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Schwarzenegger won't sign tax relief for homeowners

http://opinion.latimes.com/photos/uncategorized/2009/02/20/schwarzenegger_signs.jpgGov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced today that he would not sign a bill lawmakers passed to bring new tax relief to homeowners and green energy companies, in large part because it would ramp up the penalties against those who abuse such tax credits.

The governor’s move came at the urging of a coalition that includes the California Chamber of Commerce, the Western States Petroleum Assn. and the California Manufacturers and Technology Assn. It lobbied against the bill, SBX8 32, arguing that it would make businesses reluctant to claim tax breaks for fear of making an error.

The governor’s announcement puts in jeopardy tax breaks targeted at Californians who lose their homes in  short sales and businesses in the state’s burgeoning green tech sector. Administration officials urged lawmakers to immediately get back to work crafting a new proposal and to pass it in time for Californians to be able to claim the credits on their 2009 returns, due April 15. But Democrats said it is unlikely a new bill would get enough votes, leaving taxpayers out of luck.

The governor’s announcement set off a fresh round of bickering Monday at the Capitol. Administration officials said the penalties against tax cheats, which would apply only to the wealthy and corporations, were inserted at the last minute even though it was already well established that the governor would not support them. "They are trying to leverage us," administration spokesman Aaron McLear said of Democrats. He said the Democrats assumed the governor would approve the new penalties if the alternative were no relief for homeowners and green tech. But the penalties "are just not something we will support," McLear said.

-- Evan Halper in Sacramento

Photo: L.A. Times file

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Well, that's a republican for you. Why help us? Apparently, the republicans will do ANYTHING to try to screw middle-class Americans. But you dopes out there who keep voting for republicans, you better be wealthy, cause otherwise, you fools, you just don't count.

So the governor is unwilling to sign a law which provides for penalties for tax cheats. Well, that makes it obvious where his priorities and obligations lie.

A governor with a backbone, what will they think of next?

Thank you Arnold!

I hope our next governor grows one before he or she is inaugurated, none of the candidates have demonstrated one yet.

Why the heck should homeowners who default on their loans, then sell their house for less than what they owe get a break on the taxes due from their debt being forgiven? They've already been given a break by the bank, and a yes on the bill means I am going to have to pay their taxes, just like I'm paying the tax for bailing them out, and bailing out the banks. No taxes or debts are ever forgiven, they are just pushed on to some other poor sucker, and I'm tired of being suckered by our government and dead beat homeowners!

This is the same jerk who signed XBS2-11 into law, giving for the in the History of the United States; Immunity to the Judiciary body of the California Government for accepting illegal payments from the county courts. Judges in this State are paid by the State to avoid any conflict of interest. That simple agenda was also echoed in the California Constitution, Judges are paid by the State. And yet in Los Angeles County alone, The Judiciary of the Superior Court is presented with an additional $57,000.00 per year. And that is in addition to their $178,000.00 per year State salary, and the extra $30,000.00 a year given as a cost of living allowance. That's $265,000.00 per year for a inefficient, corrupted, and malignant judge in Los Angeles. But a U.S. Supreme Court Justice only makes $218,000.00 per year, and is just as corrupted. I think those in L.A. have been severely ripped off!!!!

As a Christian, I can only Pray for the Governator's Salvation because on the selfish path he's been on for years he's headed nowhere fast. Are we to buy into the LIE lobbied against the bill, SBX8 32? That it would make Cali businesses "reluctant to claim tax breaks for fear of making an error." Don't you just hate it when the greedy, rich corporations make an error?

This article seems to be written with a tight deadline. The writer (I won't say journalist) didn't explain why Schwarzenegger opposed the tougher penalties. It may well be as ludicrous as the article portrays it, but the writer (and editors) have a responsibility to devote at least a sentence explaining this. If the governor is against tougher penalties, readers should know why. If not, how can anyone know whether or not they oppose the action?

what the xxxx!so not to incovience big business i as home owner who needs a tax break because everybody in california's government want to tax us should what bend over and take it like his acting career.

Imagine how sweet life would be if we all forced the state of California to implement a flat tax of maybe 10% ???????

No cost to us for "tax preparation software or experts." No guessing because 10% is essentially foolproof. And no fear of making an error which would allow the government to impose fines upon us for something unintentional and really directly related to the complexity of the tax code.


that's a republican in a nutshell: squash legislation aimed at helping the middle class because the wealthy and powerful don't like it. i hope you republicans like losing your homes and jobs because you voted for it.

"...in large part because it would ramp up the penalties against those who abuse such tax credits."

Please tell me there's more to Arnold's opposition than that. Otherwise, how could penalizing the bad guys be a bad thing?

No, no, please no greater penalities for businesses who cheat on tax credits!!! The California Chamber of Commerce, the Western States Petroleum Assn. and the California Manufacturers and Technology Assn. are all completely trustworthy and would never use their formidable legal staffs to find loopholes, exceptions, or ways to cheat!


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