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Authorities received reports about 2-year-old Long Beach boy before his death, investigators say

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and the Hawthorne Police Department received at least two reports concerning a 2-year-old Long Beach boy before the child was killed, investigators said Tuesday.

At least one of the reports came from the boy’s relatives, said Officer Jackie Bezart of the Long Beach Police Department, which is investigating the death. She could not provide details.

Deandre Fitzgerald Green was pronounced dead Saturday at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. His mother’s boyfriend, Hector Ernest Jr., 26, of Hawthorne was arrested on suspicion of killing the boy, police said.

Hospital officials called police after the boy was taken there by Ernest and his mother. Hospital staff tried unsuccessfully to revive Deandre, whose body showed signs of physical abuse, police said.

Detectives believe neighbors in the 3100 block of Springdale Drive may have heard Deandre crying or being abused.

Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Mark McGuire or Det. Greg Krabbe at (562) 570-7244.

-- Tony Barboza in Long Beach

Photo: Family photo

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Authorities received reports about 2-year-old Long Beach boy before his death, investigators say

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Very sad - but come on! Not a surprise. Too many beaten kids are allowed to be kept by their "parents".

SAAAADDD...poor little angel.
How can somone destroy the purest in life...a child's life. the mother's boyfriend should be trown in jail with the rest of the jail population so they can torn him piece by piece....even that would not be enough punishment.

this is such a tragedy. i saw the father on the news he reported this abuse and know one would help him. it is sad that these crimes still go on without any action being taken. this beautiful boy had to suffer during his life. i hope the mother is being brought up on charges as well, surely she is equally guilty.

This is so sad. My family had the same exect issue with Hawthorne Police Department. They did nothing at all... Nothing. It was so devastating. Then a month later, the same issues or worse happened with my niece and nephew ages 4and 8... The social worker we asked to go and check out the problem, actually interviewed the kids while they were inside the house with teh abuser!

This is 2010,and you need a license to keep a dog. Our government should make it illegal to keep children without being investigated, especially unwed, young parent.

The system is failing our children.... period!

I am tired of hearing about parents' rights, what about the rights of these little ones. I hope both the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and the Hawthorne Police Dept. are feeling remorseful today for not acting on reports of abuse. Shame.

What a shame. This is why some parents snag their kid from the ex. But they're also the ones who end up in jail, labeled as a child abductor. What a system. The law steps in when it too late.

I got an idea, if the guy did kill this child put him in the general prison population. Let the man see how tough he really is. A little child has no defence, but lets see if he can handle a few guys his age and build. This makes me so mad.

Saddest news ever. A child suffering at the hands of a monster just simply saddens me so much. How...I mean really...how can someone do this to such a cute child.

People should put this in context...all these efforts are being made to cut services but anything dealing with the safety of children needs to be enhanced (however, I am sure their is a ton of inefficiency in these departments). Perhaps new leadership is also needed.

these kids do not have advocates! it is sickening what is happening in this world!
our future is bleak if our kids do not grow up!!!!!!

My son, who has had his son for a year now (he's 2,) has jumped thru hoops to keep him from the mother that has been proven to be unfit. The judge, a lady, makes him feel like he is the bad parent, but thankfully he has been able to keep the court orders that the mother be supervised if she wants to see my grandson. The judge up in the high desert that refused to have the father supervised and the father ended up killing himself and the 9 month old baby is just one of the many that don't, won't take the time to really listen and read the concerns of the good parent. The system is in dire need of repair. Poor innocent children.

CPS is a waste of taxpayer money. This division needs to close it's doors. I have witnessed their investigations and they are a joke. They make appointments with the mother to investigate a report of abuse/neglect giving the mother time to cleanup her act before the investigation occurs. Leaving the poor helpless children at the mercy or lack thereof of the abusers and they interview the child in front of the abuser. This is ridiculous. If I beat another person and the person calls the police I go directly to jail...But this is not the case with child abuse....WHY NOT????

Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services is a joke. This department is a waste of taxpayer money. They are absolutely useless...Parents right, huh! What about the innocent children who cannot defend themselves and have no one fighting for them. LA can save a lot of money by closing down this useless division they are funding. Now another innocent baby is dead...WHY????

Time and time again a sick, sad, and trafic story like this is published . When will this stop. This is devasting it makes me sick to my stomach. Rest In Peace Sweet Boy :(

People, it all starts in the home. If parents were staying together and providing loving homes for their children, many of these crimes would not be taking place. And the next generation would be even better at parenting and bringing up their kids in a loving household. People having babies and leaving them with babysitters, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. who do not have the same love and caring for the child, are courting disaster. And the innocent children are paying the price! DON"T HAVE BABIES WHEN YOU ARE NOT HAPPILY MARRIED!

my god why would these devils do this 2 this lil angel he never asked 2 b born and it is true when they should take kids and adults away they don't and when they decide 2 take them it is already 2 late.........may u rest in peace u lil angel of god and now those devils have 2 answer 2 god and boy they sure will......... and stop using excuses of the abuser that they were abused when they were little that does not work that is just an easy way out................u b a man and take what is cumin 2 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!! Look at the little boys eyes, almost pleading "help me." This happens all too frequently and nothing ever gets done to resolve the issues. These poor children are suffering because of stupidity and ignorance of the judges, courts and social workers. How many more are going to die like this before it's taken as a serious problem. Hope the abuser dies a slow agonizing death. Can you just hear the screams and feel his pain???

Pat, you are exactly right. Common sense has no weight in dealing with authorities on parental matters. You get a "deer in the headlights" response anytime you try to explain things to them.

Way to go California! Way to care about children.

This breaks my heart. I was an educator in San Bernardino, California for twenty-five years and had to report two cases of suspected child abuse in one year. they sent a supervisor to investigate ME for making too many reports in one year. Shortly after I filed my report on one of the children, and the parent complained, prompting the investigation of me, two other teachers observed further incidents of verbal and emotional abuse of the same child (whose parent complained about me). They did not call CPS. Neither one of them wanted to lose their jobs, or to be harassed by CPS like I was.
Children die because the social workers are overbooked and because they ignore multiple reports made by individuals. God bless this child and his family.

The mother of this child needs to accept responsibility as well! Even before the physical abuse began with this child, the mother saw signs that should have triggered red flags. His interaction with this boy HAD to have concerned this woman at SOME point!

ANYONE who thinks otherwise is fooling them self.

My goodness, I grow SO tired when I see the blame solely placed on the monster who did this. Above ALL it's the mother's responsibility to protect her precious little baby!


im sorry this happen to this lil boy... 2yrs old my word, this hurts to read and see his cute little face...

People running these agencies are like Washington and Sacramento - overpaid totally incompetent idiots that should be fired. Where do they find the morons running things like social services? From the prisons?

Poor little baby my heart goes out to the family who tried to protect him follow laws and not get jail time! Wow another way ss protects kids yes they r overwhelmed but please stop letting sick people kill poor litte kids when there r people who really love and want to take care of them. Hopefully the father will have peice of mind knowing he did what he could along with his family but word of advise next time god willing there will not be a next time but if there is take the baby and run screw the system its not worth your childs LIFE

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