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Octuplets mother Nadya Suleman, children could be evicted from La Habra home

It's been fairly quiet at the La Habra home of octuplets mother Nadya Suleman.

But this week, the TV trucks and reporters have returned because of concerns that Suleman and her 14 children might be evicted.

Amer Haddadin said the Suleman family has fallen behind in their house payments. 

He said Suleman's father purchased the home under a deal in which Haddadin would carry the $450,000 loan for a year until the family could gather enough money to provide a substantial down payment.

A year later, he says, Suleman's father has not provided the money.

"What they are doing is not right, and I am going to take them to court," he told KABC-TV Channel 7. "They are not cooperating with me."

Haddadin said he feels betrayed. He said he stepped up to help Suleman when she needed a home after returning home from the hospital last year.

"I was the kids' savior," he told KABC.

Suleman nor her father could be reached for comment. But her spokesman released a statement to the media Thursday saying that the financial dispute was between Haddadin and her father. "She may be the victim in all this," he said in the statement.

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: Suleman leaving her home in La Habra last year. Associated Press

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Dear LAT, please stop covering this. Lots of people have lost their homes. Lots of hard working people. Cover them.

Looks like this guy guy gambled with what he thought was a cash cow, and it backfired.

I feel sorry for those 14 kids. As for Nadya, she needs to grow up & stop expecting other people to take care of her.

Nadya Suleman is a victim? Of what? At worst, she's a victim of circumstance, and those are just the breaks. We're all victims of circumstance sometime in our life, and that actually isn't being a victim at all.

Nadya Suleman is sponging off her parents, and by not meeting their end of a house purchase and loan deal, the parents are attempting to sponge off the lender, Mr. Haddadin. He went far beyond the efforts of most lenders in attempting to help the Sulemans last year.

Response to Mufon and infomaniac: Why are people engrossed with this? Why is it considered news? See the answer from Lorne Gilsig. Nadya Suleman _is_ taking a wrecking ball to her life, and the lives of others, and who wouldn't watch a wrecking ball in action, or to use another metaphor, slow down to have a look at a train wreck?

She looks like a used up pornstar.

What time is gloria alreds press conference at? Yes you know she hasn't been on tv for a week so im sure she will be now.


Amer Haddadin made a big mistake trying to "rescue" Octomom. Rescuing her is the worst thing to do in her case, it just makes her want more. The only way for Octomom to get back on her two feet would be for Child Protective Services to terminate her parental rights to all 14 of her children, take all her children away and put them with 14 pairs of responsible adoptive parents.

As for Octomom, I shudder when I hear she's about to be evicted. I don't want her living in my neighborhood.

This is a pretty crappy structuring of a loan...but putting that aside its pretty obvious this woman thought she'd cash in big time and be able to make this balloon 450k payment. However, that calculation failed big time. Take her kids where they can be taken care of...mom can't do it.

Not to worry about how she is going to care for them, remember, she is going to school so that she can get a job that pays, how much? $40,000 a year. That should be more than enough, don't you think. She doesn't deserve any sympathy, she knew exactly what she was doing when she got the implants, if she could, she would do it again in a heartbeat. About the news media, the reason they are johnny-on-the-spot, is probably because she called them herself. Rule #1, get as much coverage as possible, then she can get more sympathy.

Hey prolifers, what do think of your loony ideas now? I wonder how many irresponsible baby makers were created by the anti-abortion crowd. How come we don't see Evangelicals come to the kids' rescue. Come on pro lifers, step up the plate!

While I agree that the amount of coverage this has received is WAY over the top, it is important that the doctors allegedly involved in this in vitro atrocity be investigated and lose their licenses and, more importantly, that the Department of Social Services takes all 14 of those kids out of that home if they find that their egg donor (I doubt she's really a mother) doesn't have the support systems to raise those kids, including the handicapped kids she already had before she whelped the other 8. As octo-mom's own mother has stated that she collects children like tchokes, I just have one question: why hasn't the county taken those kids away from her until she's had a complete psychiatric evaluation?

Hey people, the news isn't an altruistic endeavor. STOP CLICKING ON THE LINKS! Hate Nadya Suleman and want her to go away? complain to the newspapaer w/o making it money by reading the articles or blog posts. Especially ONLINE!

Those kids are victims.
They should be removed from this very selfish, irresponsible "octo-person".

Yes, I can imagine it can be quite victimizing to have 14 kids and have daddy still paying for your house. Oh wait...

She's broke, has 14 kids, is getting evicted...and she has a SPOKESMAN!?
I'm so glad all those boys died in all those wars for this version of America.

she should have had a husband to help with her support. oh and the 14 inocents that somebody should be paying for, NOT THE TAXPAYERS. i hope she is on the pill or we could have more little inocents to support.

The superior number of her brood makes Ms. Suleman a newsworthy symbol and scapegoat for the hatred directed at welfare mothers of multiple children with various fathers. Just one child becomes a burden when financial resources fade. At what point does having a large family become irresponsible? Not too long ago big families were the norm. Life was short and death frequently left large families without support, yet such families often produced successful adults.

This is like the 4th or 5th home she has lost. Before the 8 she herself lost 2 homes - then mom and now the one Dad got her? She is a loser and uses the system. She is no victim. What about the people who pay their mortgage and with no fault of their own are loosing their homes due to layoffs, etc. Would be sick if people donate and get her out of this self-impossed pickle. She needs a wakeup call. AND TO GO ON TV AND SAY IF THE RIGHT GUY CAME ALONG SHE WOULD CONSIDER MORE CHILDREN? Get real!

she should be in jail

re: Abortion is still legal in America, ladies. Use it.
Posted by: Jacob Yahhnos | March 19, 2010 at 11:19 AM

Abortion after in vitro. Sure, that makes a lot of sense. Btw, birth control can preclude the perceived need for abortion.

Section 8, here she comes. I feel sorry for the kids. Not her.

Suckers !
Please donate so her father can buy the house from your donation, after he pays off the mortgage, then her mother will take turn to buy another house for her
and her siblings,and you can continue to donate.
Her name can not be on the title of the house as it will disqualify her from
federal, and state aid which includes Medicare, cash, food stamps and
all the TV show producers will continue to pay to her trust which is under the control of her father.
So, come on and become a sucker !

If she got a real job and went to work maybe she could pool that with the assistance funds she gets and then pay the $4,000. rent. BUT what about utlilities, groceries, necessities?? There is something wrong here!

oh please, as if she didn't know exactly what they were all getting into.
sheesh, just look up the old stories on this from when she got the place.

they expected big fame and big money and for everyone else to pay her way, just like they always have. but her cartwheeling didn't end the way she wanted it to. they set up a baloon payment to basically pay cash for the house, figuring media money, endorsements and donations to their ridiculous website would supply th emoney- and then some.

too bad Nadya. welcome to the real world, where it's strictly pay for play.

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