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Serial killer Rodney Alcala sentenced to death


An Orange County judge on Tuesday sentenced serial killer Rodney Alcala to death for five killings in the 1970s, marking yet another turn in a three-decade-long legal drama.

Judge Francisco Briseno's decision came several weeks after a jury recommended the death penalty for Alcala after convicting him on charges of slaying four women and a teenage girl.

Briseno said photos of the women taken by Alcala show he had "sadistic sexual motives" and that "some of the victims were posed after death." The judge said Alcala had an "abnormal interest in young girls."

It was the third time that Alcala, 66, had been convicted for the murder of Robin Samsoe, 12, last seen riding her bike to ballet class in June 1979. He had been condemned to death both times, but the convictions were overturned. He has been in custody since his 1979 arrest.

Before the third trial began in January, he was linked through DNA, blood and fingerprint evidence to the deaths of Jill Barcomb, 18, whose body was found in the Hollywood Hills; Georgia Wixted, 27, of Malibu; Charlotte Lamb, 32, of Santa Monica; and Jill Parenteau, 21, of Burbank.

During his closing arguments earlier this month, Alcala -- a onetime photographer and “Dating Game” contestant who acted as his own attorney in this trial -- asked jurors to spare him from the death penalty, saying they would become killers themselves if they sent him to death row and arguing that the sentence would lead to decades of appeals.

A sentence of life in prison without parole "would end this matter now," he said.

-- Paloma Esquivel in Santa Ana

Photos: Serial killer Rodney Alcala listens as he is sentenced to death by Judge Francisco Briseno in a Santa Ana courtroom Tuesday.  Credit: Michael Goulding / Pool photo

Alcala: The long road to justice


1972 Alcala is convicted in the 1968 rape and beating of an 8-year-old girl.

Nov. 10, 1977 — The body of 18-year-old Jill Barcomb is found in the Hollywood Hills. She had been sexually assaulted, bludgeoned and strangled with a pair of blue pants.

Dec. 16, 1977 Georgia Wixted, 27, is found beaten to death at her home in Malibu. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled.

1978 Alcala appears in an episode of “The Dating Game” as Bachelor No. 1.

June 24, 1978 — Charlotte Lamb, a 32-year-old legal secretary from Santa Monica, is found in the laundry room of an El Segundo apartment complex. She had been sexually assaulted and strangled with a shoelace. 

June 14, 1979 — Jill Parenteau, 21, is found strangled on the floor of her Burbank apartment.

June 20, 1979 – Robin Samsoe, 12, disappears near the Huntington Beach Pier. Her body is found 12 days later in the Sierra Madre foothills.

http://50cases.freedomblogging.com/files/2009/11/alcalap0210.jpgJuly 24, 1979 — Rodney James Alcala, an unemployed photographer, is arrested at his parents’ Monterey Park home.

September 1980 – Alcala is convicted of the 1978 rape of a 15-year-old Riverside girl and sentenced to nine years in state prison.

June 20, 1980 — Orange County Superior Court Judge Philip E. Schwab sentences Alcala to death after he is convicted of Samsoe's murder.

July 11, 1980 — The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office files murder, burglary and sexual assault charges against Alcala in the slaying of Parenteau.

April 15, 1981 — The L.A. County district attorney’s office tells a judge that prosecution of Alcala in the Parenteau case could not proceed because a key witness admitted that he had committed perjury in another case.

Aug. 23, 1984 — The state Supreme Court reversed Alcala’s murder conviction in connection with Samsoe, ruling that the jury was improperly told about Alcala’s prior sex crimes.

June 20, 1986 — For the second time, Alcala is convicted of Samsoe’s murder and sentenced to death in Orange County Superior Court.

Dec. 31, 1992 — The California Supreme Court unanimously upholds Alcala’s death sentence.

April 2, 2001 — A federal appellate court overturns Alcala’s death sentence in the Samsoe case, ruling that the Superior Court judge precluded the defense from presenting evidence “material to significant issues.”

June 5, 2003 — The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office files murder charges against Alcala alleging that he killed Wixted during a burglary and rape.

Sept. 19, 2005 — Additional murder charges are filed against Alcala in connection to the deaths of Barcomb, Wixted and Lamb.

Jan. 11, 2010 — Alcala’s trial for the five murders begins. He represents himself.

March 9, 2010 — Alcala is again sentenced to death.

