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Santa Ana mother charged with having sex with boy, 15, who fathered her child

A Santa Ana mother was charged Wednesday with having sex with a 15-year-old boy who fathered her child.

Debra Ayala Tapia, 38, was charged with two felony counts of lewd acts upon a child, two felony counts of oral copulation of a minor under 16 and two felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, the Orange County district attorney's office said.

Tapia lived near the boy and his family and allegedly invited him to her house and engaged in a sexual relationship that lasted from February to November 2009, the district attorney said.

The boy allegedly visited the home about twice a week. At the time, Tapia had three children, the district attorney said.

The boy's mother became suspicious after finding suggestive notes between the two, according to the district attorney. The boy allegedly admitted having an affair with Tapia.

The mother of the alleged victim sought a paternity test, which determined that Tapia's fourth child was fathered by the boy, the district attorney said.

The mother reported the case March 14 to the Santa Ana Police Department, which arrested Tapia on Tuesday.

If convicted on all counts, Tapia could serve up to seven years and eight months in state prison. She was released on $100,000 bail.

The district attorney said no arraignment date had been set.

-- Robert J. Lopez

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Huh. Years ago the only problem would have been the kid bragging about it. Duly noted that having a 4th child this way does move the creepiness meter, but that isn't what the fuss is about.

WTH is wrong with this country???

and under California law the boy victim is responsible for child support when he turns 18...

Interesting that no one is calling for the death penalty for this woman, unlike the typical reaction to men who molest. Molestation by females is just as devastating for boys (or girls) as is molestation by males. What is wrong with this country is that people don't grasp that basic fact.

And now we can clearly see the double standard for the male vs female offender/victim scenarios.

THIS is what is wrong with society, not the mere presence of sex offenders; the values and attitudes are much more important than one mere class of person.

It is terrible but it is probably more common than we think. The woman has a baby to take care of and other children too........so many more lives will be ruined if she does time in jail......I don't know what her punishment should be but I don't think a long prison sentence will benefit anyone.

SadCalifornian has it right....where is the outrage? Oh, it's only an older woman and some lucky teenager so why get excited. If a male had done this to a 15 year old girl or boy, he would have a million dollar bail and instead of only 3 comments, there would be 50 or 60 calling for his immediate death or incarceration.

somehow I do not think this boy was molested evidenced by the "suggestive" notes shared between the two. I think he was a year below the required age for consent and that is why this is a big deal. She should of held off for a year then they could have lived happily ever after. Personally as a 32 year old woman I CAN NOT imagine ever being attracted to a 15 year old, I don't care how mature or grown he looks, he's 15. My guy has to be able to buy his own drinks when we go out and his own movie ticket if it's R rated.

I doubt that the kids will be able to afford child support that responsibility will fall to the State and the OC.


But, when this scenario is set on Wisteria Lane on Desperate Housewives, it's comedic, understandable, a guilty pleasure to watch. And in the end, every one learns a valuable lesson and part ways amicably.

This Tapia woman is sick! Where are the fathers of her other kids???

SadCalifornian, you could not be more wrong. Molestation by females is NO WHERE NEAR as devastating for boys than it is for girls who are molested by men. There is rarely violence, coercion, abduction or assault. Why do you think these underage boys keep coming back for more? A very close friend of mine was "molested" by a female teacher when he was 14. When I ask him about it to this day, he says it was "no big deal" and he leads a perfectly normal, happy healthy life. How many female victims of male attackers can say that?

"T.K", what planet are you living on? Age of consent in California is 18yrs.

The exchanged love letters mean nothing. A Child Molester in long term relationship with a Child often exchange love letters and such., as/when the Child is a willing participant.

To validate or condone Adult-Female Child Molesters, one is forced to accept Adult-Male Child Molesters in like fashion. And yet, there's the bias.

Adult-Female with Male Victim - No Big Deal.
Adult-Female with Female Victim - No Big Deal.
Adult-Male with Female Victim - BIG DEAL.
Adult-Male with Male Victim - VERY BIG DEAL.

Might we say; Perverted Justice ?

If I was 13 -15 and had sex with a sexy teacher, I would have felt on stop of the world.

Think about this: A man reaches his sexual peek at the age of 18, a women at the age of 35, it make sense for a older lady to try and have sex with a younger man.

Ugh...what a creepy broad. Lock her up and get her fixed! Why in God's name would a grown woman want to go after a 15 y/o for? This is just as disgusting as a man going after a young girl. It's almost vampiric if you ask me.

just as twisted in divorce court as well....males are secondary citizens in California

I just ask, why is this woman looking at 7 to 8 years and the teacher in Burbank looking at 2... it couldn't have anything to do with their last names right... again the legal system is so unjust... they both deserve 10 or more years, male or female, sex with a minor is crime.

KC you forgot to add the part where the white woman (teacher) vs hispanic woman (housewife) is also a big deal. compare the 2 years to the burbank teacher than to the 7-8 that this woman is looking at... the system is warped all around

What a sicko!


Agreed. Equal rights. Equal punishment.

I'm 16 Years old boy and I think that the boy was so lucky, I wish had a chance like this once ( With a beautiful lady)........


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