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Roman Polanski's wife hopeful about resolution in his teen sex case

http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/.a/6a00d8341c630a53ef0120a7fdce26970b-350wiRoman Polanski's wife says her husband's house arrest in Switzerland has upended her family but that she's convinced "the matter will be solved."  

Emmanuelle Seigner told the Warsaw magazine Viva! that she and her children don't live in Polanski's Swiss chalet, where he's under house arrest, but visit him frequently. She said the situation has left his children feeling disoriented and that she is afraid.

"I am no longer such a carefree person; I am no longer the same Emmanuelle," she told the magazine.

Seigner did not elaborate on how she believes Polanski's criminal case will be resolved.

Last month, Polanski's legal battle to avoid returning to the U.S. got a boost when a Swiss official said extradition proceedings stemming from his three-decade-old child sex case were on indefinite hold.

The Swiss Justice Ministry's deputy director said authorities would not make any decision on Polanski's case until courts in California made a definitive ruling on whether the director could be sentenced without returning to the U.S. The issue is not pending before any California court, but Polanski's lawyers have said they will appeal a lower court judge's refusal last month to sentence him in absentia.

The apparent reluctance of the Swiss to move on the extradition until all of Polanski's legal options in the U.S. are exhausted raises the possibility that a conclusion to the celebrated case is months and possibly years away. The time line would depend in part on how long Polanski's U.S. attorneys -- and Los Angeles County prosecutors -- pursue various appeals.

Prosecutors maintain that Polanski, who fled on the eve of his 1978 sentencing, faces up to two years in prison for the crime of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: Roman Polanski with his wife, Emmanuelle Seigner, in 2006. Credit: Thomas Coex / AFP/Getty Images

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Well, nothing prevented Italians from sentencing 22 CIA agents (and one USAF officer) in absentia last year. Given them 5 years each without seeing any one of them. If they can why not Los Angeles Superior Court (more stuck up than Italian judges?) ? Hard to see they don't know how to do it!

Seigner and her children are Polanski's latest victims.

$100 million fine by cash or wire payment or 5 years in GENERAL POPULATION! YOU PICK POLANSKI!!! DUE NOW 2010!!!

This is not a "teen sex" case. This was rape of a 13 year old child. She and her children should be upended. She married a pedophile rapist who has skirted the law and flouted his conviction for rape and now seems surprised by it.

maybe if your husband maned up and did his time your life (poor poor you) would be normal....oh wait aren't the two of you worth like 60 million dollars ?.....yeah I feel sorry for you..

This case gets more ridiculous by the day....If Roman Polanski wasn't a rich Movie Director with tons of WEALTHY BACKERS, he wouldn't have had the means to flee incarceration for decades. Now his defenders want to make an argument out of his age and how he's already been punished ?!!!

How has this PEDOPHILE RAPIST been punished when he's evaded authorities for decades and lived his life according to his wishes for over 30 years ?? Also, the Swiss government is suspect for allowing this PREDATOR asylum in their country instead of extraditing him to the United States FOR IMMEDIATE INCARCERATION !!

Once again, JUSTICE has been compromised by the bribes & payoffs that only RICH RAPISTS LIKE ROMAN POLANSKI CAN AFFORD. This case is an INSULT to RAPE VICTIMS everywhere, because it shows how RICH CRIMINALS like Roman Polanski can get away with MURDER because they are RICH & CONNECTED. ROMAN POLANSKI SHOULD BE BURNED AT THE STAKE FOR HIS CRIMES !!!!!

Oh Whaaaa! Are we supposed to feel sorry for the perpetrator's wife now. Puh leeeaaaase!


The only resolution is for him to spend time in prison. It doesn't matter how long ago this happened or the fact he paid hush money to his victim. He was a pedophile then and he's a pedophile now. I wonder how lenient his defenders would be if artistic Roman raped their daughters using drugs and alcohol?

Why would anyone in his or her right mind, marry a convicted rapist on the run?

"Emmanuelle Seigner told the Warsaw magazine Viva! that she and her children don't live in Polanski's Swiss chalet, where he's under house arrest, but visit him frequently. She said the situation has left his children feeling disoriented and that she is afraid."

