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Applesauce assault case at Bob Hope Airport thrown out by judge


A judge today threw out a misdemeanor battery charge involving a woman who was accused of hitting an airport security worker during a dispute over bringing applesauce and other items onto a plane at Bob Hope Airport.

Prosecutors charged Nadine Kay Hays, 58, who was traveling to Nashville with her mother, with the  battery charge after the reported fight with the Transportation Security Administration agent last April. The agent claimed that Hays made a fist and struck her on the hand during the tussle.

Hays denied striking the agent, arguing that she merely brought down her hand to keep agents from taking away her 93-year-old mother’s applesauce, cheese and milk, which were inside a cooler.

“I am not going to plead guilty to something I didn’t do. I’m a person of character,” Hays, whose mother died last month, told the Glendale News Press. “I end up reliving this disaster every spare moment of my life. You just flash back and you see these scenes over and over.”

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: KTLA News

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The judge made the right call. Home land security do not hire the brightest people.

Thank goodness! What a waste of taxpayer dollars to even charge this woman.

I agree that this lady was obviously not out to cause harm, it was a waste of money charging her with a crime, and some TSA rules are ridiculous. However, there is a time and place to voice ones disagreement with airport rules, and standing in the security line is not one of those times. TSA processes millions of passengers a year, and it's a slippery slope if you start allowing each security guard to make individual exceptions for certain people and not others.

This prosecutor needs another job because his judgment is clearly lacking. He is certainly not reasonable given his actions to support charges against an innocent lady who is protecting her 93 year old mother nourishment. Shameless.

Absolute power corrupts especially when one doesn't need an education to wear an enforcement badge these days providing SECURITY for us Americans against 93 year olds wanting to eat applesauce since the airlines don't feed anybody any longer while holding law abiding citizens captives on locked airplanes for prolonged periods. If the identical situation occurred without an airplane, one could reasonably be expected to be charged with kidnapping or unlawful detention. But since 9/11 airlines have carte blanch to violate laws and rights of ordinary decent citizens thanks to the patriot act.

J.H. Brown - states "Home land security do not hire the brightest people."
What irony.

Finally, someone with common sense. These TSA agents should be fired.

the law is unfortunately at the mercy of the whims of an individual.
look at the full video, the white lady is assaulting the TSA agent and should have received the proper consequence.

And how many other people have been needlessly harassed and intimidated since September 11.

I watched the video. Her behavior was out of control. Even if TSA are wrong in applying the rules, you can't just decide you won't comply with their decisions and expect to board. When TSA is overbearing you have two choices: comply or don't fly. When they pissed me off once, I chose not to fly and they tried to tell me I had to or they'd call the police. I waved the officer over and he told them they were nuts and I was free to go. I flew the next day.

thats justice and a bright judge at work

To bad perjury charges cant be filed against the TSA workers and their supervisors who made up the lies behind this case.

Good. But, did the TSA learn anything from this? Are they going to change any of their policies to stop this kind of harrasment? NO!

After watching the video of this incident on YouTube, I found it amazing that the even made it as far as a courtroom.

The courts finally showed common sense and it prevailed. The TSA workers on the other hand showed no common sense.

This is a question that comes to my mind on a nearly daily basis. If the unemployment rate in California is 12.6%, how do morons still have jobs? There has to be plenty of intelligent, professional individuals in that 12.6% that could do a better job than some of these momos.

Well finally someone with enough sense to see that the TSA is out of control.

Thousands of tax payers' dollars wasted by the city's attorney's office. Thousands of dollars in public goodwill at an airport suffering from declining ridership lost because a TSA employee doesn't know the difference between a bomb and a container of applesauce. PRICELESS.

Incredible! The video clearly shows "the person of character" ball up her fist, raise it high and forcefully strike the TSA worker's hand. It probably hurt very badly. This ruling sends a bad message that seems to suggest it's alright to strike out at law enforcement officers if you disagree with them. This judge has tarnished the bench with this action. Perhaps the TSA worker can pursue this case through a civil suit for the pain and suffering Nadine Hays inflicted upon her.

I wonder if there is a civil rights case here? Nah, Mrs. Hays is of the wrong persuasion.

If you see the youtube video you see the event as it transpired, some where there has to be some sanity in this world!

Funny how we can leave our ports and borders open for any and all to cross and we can not take applesauce for an old lady onto a flight! LOL

I Cringe every time I travel now ...the rude and and belegerant behavior by the so called security people is enough to make one sick. If this is the result of the so called war on terror then the terroists have won.


it will also be taxpayer's dollars wasted when ms hayes sues tsa. she should file a civil suit against the tsa "agents".

BRAVO Nadine Kay Hays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are SO Proud of You!!!!!
Not only you are a person of character but also a mentally HEALTHY
individual who don't allow ANYONE disrespect you or abuse you
You come from a Good Home, God bless you and your family!!!

Since WHEN the Suits and the Uniformed, the SERVANTS of the Public
speak the Truth!???

Not mentioned in this article is that the TSA was completely in the wrong in this case: the passenger had obtained prior permission to transport the food as a medical necessity for her wheelchair-bound grandmother. She had re-confirmed with TSA that it was OK. And then, the unprofessional thugs at the checkpoint first pawed through the food with their dirty gloves, then told the passenger she couldn't bring it thought the checkpoint, and then seized the passenger's property (TSA can't involuntarily seize anything: at most, they can just turn people away). This incident was mis-handled from end to end by TSA, but as always, there's no accountability for them, and instead, it's the passenger who was dragged through the courts.

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