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Police get tough on Dodger Stadium tailgating, 132 arrested

Police promised a crackdown on tailgaters at the Dodger’s home opener -- and they delivered.

A total of 132 people were arrested Tuesday, with most accused of drinking in public, said Capt. William Murphy of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Several more were arrested on suspicion of scalping tickets and illegal vending, he said. More than 50 traffic and parking citations also were handed out.

“Overall, it was a far better day than last year,” Murphy said. “No major incidents.”

Tailgating -- with or without alcohol -- is not allowed in the Dodger Stadium parking lots. In years past, fans say, security officers looked the other way unless they were unruly or drunk. Last year, the Dodgers made a pointed effort to crack down on drinking in stadium parking lots.

"It's always been a rule, but it's only recently been enforced in the last couple of years," said Carol Mitchell, an off-duty Los Angeles police officer working Monday as a security officer for the Dodgers. She said people had been generally calm and cooperative so she has tried to be equally low-key.

-- Kate Linthicum

Photo: Terry Romero, who has been to every opening day since Dodger Stadium was built, criticized the effort to curtail tailgating. Credit: Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times

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Another reason to be an Angel fan. The tailgating experience is a staple of any type of arena atmosphere. It brings comradery with fellow fans. True there are those that become unruly and drunk but those people will still become unruly and drunk after an afternoon/evening of stadium purchased booze.


"an off-duty Los Angeles police officer working Monday as a security officer for the Dodgers."

Off-Duty. Look it up.


Do clients (Dodger Stadium Mgmt,in this case) pay workmans compensation insurance premiums for off-duty police officers employed as part-time or event private security officers? In Denver, Colorado the City and County of Denver pays workmans compensation premiums for its officers when they work as off-duty security officers.

My guess is that tailgating would be allowed if the Dodgers had the same monopoly on beverages outside the park as they do inside. Think about it. Gotta pay for the messy divorce after all. Also, nice prioritizing by the LAPD going for the low hanging fruit.

It's about the booze money. They just want to sell you more of the crap inside the stadium. If it was about the drunks they would do a better job of limiting the sales. But as you may noticed, every corner of the stadium has beer sales. Last year they removed most of the LAPD because it was costing them to much, not because it was safer.

All about the money.

theres a difference, drinking at a ball game is inside the stadium, not outside in parking lot, but i disagree that the cops shouldve handed out tickets and arrested unless they were unruly

That'll learn those outlaws! Barbequing! Drinking BEER! Having a good time in an old tradition way on a beautiful day to boot! The great memories being made at Dodger stadium these days. Jr. gets to see dad hauled off to jail with his barbeque gloves and kiss the chef hat still on! What a site. Is it because you want the people to have to buy over priced food, snacks and beer in the stadium instead?!! I guess you have to pay that million dollar spousal support somehow........

I attend Raider games in Oakland. As you can imagine, there's far more drinking and drugging than we have at Dodger Stadium. Every stadium has it's tailgaters. Most of them are there just to enjoy themselves. Hire private security to control the situation and let LAPD control criminals. It isn't like the area around Elysian Park is the safest area in the city, even with the police academy down the street.

So why don't the LAPD do this at USC football games. The city of LA and the Dodgers are just wrong for this. This is just one more reason for the people of LA to hate the LAPD and the McCourts.

everyone saw this coming. The police said the crackdown was due to tailgating being illegal. What a coincidence. Due to our incompetent public officials at city hall our city is broke and has decided the best way to become solvant is to arrest and /or ticket it's citizens. The dishonest mayor and our liberal democrats (with help from DWP and corrupt unions) have bankrupt our city and have proven their progressive ideology is a failure. I guess the easiest and fastest way to get a stimulas package is handing out infractions and citations to the private sector. What sleazes.

I commend the LAPD and the Dodger Organization for enforcing the alcohol ban on Stadium property. A major league game isn't an excuse for public drinking & if the game can't be enjoyed sober then don't show up. Amen.

Ha.. i made it back safe!

dodgers ain't worth ticket price,gas parking ,or any expences in stadium save money throw party at own place probably have better time

Boycott. Who needs the Dodgers? I've got better things to do.

In case this is a surprise to everyone:


Just because you feel like you should be able to, you used to be able to, doesn't make it legal. I would love to crack one at the beach, but I don't becuase it's THE LAW. Maybe If more people actually followed the rules instead of thinking they were above them, LA wouldn't be such a slum.

all i know is, beer at a ballgame is awesome, being buzzed at a ballgame is awesome... being harrassed by other drunken fans who cant handle the booze...now that sucks. They spilt beer over my mother and my kids and didnt even apologized...simply looked the other way...but if i do or say anything then these hoodlums wannna fight, well im not gonna get into a fight in front of my family over crap like this but it needs to be controlled somehow....btw, waiting 45 min in line for a beer stinks too...like some folks have been saying....it just takes a few bad appples to spoil the fun for everyone.


Carla Hall, what game did you attend? I see you did not write about the fights that erupted inside the stadium once the game started. Do you think those involved in the fights were drunk or sober? I guarantee those involved were most likely drinking prior to the game in the parking lot. If you are going to write about tailgating, get the full story! I must of seen at least six fights while at the game. Thank You Dodgers and LAPD for the presence!

lol, they cant drink outside but they can get as many $13 coronas inside as they want. It's nothing more than a shakedown.

If you look at the majority of who goes to Dodger games it may answer at lot of questions. Too many homies and vatos.

This is a crappy law that the politically correct politicians in this state have decided to enforce. I agree that drunkards causing trouble (and Dodger stadium will have it's share) should be punished hard but to punish those that want to beat traffic arrive 2-3 hours early and have BBQ with a few cold ones is simply unAmerican. Dodgers should be ashamed or they should do like Fenway and have the streets outside the stadium made into a party.

Hilarious to read all of the people who are against tailgating for a couple of hours to beat traffic. We do this every Saturday when UCLA football is playing at the Rosebowl and have a blast. No fights, no problems just fun people who don't want to sit in traffic and miss the first quarter. I admit some moronic Dodger fans act up when they have too much to drink but doesn't that happen in Boston and New York? They don't outlaw tailgating.

I think it is clear that the McCourt's want you to spend your hard earned money on their crappy food and overly carbinated domestic beer and expensive parking! As far as the LAPD, well the city is broke (so they say,hmmm) so tickets make up for lost revenue. The only problem is they should be on the streets catching the idiots that shouldn't be on the streets. For my money, I will stay at home, barbeque, drink, smoke and watch the Dodgers on TV, because there is no better place to party then at home!

The police kill the whole ball game experience! I hope people stop going to watch the game live because as soon as you get to the parking lot the cops treat you like criminals. I am sick of it & I hope people wake up... Can't I even sit in my car and eat a tuna sandwich with my sons while drinking a super big gulp? Thank you Dodgers for saving me at least $700 or more on buying tickets to cop infested ball game!

just another way to collect revenue.....

People should boycott the games....or ...all 50,00 coem on out and have a tailgate party...think they can arrest EVERYONE?

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