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LAPD Chief Charlie Beck: L.A. won't be guided by Arizona immigration rules

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/.a/6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a6a47ba6970c-800wiWith as many as 100,000 people expected to convene downtown Saturday to rally in support of immigrant rights, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck went out of his way to make clear that his officers are guided by a different set of rules than the controversial state law recently passed in neighboring Arizona.

“Because of the ongoing issues in Arizona, I wanted to make something perfectly clear,” Beck said. “Special Order 40 is the mandate of this department. …That is how I will police this city as long as I am the chief of police.”

Beck was referring to the agency’s long-standing policy that prohibits officers from initiating contact with someone solely to determine whether he or she is in the country legally. It has drawn the periodic ire of critics who argue for a tougher stance against undocumented immigrants.

Beck and other chiefs before him, however, have said the policy is an important tool, as it encourages illegal immigrants who witness crimes to assist police without fear of being deported.

Arizona’s tough new legislation makes it a state crime to be in Arizona illegally and requires police to check suspects for immigration paperwork. 

The legislation also bars people from soliciting work or hiring day laborers off the street.

Anger over the law has inflamed passions on both sides of the immigration debate and caused LAPD officials to increase their predictions for the number of people expected to turnout for the annual demonstration.

-- Joel Rubin

Photo: L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck. Credit: Los Angeles Times

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Chief Beck is mis-informed about the Arizona law, which is quite surprising.
Just like in LA, Arizona cops cannot stop someone just to check their immigration status. There must be reasonable cause to stop an individual.
LA Cops acting righteous? Give me a break.

Order 40 does more harm that good. LAPD doesn't have the ability or money to make a dent in the illegal population here.

NO wonder California is in a mess..Now you got the police, who are supposed to uphold laws, ignore federal law. I guess he worries about his career than what he was hired for. Why dont the police ignore other laws like speeding, marijuana, theft, murder, etc. All the Arizona law is , is federal law, which means the police have to HAVE A REASON for stopping someone and only if the person turns out to be here illegally, then the police HAVE A FEDERAL RIGHT TO UPHOLD THE LAW. Last time I checked, there is a procedure in place for a person wanting to be in this country but it appears that procedure doesnt mean anything and the law APPLIES TO ANYONE HERE ILLEGALLY, NOT JUST SOMEONE FROM MEXICO. The united states, during world war two, turned back Jewish Refugees from Germany on a ship because they were considered illegal immigrants. The ship then went to cuba who turned them down and then had to go back go Germany, where all were sent to a concentration camp, to their death.The ones who will be protesting on cinco de mayo will be those who are breaking the law, simple as that, and who want all the benefits without paying into it. Go to Mexico and you will see you have no rights and even cannot own land.

The Los Angeles Police Department affirms that it will NOT uphold the laws of the United States . This just confirms again that Los Angeles is NO longer part of the USA but a Balkanized Outlaw Third World City in advanced Decline,Bankrupt and a Government openly representing people illegally in the USA and in opposition to its legal citizens. Anticipating a Kristallnacht like the Rodney King Riots against those who want the Rule of Law restored on this coming Communist/Anarchist Holiday May 1st March!

once arrested with no DL, insurance, prood of residence does the LAPD check immigration status

So all of you law and order types in favor of this most recent law are busy contacting the Arizona State government demanding that it fine and shut down the 95% of businesses that are breaking the law in Arizona? You know, the ones not obeying the law requiring them to use eVerify for all employees? Since only 5% of employers in Arizona have even signed up for eVerify, I assume your indignation extends to Arizona businesses, right? It is funny, I have not seen nearly as much indignation and anger aimed at those specific businesses, or at the AZ government for failing to enforce this law, even though it has been on the book for some time. I must have missed your invective against that bit of law-breaking, because I am quite sure none of you are racist and only wanting to penalize folks who are just looking for work, although without the appropriate papers. No, I know you must be, at this very moment, calling and emailing Phoenix to demand enforcement of that law. I just can't seem to find the comments indicating that...

Just another puppet of the liberal Villaraigosa regime to advance the rights of illegal aliens and to provide them with more benefits.

If California adopted Arizona's law, the state would probably be half empty, crime would drop, and their wouldn't be a financial crisis.

