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Teacher who had sex with student 'couldn't live with what she did,' attorney says

Jordan Middle School sixth-grade teacher Amy Beck joined her colleagues in togas for the celebration of annual Greek Day in April 2009. Credit: Scott Smeltzer / News-Press

A former Burbank middle school teacher who had sex with a 14-year-old student felt guilt-ridden for her actions and "couldn't live with what she did," her attorney said Friday.

Amy Beck, 33, pleaded no contest on Thursday to charges related to sex with a minor. She faces up to two years behind bars. Burbank police investigators allege that Beck, a teacher at David Starr Jordan Middle School, had a relationship with one of her male students from March to September 2009.

Beck's attorney, Michael Williamson, said his client felt so bad about her actions that she turned herself into police earlier this month and refused bail, deciding instead to stay in jail.

"Amy's a very compassionate individual. She became really guilt-ridden and remorseful," Williamson told ABC News. "She couldn't live with what she had done and had to bring it to light."

Williamson told "Good Morning America" that he's not sure why she had the relationship. "Amy was a very good teacher, very close with her students," he said. "At some point she crossed the line with this one particular young man. There's no indication it happened with anyone else."

Beck is married to an LAPD officer and has three children. Williamson said her husband is "absolutely standing by her."

He expects Beck will spend about a year in jail.

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: Former Burbank middle school teacher Amy Beck. Credit: Glendale News-Press

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WOW! Have you ever seen such remorse? WOW! I am so impressed by her. Too bad all criminals can't seem to be a quarter as remorsful as she is.

This story is Shocking...Shocking!!! That poor young man will be scarred and shamed for life...or not.

Gee, her guilt comes conveniently late.

My question to the bloggers of this page, Would you keep her if you were her husband?, or could you trust that she wouldn't do this again?, because she defiantly wouldn't be allowed around kids again, because at this point she's considered a sex offender, so she'll have to register as one, but she could deal with someone older around her age, Right? Do you feel that she's no worst than a man doing the same thing?

This may be one sex offender I may not look down upon and judge so harshly. I feel she is truely apologetic and deserve lienc...lieneincy...well, you know the word.

Only 2 years in prison?! What happened to getting tough on sex offenders in this state? Throw the book at her and any other teacher, male or female, who cross the line. Two years, what a joke!

I do not think I would have been "scarred and shamed for life" if I had been given the chance for sex with with her when I was 14. I suspect most of us would have jumped at the chance. Of course with a cop for a husband, we might have thought is was just a bit risky. In those days you could get shot by a jealous husband, and he had a good chance of getting away with it. I think a husband in Texas still can.

Remorse? Try B-L-A-C-K-M-A-I-L.

she is probably jewish or irish catholic.

She faces TWO years? Had this been a male teacher they would have demanded he be castrated then given 20 years minimum. And women complain about double-standards?

Once again a female teacher molests a child. Once again the justice system treats a female sex offender less harshly, and with far less prison time than a man would serve for the very same offense. Rather than praising her for admitting her guilt, which always seems to happen to the convicted when it's sentencing time, why don't we demand that all sexual predators, male & female, get punished equally?

This is just bizarre. If she feels so bad, why did she do it in the first place for 6 months?

If a man had sex with a 14 year old girl this article would read "statutory rape" and would utter voice about him being properly labeled a sex offender for eternity, never able to have a normal life again.
But because it's a woman, we will focus on how remorseful she is, and that she'll be out of jail in a year?!
Whatever happened to equal rights? Woman scream for their equality, (except when they need you to pick-up something for them, do THEIR JOB for them) so let's give them equal treatment as well.

Her husband is "standing by her". I dumped this sex offender in a heart beat. Whose to say she won't do this again. She might see another young boy see can't resist and sexually molest him to.

My question to the bloggers of this page, Would you keep her if you were her husband?, or could you trust that she wouldn't do this again?, because she defiantly wouldn't be allowed around kids again, because at this point she's considered a sex offender, so she'll have to register as one, but she could deal with someone older around her age, Right? Do you feel that she's no worst than a man doing the same thing?

Good point. If I were her husband I would just stick by her until she goes to jail and then I would file for divorce and move on with life. If he sticks with her after she comes out of jail the guy should quit the LAPD otherwise they guy is a hypocrite and all of the other cops would outcast the guy.

What crime? Who's the victim? The young male student? Yeah right!! He's probably getting even more tail now just from the minor celebrity status he's received from this incident.

Sometimes the glitter just doesn't look real...

"During the brief hearing in Burbank Superior Court, Amy Victoria Beck, 33, entered the plea in exchange for prosecutors dismissing three charges of unlawful sex with a person under 16 and a charge of oral copulation with a person under 16 - which could have earned her up to 18 years in prison. "

... Remorse, Guilt, Shame ? I think not. Wise Lawyer and an understanding LAPD husband.

Married with three children and having a 6 month love affair with a child. Not one incident, but several repeated over the 6 month period. She's a lunatic and clearly making out like a bandit on the judicial side of it.

Smell like teen spirit... I mean smell like the stench of another "reality show" in progress !

Why lock her up at all? Take this opportunity to have her examined by a competent psychiatrist for mental and endocrine imbalances. If she passes, have her teach other teachers and older students about the hazards, emotional and possible physical harm resulting from such behavior. Require her to continue this effort for at least 10 years.

This would be a more constructive and beneficial "punishment" than time in jail at our collective expense.

Woman's only sorry because she's going to jail. If she was truly sorry, she would have stopped after the first time, not continued on for 6 months.

Well, if my man was accused of molesting a child there is no way on God's earrth I would stand by him.

Amy Beck belongs to the generations of girls bought up believing that they are equal to boys and that girls can do anything boys can.

Well now these girls have grown up into adult women.

They are financially independent so they are not attracted to the bald beer-belly old dude with a job anymore.

These women desire young guys / boy toys just like men who like young chicks.

TV shows like "Cougar" and stars like Madonna in the entertainment industry are just reflecting this trend.

they've got 3 children. minors i'd expect.

if i was married, no i would not stand by her. she'd have to deal with some major personal issues by her lonesome as well as having to live with the shame and deceit she brought to her family. how embarrassing for the husband who has to wonder if she's had any odd incestual fantasies regarding their own children. why stand by her? especially as a police officer himself? oh wait..they're usually corrupt power trippers anyway

JeffDavis: "Gee, her guilt comes conveniently late."

What? He's pregnant?

I'd bet that 14-year-old will be grateful to that 33-year-old for the rest of his life.

My answer to "JustSay'n": Such remorse is uncommon today. People either feel that their entitled or can get away with anything. I truly feel that she is the most remorseful person I've heard about. Time will tell as to wether she can stay clean of this or not. Yea, she'll probably have to register as a sex offender, but I would stick with her. It would stay in the back of my mind and if she ever did it again, then out she goes. To those who feel that her guilt came 6 months too late I say: What about King David in the bible? He commited adultery with Bathsheba then murdered her husband. God forgave him because he was remorseful. You either are too young or have lived your life in a bubble and don't have any life experiences where you have been wronged or did the wronging. Nothing like going through some of those to change your attitude towards people.

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