeah, that's a rational response...

Hahn is an idiot.

Guess where all the illiegals from Arizona are going ? L . A. baby

This is just stupid!! It is equivalent to one of the many unresolved issues leading up to the Civil War. Boycotting a fellow state and neighbor is like excluding a sibling from family functions for taking positive action addressing unresolved family issues. It's childish and unproductive.

Boycott Arizona? What political hogwash and what
arrogance Hahn and the other politically correct politicians exhibit. Please stop playing to your votes and show a little backbone. If we did the same thing as Arizona the school system would improve, we wouldn't have to wait hours at an ER and we may even have a budget surplus. The gall of these people!
Ms Hahn, we protest illegal, i-l-l-e-g-a-l (just in case you are not familiar with the word) not legal immigration.
We welcome those who obeyed the law to get here.
Boycott? We should send them a commendation.

So what is it that Hahn, who is running for lieutenant governor, has against enforcing current laws regarding illegal immigration? Since the Arizona law is a carbon copy of existing federal laws, what seems to be the problem Janice?

Have you tried to work in Mexico without meeting all the required rules and regulations? Ever tried to enter Mexico via the southern border?

Sorry, I wouldn't vote for you as dog catcher with an attitude like that about enforcing the law. Disgraceful ... Simply disgraceful!

Were all Immigrants! Were all human beings and this law is not fare or right!

Why do we care what Walter Moore thinks? A political "never-was".

The Arizona law is racist in its tone and reminds us of Arizona's neglect in honoring Dr. King.

I guess the lack of common sense and true political pandering from San Francisco is spreading to the airheads on the LA City Council.

Boycott? For what? A state that had the guts to tackle a problem that will eventually destroy our state and perhaps our country? Hahn is an idiot who hasn't a clue. She won't get my vote. Much praise to Arizona!

Wow...does the L.A. City Council really have time to debate what's occurring in another STATE? You are having trouble maintaining the CITY you are paid to run...and you have time for this!

Well, Janice Hahn, I hope your bid for Lieutenant Governor works out well for you...NOT!

What is the name\address of Hahn's opponent. I'm sending a check!!!
Si Se Puede!!!

Janice has a hell of a nerve. As posted, the corrupt L.A. city council can't even balance their books and she is wading into another state's policy towards out-of-control illegal immigration. Wake-up sweetheart and look at the mess out-of-control illegal immigration has done to the city of L.A..

Yesterday we cancelled our May vacation to Flagstaff, Sedona and Grand Canyon. I'm not interested in visiting a police state where people are randomly searched because of they way they appear. That is a tactic of the Taliban that is creepy and creeping into American life in Arizona.

Janice Hahn - who cares what this third rate political hack thinks. The Hahn family has been feeding from the public troth for years - to turn Los Angeles into a third world nightmare. Ms Hahn and her ilk - epitomize everything that stinks about American politics! Vote all of these overpaid creeps out in November.

Let's see....She's against AZ because they want to comply with Federal law the best way possible...

She sounds pretty anti-government...not a good choice for any political office...

Someone needs to donate some new batteries for ms hahn's financial calculator.

The last time I looked, the city, the county, and the state were not in any position to abrogate contracts with anyone.

Wait. Wait. Wait. Here is what the Arizona law does specifically: It puts into state law (in Arizona) EXACTLY THE SAME law that currently exists at the federal level. It is exactly the same law. Why doesn't the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and other news organizations report this? Other states, including California, have the same law. So, using Ms. Hahn's way of thinking, should the City of Los Angeles boycott California. (Of course, that's silly.) The main flaw in the Arizona law is that the legislature and the governor have agreed, for whatever reason, that it will pick up the tab on deportation costs.

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