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UC regents apologize to black students over racial incidents

University of California leaders on Wednesday apologized to black UC San Diego students for recent racial incidents at the campus and proposed changes in admissions policies aimed at boosting enrollment of minorities across the system.

UC President Mark G. Yudof and other UC regents acknowledged that the UC San Diego episodes, including an off-campus student party that mocked Black History Month, has brought attention to the low enrollment of African American students on the campus.

About 1.6% of UC San Diego undergraduates are black, among the lowest figures for any UC campus. The UC leaders promised to help create campus environments in which minority students feel more comfortable. Speaking during a regents meeting at UC San Francisco, Yudof said he wanted all UC campuses to adopt an admissions process known as “holistic” review, in which applicants’ test scores and high school grades are considered in the context of their life experiences and personal accomplishments.

“I want a system that is less mechanical and takes a serious look at a range of talents and skills and history, and takes into account poverty,” Yudof said.

Holistic review is permitted at the university, but Yudof said he would like it to be required at all nine UC undergraduate campuses.

UCLA and UC Berkeley now use the approach most extensively, while others, including UC San Diego, rely on a more rigid formula that allows less consideration of personal accomplishments and, Yudof said, may unfairly reject otherwise academically eligible low-income and minority students.

Such a change would need approval by the system-wide faculty senate, something that will be under discussion within a few months, officials said.

--Larry Gordon in San Francisco

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What? No mention of one so-called racial incident that involved a
hangman's noose in a university building.....? Oh, a black student
was responsible, so it couldn't have been racial..... Right!

Was this story written as a joke? The UC regents want to diversify their campuses by admitting more under-qualified minority students. This policy, like affirmative action in general, concedes that blacks can't compete with Asians and whites when left to their own devices. What a delicious paradox that the UC regents are actually endorsing a "diversity" policy which is, in essence, tacitly racist!

“I want a system that is less mechanical and takes a serious look at a range of talents and skills and history, and takes into account poverty,”


1) I will use my office to invent rules as needed that push under-qualified black students into the UC system by actively discriminating against Asian & white males students with higher grades & better test scores.

2) I will keep this illegal process intentionally subjective & secret, will deny requests for transparency, and will smear anyone who asks too many questions as an evil racist.

3) I will simultaneously congratulate myself & staff for raising enrollment of under-qualified blacks. We will deny this results in an increased black dropout rate, lower academic standards, illegal race/sex discrimination or subverted justice but we will quietly understand it is the price of enforced radical egalitarianism. We will feel noble as we assuage our guilt over a miss-stated problem with the pain of innocent victims.

4) I will studiously ignore the facts that the problematic party in question was organized off-campus by a black entertainer named Jigaboo Jones, that the noose in question was made by a non-white female & that much worse verbal abuse toward blacks can be heard from rap recordings broadcast from the campus radio station. No matter, whites are the problem & blacks are victims.

5) I will only promote others that agree with me on these, the UC system's core values. Celebrate diversity!

"The UC leaders promised to help create campus environments in which minority students feel more comfortable" -- what, like the *segregation* which BLACK students demanded at UC San Diego during their overreaction to the Compton Cookout? The UC nor anyone else has any business playing racial favorites in the 21st century.

Friggin pathetic!

tell me. how does a black or hispanic student - who attends Locke or Garfield High School, compete with an Asian or white student who attends Beverly Hills or Arcadia high school. 1.6% represented at UC San Diego? Admissions should be about bringing in students who will give back to their communities, work hard, and do their society, families and campus proud. These students need some help, along the way, and they'll be amazing leaders for other kids in the long run. Way to go UC Regents!

Well, are they offering Compton Cooking 101...for these academically challenged students...

Again, the squeaky incompetent wheel get the oil...

Again, Give us something we don't deserve or we'll burn your city down....Greatttt....

"Holistic review." Another name for affirmation action.

Why should the Regents have to apologise for an OFF-CAMPUS party?

Also, if UCLA and Cal are the universities that use "holistic review" the most, why are the ethnic majorities at those schools still Asian and Caucasian by a very large margin?

The real discrimination in universities is socio-economic and not race based. Poor students are much less likely to get into college - no matter their IQ. I think having a review process which de-emphasizes test scores is the right way to promote diversity - even if the reasoning in this article is wrong. Name one student with a perfect SAT or GRE who didn't spend thousands of dollars on prep courses, test materials, and/or retaking the test!

De-emphasizing grades? Really!? That is the only valid "predictor" of future performance!

As far as including "life accomplishments" it'd be interesting to see the formula for that. I mean, who is likely to better their first year in college? A B+ student who has survived 18 years of domestic abuse? Or an A student from rich suburbia? Which student is likely to have more drive, ambition, and the fire to finish in four years?


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