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Immigrant rights supporters rally in downtown L.A.

Supporters of immigrant rights rallied for reform in Los Angeles on Saturday in a march that was scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. at Broadway and Olympic Boulevard, wind its way north to Temple Street and end back at the Olympic and Broadway intersection. 

The event is part of an orchestrated effort across the country to pressure lawmakers to move ahead with immigration legislation this year. Last Sunday, tens of thousands of immigrant rights proponents rallied on the National Mall in Washington.

Sens. Charles E. Schumer  (D-N.Y.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) outlined a framework for the legislation in mid-March that would provide a path to citizenship for some of the 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S., enhance border enforcement efforts and create a program that admits temporary workers. The plan would also create biometric Social Security cards for workers that would allow employers to verify their status.

President Obama has said he is committed to seeking bipartisan consensus on the issue this year. But Graham also warned that the bitter fight over passage of Obama's healthcare legislation would dim the chances of getting legislation though the Senate this year.

-- Maeve Reston

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So, Senator Graham thinks that immigration reform should be delayed because of snits over health care. So, what does this tell you about the GOP's logic??

Absolutely no amnesty for illegal immigrants.
What we would get in return anyway?
A good start would be eligibility for the Draft for all new residents.
And US Citizens must get the same rights in Mexico as the new residents, that is:
- free health care
- right to work
- right to own property and businesses
- the right vote
- free education

Comparisons worth making:

1. Number of people at all the pro-immigration rallies across the country today vs. number of people at the "tea party express" in Searchlight, NV today

2. Number of column inches/minutes/pixels devoted to covering pro-immigration rallies vs. number of column inches/minutes/pixels devoted to covering "tea party express" in Searchlight

Why won't the LA Times describe the demonstrators as illegal alien amnesty supporters? That would be accurate. Referring to them as immigration rights supporters is an attempt to soften their image. Tell it like it is for once.

If this country could trade all our old white guys for Mexican immigrants, we might make it.

Hold on a second. If someone came into this country illegally and now wants full rights and benefits why am I supposed to feel compassion?
If I snuck into a foreign country and demanded rights, benefits and citizenship after breaking the law, I would be laughed out into the street and onto the next flight back to my home country. I cannot for the life of me understand this.

I support immigration reform, I was walking with them today but...11 million are trying to get path to legalization, may be 5 million of them live in California and only 6 or 7 thousands goes to the march today.

Where are they?...

Are they supporting to themselves? I don't think so...

Vote for Steve! Believe in Steve! Meg's a softy; Brown sounds like he's crazy.

I think we should repeal and replace the Republican Party!
Democrats Care!
Republicans Don't!

Arrest them where they stand. They make it easy to find them, so arrest these dumb illegal aliens.

If the politicians give way to demands by civil criminals to change the laws to suit them "or else...", they are not worthy of respect.
So why not do some good by:
1) Incorporating a change in the laws making illegal entry a misdemeanor, chargeable offense with a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 days jail time , permanent ban from applying for citizenship and deportation.
2) After conviction, those who re-enter as illegals should be declared "persona non grata" (person not wanted) and permanently banned from entry into the United States.
Then impose those conditions to any and all those convicted without regard to their national origin.


These marches show just how bad the enforcement of our borders has been.

Here's "Immigration Reform" I would support...
Build the fence, deport all illegals, cut all benefits, jail employers, get in line in your country of origin.

Let’s not forget that there already is a legal path to citizenship. It requires that they all go back to their home country and begin filling out the proper paperwork. The Times makes it sound like this country locks everyone out; no one has a chance to come here legally. In fact, over a million people legally immigrated here last year!

As for this stupid remark: ”If this country could trade all our old white guys for Mexican immigrants, we might make it.”

Let’s also not forget that “all our old white guys” have worked their entire lives, paid their taxes and made meaningful contributions to society. The vast majority fought in wars to protect this country and many, many more died defending our freedom! So, how dare you make such a dumb remark? I ask you to go find me one illegal immigrant who has NOT been a drain on all those “old white guys”; sucking up their tax dollars in health care which they are not entitled to; sucking up their tax dollars in education which their children are not entitled to; sucking up their tax dollars every time they commit another crime (remember, they already committed one by coming here in the first place). Please go crawl back into the hole in which you came from you bleeding heart, liberal moron!

Illegal immigrants have only the right to be treated humanely while they are escorted back to their own country. Period.

The illeagl aliens do deserve immigration rights, they have the right to go back to mexico and quit using our tax dollars for social programs.

Looks like the usual bunch of malcontents...who think they deserve something after breaking the law.

It's urgent to understand that fixing the broken immigration system is important both for the economy and for the security of this country. We need workable solutions that unite us together - and reform that respects due process and fairness allows us to celebrate the values that we hold dear - fairness, opportunity and due process. When we deny due process to some people, ultimately it will affect all of us. To hear more stories about why we need reform and to take action go to www.restorefairness.org.


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