If you are here legally you have nothing to worry about! If you are here illegally, you SHOULD live in fear and in the shadows. If you are here illegally, you ARE a criminal and if you forge "documents" you are guilty of purgery and fraud which, if you were a citizen and did that, you would be sitting in jail. Illegals don't pay taxes. Paying sales tax is not optional for anyone. If you are illegal, you don't pay federal income tax because you don't have a SSN. Once again, if you were a citizena and didn't pay your income taxes, you would be in trouble. So now, how is illegal immigration "fair" to the legal citizens of this country? Oh, thats right, democrats only care about the "rights" of illegals, terrorists, and criminals.

I can't believe that this gutless ploice chief will allow laws to be broken,
what part of illegal don't he understand,These illegals cost the city millions,of
dollars,and it do not seem to click in the minds of the idiots running the city.

Beck and other chiefs before him, however, have said the policy is an important tool, as it encourages illegal immigrants who witness crimes to assist police without fear of being deported.

Of course what Beck and the others conveniently neglect to mention is the FACT that these crimes are being committed by illegals. If the illegals weren't here the crime wouldn't have occurred in the first place.

We welcome the principled stand being taken by the leadership of LAPD. The AZ law is a clear indication that people are getting more desperate about this problem and we hope the federal government will step in soon with a sweeping reform package that will address the different issues related to immigration. The new law, however, is misguided and will clearly result to increased racial profiling by the police. I'm glad we look at things differently in California.

Califrinia Needs to declair its independence from U S
Immigration Laws

The President Nad the Democratic Leader Havbe Failed
God Bless The Independent Republic Of Califirnia

It's cool,don't worry,the Mayor,the Chief,and most the City Council's jobs will be up soon,then we can vote them ALL out of office

Yah and continue the increased crime rate in Los Angeles. Crime has not gone down, it's called manipulation of crime reports. Thats what they do.

Also, Beck dont quote for the County. The county citizens like the Arizona idea.

Charlie Beck, you got it. In an eara where community police-ing is the predominant norm and standard it is ludricous to think of alienating a whole population will have a positive effect in crime in anyway of any sorts.
In this instance you are the epitome of what the police should be, a force willing to protect citizens aginst crime and in a a just manner.

Do people understand that this is not a free pass for illegal immigrants or will they be to blinded bay hate? Police are not supposed to"contact - someone solely to determine whether he or she is in the country legally", SB-40. IF other county and or state laws are broken then it is time to ask for identification.

Arizona thanks you for not doing a thing about illegal immigration. The less you do the more inviting you make your state to our illegals.

Is this going to continue as the Hispanic proportion of the population continues to grow in numbers and influence?

Before we import more Hispanics, shouldn’t we reconsider if we are going to lose all control over our immigration policy?

And is it really a good idea to encourage Hispanics to think of themselves as Hispanics rather than Americans?

Have we turned our immigration policy over to the Hispanic voting bloc?

Does the historical majority of our country have any say over our future—or is it all up to La Raza now?

Whose Country Is This?

The bottom line is: anybody who opposes SB 1070 is supporting illegal immigration—and the abolition of America.

These are the issue that SB 1070 is bringing into sharp relief.

Nice job Charlie.

It's good to know that you put political correctness before your OBLIGATION to uphold the law. I wonder if Chuckie has any idea how many ILLEGALS his department arrests each year, the cost of those arrests and the cost of the tax payer resources to deal just with people his department should not have to deal with in the first place. Could you imagine the level of crime the city would NOT have, if it were not for the illegal element. We would be the safest city in America.

Bravo Arizona for doing what the Federal Government is supposed to do but will not.

California needs the same law as Arizona. Let's start an initiative to do just that.

It syas: Beck was referring to the agency’s long-standing policy that prohibits officers from initiating contact with someone solely to determine whether he or she is in the country legally. It has drawn the periodic ire of critics who argue for a tougher stance against undocumented immigrants.

Hum funny because it is right in line with AZ's law....strange .... No one can be stopped solely to be asked for documents. Where's the anti-American crowd now calling for the boycott of LA? No where to be found....very odd..

Not immigrants.... ILLEGAL immigrants

If you entered country legally - welcome

If you entered illegally - go home please


I think one side might have a bit more inflamed passion than the other.

What a surprise...

You mean the crimes that the illeagal's themselves are committing in the first place?

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