-- Kimi Yoshino

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No real surprise him officially receiving the death penalty. Of course it will likely never been implemented. This monster is behind bars & will not hurt other children.

It is very true that just the automatic appeals will take longer than this piece of human garbage will live (and will cost the state millions), but it has become a well-known fact over the last decade or so that many of these in-humans secretly hope for the death penalty (unless they are in one of the more active states that actually carry out the sentence, like Texas).

Other than the usual 23-hour lockdown, most death penalty inmates live in relative luxury compared to the general population. Of course, this varies state-by-state, but it is fairly easy to find out the "privileges" death penalty inmates receive if you're willing to spend a little time on Google. But California is ridiculous, not only on how they treat DP inmates (their "privileges"), but also in the fact that since 1976, California has executed less DP inmates (13) than Texas averages per year for the last 10 years (248 from 2000-2009, or 25/year).

He'll die in prison.

I'd like to know, other than all the murder, rape and heartache, how much he has cost the tax-payers over 30 years. Stupid.

The reason it took this long was becuase our courts had to make money off this guy before we apply correct justice..

what a shame we spend sooo much money and he has never answered for his crimes!

Shame on our Justice System!

So the question still is: How many murders does one have to commit to really get the death penalty in Jerry Brown's and Nancy Pelosi's leftist run California?

kudos to the jurors. They did a wonderful job. Hopefully this dirt bag gets injected, if not at leats he is away from women and children!

Death sentence...big deal. He'll just sit on death row until he dies of natural causes.

How many times does a serial killer need to be sentenced to death before we finally put him down?

I dont understand why he was tried and convicted 3 times for the same murder though? It appears to be a confusing case and spending all the time in prision since the 70's and just this year finally getting the death penality.

Not defending him, just weird case I guess. he will get what he deserves regardless if the state executes him or he dies in prision.. one less pyscho breathing.

Wow, he sure jerked the system around didn't he?
I'm surprised those weak heads downtown didn't let him get away with more rapes and murders before booking him. This system needs a good tune up.

Now here I go again, take him to the hospital, stick him with some sodium penibarbital, and start taking body parts for people who can use them.
This way he can give back to society what he has taken,and we don't have to waste any of our tax dollars of him in prison.

I don't understand the legal system.

According to reports Alcala tortured his victims mercilessly. It seems to me there should be special circumstances for sociopaths like him where the crime is not spontaneous loss of control, but calculated intent to cause the maximum suffering possible to another human. They should be executed in a different manner and subjected to the type of suffering they inflicted on their victims.

Of course, I've also read that sociopathic brains work so differently, they may not be able to comprehend suffering as a "bad" thing.

Other than in Texas, "death-row" inmates should really be considered as "life-row" inmates."

I have issues with the death penalty.
But for this guy, I have no problems with it whatsoever.
He's an evil monster without a shred of compassion. What he did to all those girls and women is monstrous. The world is better without him.

It makes me sick the amount of money that we have spend on this murdered.

Our tax dollars at work. And people wonder why we have a deficit? Just kill him already.

We should not allow this outrageous waste of our taxpayer dollars. We ought to barrage our legislature with our incense and total disapproval, and demand a change in our f**d up justice system!!!

39 years in prison at lets say $50,000 plus all of the legals fees etc. $ 2 million plus. What is wrong with this picture? Guess we can thank Rose Bird for this one too.

This guy should die now!!
Think of the suffering the victim's families have gone through, reliving this madman's self proclaimed victories over our sorry excuse for a judicial system.
Destroy this pityful excuse of a man!!

Let's make quick.

The courts and these elected judges are utter morons.

1 rope + 1 tree = 1 good murderer.

Today we make every one of these guys a taxpayer's multi-millionare. Why the money we've spent on the Manson case alone to date...

To bad, they should have gave him life no parole!
This is almost as good to him as if he was free to kill a few more. He now gets to do his appeals and every-time an appeal comes up the news plasters his name, face and crimes (details included) for the world to see thereby vindicating his narcissistic feelings of superiority and letting him relive his sick acts!

As much as I would like to see him taken out behind the court house and put to "sleep" I would rather live in a nation that insures that we have followed all legal and constitutional requirements before we do.

in other thoughts hes probably been isolated due to his death sentence,give him life and put him in general population his death sentence should take a week,specially if the cameras are down during the gaurds lunch break...serously put him in general population in the hells angels end mr baby, women killer will die faster than a maggot swimming in raid

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