It is so heartbreaking to hear that Polanski's children are "feeling disoriented." How disoriented do you think that child felt after being given alcohol and drugs by a grown man who she and her mother trusted, and then was raped and sodomized by him! Any other child raping monster would be scorned by society but because Polansky is part of the Hollywood elite, he was given a sweet deal and pleaded out to unlawful intercourse. Unlawful intercourse, as if it were two 16-year olds and not a 13-year old child and a 40-year old man! And even with that sweet deal Polanski flees to avoid serving his time! And because he is an "artist" countries like France harbour the fugitive. Polanski needs to be in prison.

"Teen sex"? Why so reluctant to call it a "rape case", LA Times?

I'll bet the 13 year old was upended alright.Mrs. P. didn't know his past when she married him? YEAH RIGHT! Everyone knew. You just thought you were immune because he was famous. Tisk, tisk......... You made children with this monster and now they are paying for it. More abuse of children.

This woman is certainly a piece of work to try and garner some kind of sympathy from anyone that will listen. Of course, those so called high society Hollywood elite have been lobbying for months, if not years, to let their genuis of a producer/director friend be set free from the courts. Many of them have, or have had a 13 year old daughter. Oh how they would turn on him in a fraction of a second if it was their daughter that was drugged and raped. Since it was a virtual noboby in their eyes, the sex was consensual in their warp thinking. They all, as well as Polanski, repulse me in the worst way.

BOYCOTT this pedophile's latest movie! why support this fool by giving him your money? He and France deserve each other anyway! He has laughed at American justice far to long! He has since paid the victim off and now she thinks the pervert should be left alone! How does a 13 year old come to be alone with a pervert anyway? Where were her parents at the time? Probablly getting paid for her rape.

As soon as Polanski the child molester consents to a full castration the question should become a moot point. Other than that he should return and face the issues in court like a man.

Roman shouold go to jail. Cease his assests. He broke the law. If we do the same, we all know what would happen to us.
If he gets off the hook time to burn the court houses. Time to put judges on civil trial if the judges are found guilty hang them. Then start from scratch start over with new judges. If they side for the rich hang them as well. Till we get equal justice.

The corrupt LA DA's office needs to finally own up to their foolishness and ineptitude in regards to Roman Polanski's case, and many others such as this one below, that shows retaliation strikingly Rampant, & Rampart.


In Polanski's case the case was settled in 1977. The publicity-hungry judge was pressured and cajoled by a member of the DAs office to reject the settlement and impose a much harsher sentence.

That former DA now claims he was lying about his conversations with the judge (uh, okay...).

The case is tainted. It's over. All this is just more chest-thumping political theatrics.

Why do we always have idiots for DAs in Los Angeles?

Why would she have kids with such a monster? At least she's smart enough not to let the kids be around this pee-wee. I have no sympathy for either of them.

Rape. Stop distorting, LA TIMES & Shelby Grad (whoever YOU are...)


This case gets more ridiculous by the day....If Roman Polanski wasn't a rich Movie Director.............. this case would have been dismissed, as the victim requested many years ago

"Ghost Writer", great movie BTW.

Roman Polansky is no different than John Albert Gardner III.

When Polanski dies, he'll be judged by God, which will probably be a relief from being judged by so many God wannabees...

A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction on 3/2/2010 against Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley and other Los Angeles County officials, ordering them not to discipline or discriminate against prosecutors.

If a Federal Court has found striking and rampant evidence of a retaliation where the LA DA & other Los Angeles County officials discriminated against and disciplined their own prosecutors , see below for Los Angeles Times news link:


Then by the same token,

a Federal Court could also find striking & rampant evidence that the LA DA & other LA County Officials discriminated & retaliated against Roman Polanski in 2009 for Marina Zenovich's documentary movie, "Polanski: Wanted & Desired" because the documentary movie with authentic footage of the Santa Monica Judge Rittenband, and prosecutor David Wells, exposed the Santa Monica Judicial and Prosecutorial Misconduct against Roman Polanski 32 years ago.

Compare the way latimes is reporting the Polanski case and the language it uses to the way it is handling the Gardner or Alcala cases. Read this for example beginning and tell me how different it is from the way theyd escribe what Polanski did:

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