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Actor Jason Alexander hits teen bicyclist in Mid-City

Jasonalexander Actor Jason Alexander, who played George Costanza in the long-running "Seinfeld" TV series, hit a teenage bicyclist Tuesday in Mid-City, police officials said.

The collision was reported shortly after 7:15 a.m. at Wilshire Boulevard and June Street.

The 14-year-old boy was on his way to middle school when he was struck. He was taken to a hospital in stable condition.

Los Angeles police took an accident report and are investigating the incident, but Alexander was not cited.

Alexander played the neurotic George, friend to Jerry, Elaine and Kramer, on the hit TV show from 1989 to 1998.

-- Andrew Blankstein

Photo: Jason Alexander in 2007. Credit: Jae C. Hong / Associated Press

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Jason Alexander has to become the kids butler.

Lighten up Rosee, he's a kid on his way to school. Do YOU remember what it was like to be a kid? Did YOU not ride in the street? Where the heck is he supposed to ride...on the sidewalk with pedestrians and wheelchairs???

It was an accident, accidents happen.

So does he have to be this kid's butler?

"This is the EXACT reason that bike riders should NOT be in the streets with cars!"

Don't be silly.

Well that kid just scored a college fund. Hope all involved are ok.

Sorry BOZO - Read the California Vehicle Code, Section 21200-21212. It says bicyclist have a RIGHT (no license, registration or insurance) to be on the road; while drivers are PRIVILEGED (You gotta pay for your license, insurance and registration). Don't attempt to make this US vs THEM, learn to read and obey the laws of the road.


This has nothing do with bikes being on the street with cars. I'm sure you know they have every right to be.

Think of the bigger picture Rosee. If more people bike, cars go slower and less people die. Did you know over 30k people died in auto accidents just last year alone. All types of transportation sharing the roads together leads to safer roads. But, I'm sure you knew this already. We can allow children in the streets again. They can walk to school alone, ride their bikes, skateboard without fear from:

1. Redlight running driver
2. Cell phone using driver
3. Slow lane passing driver
4. Putting on cosmetics driver
5. Drunk driver
6. Road rage driver
7. Speeding driver

Rosee, how about we take the road back for people like us, who think that roads should be safe and usable by everybody, especially the children.

PS. Don't worry about Jason he didn't get hit by a car. He'll be just fine.

Rosee - this is exactly why drivers need to be more aware of bicyclists!!

@Rosee: Jason hits a bicyclist. The article does not state where and how it happened. It might have happened on a crosswalk, a bike lane, or a regular car lane. Unless you know more details beyond what is in this article, I don't know why you're jumping to a conclusion that bike riders should NOT be in the streets with cars.

And on a side note, I am sure Jason is OK. Bike vs. Car? Car wins.

this was supposed to be the summer of George!

First the squirrel, now this... c'mon George!

Same place Chris Brown beat up Rihanna. Jason was probably trying to dodge those ridiculous pot holes that the city is too cheap to fix. My parents live there with my younger siblings... matter of fact my brother is 14, let me call and make sure he's ok!

First of all, we don't know all the details of the accident. Second, it is the duty of the drivers to be vigilant of all things that could be in the road, what if it were a small child running across the street? And third, cyclists absolutely do not belong on the sidewalks, they belong on the street, if there is a bike lane, great if not, they need to be careful just as drivers should be as well. This is not a competition, we all need to share the road.

Then Rosee, support bike lanes. Write or call your councilman or supervisor demanding bike lanes. But until that time please share the road.

He should be sentenced to be the kid's butler!

The EXACT reason--- that Jason Alexander and a bike collided? No fault was determined (as of the writing). Could have been the cyclist or Mr. Alexander. Cyclists have rights on the road and must follow the rules of the road. Both groups make mistakes, but to say that "bike riders should NOT be in the streets with cars!" is a statement made by someone that doesn't ride bikes and/or doesn't know the correct cycling practices. Cyclists have every right to be on the road. Motorists may pass cyclists that are sharing a (single lane) road only when it is SAFE. The POV of Rosee is shared by others that have a mind set that their cars are superior vis-a-vis bicycles.......Why? Because the cars are big spewing hunks of metal and internal combustion power? If there were less cars and more bikes on the streets we would have a better place to live, work, and play.

Both motorists and cyclists need to be mindful of the others while we all SHARE THE ROAD.

unfortunately wilshire blvd is often a terrible place to ride. there's a lot of speeding and weaving through traffic: "competing." if the kid was riding on the sidewalk he'd get hit by someone coming out of a blind alley or driveway. bicyclists are here to stay. let's all be safe out there.

hang up and drive/ride and all that jazz.

Maybe a better driving education would help. It works all over the world, just not in LA.

Why is this news? Is every car vs. bike accident reported?

Cyclists also need to stay off the sidewalk as my son was hit by a guy riding on the street and broke his collarbone. The cyclist ran and I couldn't exactly run after him with my son needing medical attention.

Any word on whether he was driving John Voight's car?

Hey Rosee, let me get this straight...a car runs over a bicyclist and you complain about the biker?
Maybe the car and it's lousy driver should not be allowed in the street seeing how it and he hit the bike.
You must have hit a bicyclist before otherwise you would not be spouting such illogical and stupid statements.
Maybe Jason was not wearing his lawful glasses? Or maybe he was yakking on the cel phone? Whatever the case he hit the person on the bike and not the other way around.

With that logic I guess cars shouldn't be on the street with other cars either since people get hit while driving them too. :rolleyes:

CANT-STAND-YA!! Go get 'em George. I agree with Rosee below; bikers should not be on the main roads in rush hour and buses should have their own roads. The latter of the two is my own thought on buses, not Rosee's. I have no idea what her "take" on buses is.

Hope the kid is ok.

Was that wrong? Nobody told him that it was wrong to do it?

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