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L.A. city officials issue first pink slip

Point Fermin Lighthouse. City of Los Angeles.

With as many as 4,000 job eliminations ahead, Los Angeles city officials have issued the first pink slip to a curator at the Point Fermin Lighthouse in San Pedro.

City leaders authorized the job cuts last month to address the city's budget gap, which could grow to $600 million next year. The employee, who was given two weeks notice, was serving at will and was exempt from civil service protections that cover the vast majority of the city’s 48,500 workers. The position of the lighthouse curator, which is paid for by the Harbor Department and not the cash-strapped general fund, will be filled by another historic site curator in the parks department.  

“It was a very unfortunate position to be in and it's a very unfortunate time for the city of L.A.,” said Jon Kirk Mukri, the recreation and parks department general manager. “I fully expect there will be additional layoffs in my department and others soon.”

The termination notice surprised Councilwoman Janice Hahn, who represents the harbor area. During a council budget hearing Wednesday, she said she was frustrated that job cuts had begun without a report to the City Council about what city services will be affected.

"When are we going to begin to be told honestly what these layoffs mean, what positions and people are we talking about, what services are no longer going to be there?" said Hahn, who added that she got a call this week from the employee who was being let go. "I know Rome is burning, but ... I still feel like there are things we can do to save positions, save people at no cost to the general fund."

-- Maeve Reston at L.A. City Hall

Photo: Point Fermin Lighthouse. City of Los Angeles.




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The problem with useless government jobs is the politicians have no guts and can't cut jobs. They only know how to spend someone else money. Just watch and see the spin the politicians put on these supposed layoffs. They'll count normal attrition numbers as layoffs to pretend that a gobblement job was eliminated. Private employers cut jobs by the 1000's or 10,000's immediately. But the government talks and threatens for years and years and in the end the total number of gobblement workers is ALWAYS far higher than past years.

Jacob, it is very sad, that in today's society, a job like a curator's job in a public museum is considered by some to be a useless "gobblement" job, whatever that means. Hopefully, we all won't need "gobblement" police and firefighters to come to our "private" houses if there is an emergency.

Right on, Jacob.

Hey LAT: it's "two weeks' notice."

sounds like all city non-union jobs will be cut.



The job is only useless to you, and the people like you. I hope your private employer if you have one does not fire you. People as yourself always say government jobs are useless when they do not have one themselves. We need these to do the services, but I do not think you would do any government.


Maybe your job is useless to someone else, but you have a job. May not be great pay, but it is your useless job.

First pink slip should have went to Antonio and the useless councilmembers

Jacob: If you think governmental jobs are useless, the next time you have an emergency tell the police officer or fireman that his unionized job is useless. I've got my education, tested against hundred of applicants, passed interviews, backgrounds, job training evaluations, and you mean to tell me I don't deserve a government job? Go ahead and go through the same process I went thought to see if you can make it. I busted my ass to be where I am. Nobody told me "Hey, we have a useless gov job, would you like to have it"

Hahn: "I know Rome is burning, but ... I still feel like there are things we can do to save positions, save people at no cost to the general fund."

Translation: "I know there's a tax out there that I can create."

Given the preponderance of the city budget is spent on wages and benefits, I wonder how Councilwoman Hahn can question addressing the defecit without terminations.

Regrettable, yes. Avoidable, no.

"useless"...for the City of Los Angeles..should be defined as the Department of Housing Urban Development, REAP department, and all the staff that work for these departments...they are poorly managed and their administration practices are one of the worst in the City of Los Angeles...preying on the small homeowners/investors...many who have lost their homes due to foreclosure; due to the REAP's position as acting as the "pit bull" of enforcement to generate revenue for the city...what a ashame...

Just how much money did LA save by removing this one job? Not even half of some worthless city administrator's salary. Way to go LA, fantasy land as usual.

It's a start, now just 3,999 more to go.Government jobs are not sacrosanct despite civil service which allows the laggards (not all city workers) to keep their jobs despite their bad attitudes and lack of work ethic. How many times do you go into a city government office and find the person behind the counter with the attitude that you work for them rather than they work for you.
The SEIU is not a friend to the taxpayer....more of an enemy.

As a person with many years in government,i would suggest that before they layoff,any civil service employees,the mayor and council purge their offices of all their council reps,constituent staff and their aides who run their campaigns,then are magicly competent to work on public policy issues.in the future all the council aides and political staff should be required to take and pass a civil service examination like all other public employees.

What about the staff of over 300 that is paid to run the City Council offices? The 18 year old kids working in the Mayor's office? Have they been reduced, furloughed, pink-slipped?

Why doesnt L.A. take lessons from Maywood. In Maywood the chief of police hires his daughter and his buddies to well paid positions, some as high as $10,000 per month. There must be no recession in Maywood. As to date there have been no legal layoffs in Maywood. If L.A. needs lessons in running a governmanet, give Maywood a call.

These jobs are all important and help keep our city running. Why doesn't Obama do something to help the economy instead of giving all of our tax dolars to Wall St!! Furthermore, people lke Frank and Jamie McCourt need to pay their fair share of taxes!! How can anyone make 108 million dollars tax free and have it be legal? What a joke.

Reduce the salary of Anthonio, Councelmembers and employees for 30% the budget will be balanced.

That's a pretty cool gig..curator...I bet he's been flying under the radar for many years now...He probably spoke up at a meeting last month and someone realized he was an employee...Pink Slip.


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