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Ex-L.A. County assistant fire chief who beat dog to be sentenced today

Glynn_Johnson http://www.latimes.com/media/photo/2010-01/51869238.jpgA former Los Angeles County assistant fire chief will be sentenced today after being convicted of beating a puppy to death outside his Riverside home last year.

Glynn Johnson, 55, was found guilty in Riverside County Superior Court of animal cruelty and using a deadly weapon, a 12-pound rock, to kill Karley, a mixed-breed German shepherd.

The case has drawn wide attention, especially from animal-rights groups. For weeks leading up to Johnson’s arrest, protesters rallied in front of the district attorney's office asking that he be prosecuted.

Johnson was accused of beating the dog after a long feud with his neighbors over various issues in 2008. Prosecutors said Johnson put dog feces in his neighbors' mailbox with a letter warning them to keep their dogs off his property.

The dog had to be euthanized.

-- David Kelly

Photo: Glynn Johnson. Credit: Riverside County Sheriff's Department

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...and what could the sentance be????

This defendant has some serious anger issues to deal with. It sounds as thought he still refuses to accept the responsibility for his actions too.

My deepest condolences to the owners. Four years (at most) in jail doesn't seem like very long for an act of this nature, but I hope his new neighbours will make those years lively for this monster.

I'd like to refer to johnson as a dirty dog, but there is no animal as bad or as sick or as mean as this johnson. Anyone who kills a dog should have to eat mailbox contents for at least a month . That this guy had anything to do with helping humans is very scary in itself! An innocent canine was intentionally beaten to death by a totally irrational sicko who should be fined big time, be sent to jail and also anger management....at least???

People with dogs need to realize that not everybody can tolerate their neighbors to put up with the constant barking, inconsiderate dumping on their lawns, etc.

Another scandalous city official gets caught!
One down thousands to go!

Sit back and wait for the next one it won't be long!

How can Mr. Johnson be found guilty "of beating a puppy to death." And later "The dog had to be euthanized." Did they kill the dog twice?

The dog had to be euthanized after it had been beaten to death?

Aside and apart from his sentencing, he should be stripped of his county pension.

Here's hoping Johnson gets the maximum sentence. No one should be allowed to inflict such pain on an animal, only to be punished with a slap on the wrist.

Why does the heading on the home page say,

"Fire officials who beat dog to be sentenced"

Was there more than one?

After reading this aritcle I don't want to talk to or even see him in my neighborhood.
My current dog is a rescue dog he has taught me so much about love and forgiveness.
But I can't ever forgive someone who ever harms or kills a little dog like this one.
All I know is he should never be allowed near another animal or to own one in his life.
I tried to keep my comment civilized but I can tell you if someone harms or kills a animal it is a matter of time until it becomes a human being being harmed or killed.
If your having a problem with a neighbor involving a pet move it's the easiest thing to do.

No excuse. How about complaining to Animal Control if he had a 'beef'? A very sick person. How about life in a mental institution?

What a sicko. Much lurking behind that man's life to take out that kind of anger on an innocent creature.

Ex Fire Chief Glynn Johnson only problem was he got caught killing this poor puppy. No doubt as a person with the type of authority he once commanded, Johnson had other issues as well. The killing was only systematic of a deranged person who got away with it for 55 years. Half of those as a L.A. fireman.

Ray: People put up with a lot more from their neighbors' kids. That doesn't give them the right to beat the kids to death.

Others: If you read the earlier stories on this, he beat the dog's head with the rock and pulled its jaw backwards until it broke. In other words, he did beat the dog to death, it was just dying slowly so it was euthanized.

Dog owners should realize that constant barking (at odd hours), your favorite pet breaking into yards and leaving faeces around renders them more of a pest than a pet. Apparently Mr. Johnson couldn't take it anymore and broke down.

to those posters who insist on trivializing the situation:

the dog had to be euthanized because it would have otherwise endured a slow, painful death after having been beaten so badly. why do you enjoy pointing out the discrepancy that "karly had been beaten to death" and then "euthanized". as though the net result wasn't the death of the animal?? semantics are stupid here.

additionally, there are legal ways to pursue complaints about excessive barking. this individual showed that he was expecting to get off simply because of his firefighter status. meaning, besides his obvious character defects--he must have believed himself "above the law".

studies have shown that people who are given to violence towards animals, do eventually graduate to violence and aggression towards people too.

he deserves every punishment that is available to be levied. he earned every bit of it.

too bad even incarceration and civil damages cannot achieve a transformation of this person. his lack of remorse and defense that he was in fear for his life, show that he will emerge from prison an even more lethal presence in whichever community is unfortunate enough to have him.

another taxpayed salary monger trying to get away with whatever they can his punishment should be to clean the feces of the local dog pounds for the next 15 years to life

I agree 100% with everyone's comments. It is NEVER ok to hurt an animal. However, the owners must acknowledge their fault in this tragedy. If they'd kept the puppy on their own property this never would have happened. I would guess that Johnson had asked that they keep the puppy of his property previously, and this act (while utterly reprehensible) was a culmination of frustration. Dog owners everywhere, please be mindful of your neighbor's property. You never can tell the tolerance level of people. Do your part to avoid these types of tragedies.

He's lucky this didn't turn into something much worse with human deaths invovled, possibly him.

its the same as beating a person who eventually ends up on life support. then the plug is pulled.

the persons death (or in this case, dogs death) was a direct result of the beating. the person would be charged with murder. thus he is being charged with beating the animal to death.

stripped of his pension? really? he's been convicted, now let go serve his time. his pension has nothing to do with what he did. don't be ridiculous.

Karley did not get justice, this judge is a moron!!

How is this different from hunters killing whales, deer, moose, etc? Just because this animal was attached to a home? Other animals are attached to nature---so what gives them the right to shoot? How do you know they didn't have the same intentions as this guy? To get revenge on something or someone in their lives?

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