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Police get tough on Dodger Stadium tailgating, 132 arrested

Police promised a crackdown on tailgaters at the Dodger’s home opener -- and they delivered.

A total of 132 people were arrested Tuesday, with most accused of drinking in public, said Capt. William Murphy of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Several more were arrested on suspicion of scalping tickets and illegal vending, he said. More than 50 traffic and parking citations also were handed out.

“Overall, it was a far better day than last year,” Murphy said. “No major incidents.”

Tailgating -- with or without alcohol -- is not allowed in the Dodger Stadium parking lots. In years past, fans say, security officers looked the other way unless they were unruly or drunk. Last year, the Dodgers made a pointed effort to crack down on drinking in stadium parking lots.

"It's always been a rule, but it's only recently been enforced in the last couple of years," said Carol Mitchell, an off-duty Los Angeles police officer working Monday as a security officer for the Dodgers. She said people had been generally calm and cooperative so she has tried to be equally low-key.

-- Kate Linthicum

Photo: Terry Romero, who has been to every opening day since Dodger Stadium was built, criticized the effort to curtail tailgating. Credit: Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times

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Sounds like a plot to rid all the latinos from Dodger Stadium because we all know, they are the majority of the fans who drink in the parking lot!!! Funny thing is, it is illegal to drink in a public place, yet isn't Dodger Stadium a public place?

Hmmm, good job Los Angeles Police department, let concentrate on people having fun, instead of the real criminals out their. Keep spending LA, on stupid things..

If people didn't drink and then cause fights and property damage, then the cops wouldn't be wasting their time with these idiots.

This city is complaining about budget problems and lack of funding for law enforcement... and this is how they choose to use their limited resources? What a joke.

Just do what I do.. put whiskey into a pepsi can and drink it, nobody is the wiser.. :)


Dodger Jail is overflowing.
Boycott the shameless Dodgers

No wonder Dogers fans always have that look...its not just their team, but a community attitude. No, don't stop, bad, illegal!

Yeah, nothing wrong with drinking in public. What the heck, no harm there, right? Except that these people drink before the game, then they drink during the game and then guess what! They get to drive home! And while doing so, they are DRUNK! If you want to tailgate and drink do it at home. This way I don't have to risk my life avoiding your "party time."

Before the home opener, I was sitting in my car in the parking lot with a friend, quietly eating Jack In The Box. We were approached by armed security and told that we had to leave the car and go into the stadium. The officers said we could eat inside the stadium, but since we were already halfway done with our food, they let us finish. Gee, thanks... We told the officers that we didn't like paying stadium prices for food. They told us next time eat before we get to the parking lot. No alcohol was involved, but we did smoke some weed out of my sneek-a-toke after the officers left. So hahaha to them!!! And remember, pot is a much safer alternative to alcohol - no violence or abuse or bad behavior associated with cannabis, just happy Dodger fans!!!

booo the police and Dodgers security. It's a racist policy.

The rule is clearly stated in the Dodgers' written informational material. If they didn't start to enforce the rule, tailgating would continue and get completely out of hand. If your only reason to go to the ballgame is to party in the lot and leave your mess for others, you should stay home and party in your own backyard.

dodger fans have a reputation of getting too rowdy- there is always a fight during a home game... unfortunately it's the bad apples that cant seem to be at a crowded event without causing trouble 4 the rest of us fans.

Excellent use of police time.

If the majority of Dodger fans were white, you better believe you would be able to tailgate at the stadium.

Again, this is a racist policy geared to keep the hispanic fans from getting out of control. I'm a white guy saying this.


Policemen have no right to be harrassing citizens at a baseball game of all places! Let us drink and have a good time, PLEASE! it's a small minority of idiots who ruin everything and its not fair to punish everybody for bs issues like drinking in public! thats just bogus and a desperate move by the city to take our money to fix THEIR mistakes!

This way the Dodgers get to sell more $10 dollar beers and the police get to make money off the fines... It's a win/win/never go to Doger stadium again situation.

Is this REALLY a good use of LAPD officers' time? If people aren't bothering anyone why not let them have their tailgate party in the parking lot?

It's only illegal if your a law abiding citizen. If you're a cop or a city official, then it's legal. It's not the citizens of LA's fault that the city can't mangage their finances. More and more unusual fines will be appearing, due to a city who spent more than it had....

Hey how about arresting Dodgers executives for price gouging. $12 a beer? That's the real crime.

So, now these people will drink at their homes or bars before games and DRIVE DRUNK to the games. A few people act crazy in the parking lot and they shut down the whole party. So i guess the next time there is a bar fight in the city they will close down every bar right?

This smells more like a money making venture for the Dodgers, just a way to sell even more $12 beers!!!!

Anything to help curtail the McCourt's legal fees eh???

I commend the LAPD and the Dodger Organization for enforcing the alcohol ban on Stadium property. A major league game isn't an excuse for public drinking & if the game can't be enjoyed sober then don't show up. Amen.

What an ugly and huge miscalculation by the Dodger organization. They have zero sense of community and no sense of shame in their greedy quest for the almighty dollar. No more Dodger games for me. Go Angels - that is the Los Angeles Angels.

I would love to think that the LAPD has better things to do than pick on people who are NOT DRIVING DRUNK and just having a good time. And scalping tickets?! PLEASE!! Start going on Craigslist and arresting the people selling tickets on there! THERE IS REAL CRIME GOING ON OUT THERE! GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

Last year before an Angels/Dodgers game, security wouldn't even let us finish listening to the Lakers Playoff game IN OUR CAR. They took down our drivers license numbers and seat locations and asked us kindly to enter the stadium.

I know they're trying to get rid of the violence that has plagued Chavez Ravine the last few years, which is cool. But seriously, my friends and I don't look like Spooky or High Top from the hood.

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