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Education protesters arrested in Northridge and Oakland [Updated]

A day of largely peaceful rallies against cuts in education funding Thursday was disrupted in Los Angeles and Oakland when police and protesters clashed, shutting down roads and freeways as officers made arrests.

In Oakland, at least 150 people were arrested after protesters stormed Interstate 880 and I-980 near downtown about 5 p.m., blocking traffic for about an hour. One man was seriously injured when he jumped from a freeway overpass and landed on the street, the Oakland Police Department said.

At least four people were arrested in Northridge when marchers sat down and blocked the intersection of Prairie Street and Reseda Boulevard about 5:45 p.m., authorities said.

One of those arrested was a faculty member at Cal State Northridge, said Vance Peterson, a university spokesman.

The Northridge arrests capped a day of demonstration that began earlier with a rally on campus. By 4 p.m., the group of protesters had grown to about 400 people. "It was all very orderly," Peterson said.

A small group of protesters left the campus and began to block the intersection. Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department responded and monitored the group for about an hour before making the arrests, Peterson said.

The gathering in Oakland, where more than 1,000 people converged on City Hall, was also peaceful until a group broke off and began heading toward the freeways several blocks away, Officer Jeff Thomason said.

The injured man was taken to a hospital and was expected to survive, Thomason said. The man's name and age were not released.

The protesters ran into the lanes blocking northbound traffic on I-980 Freeway and southbound traffic on I-880. "We're lucky that no one was hit" by vehicles, Thomason said.

[Updated at 10:22 p.m.: Five people were arrested after the Cal State Northridge protest, officials said. University President Jolene Koester said in a statement that she supported the peaceful rally but was "disturbed and saddened" by the small group of protesters who blocked the intersection.]

-- Robert J. Lopez

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There were way more than 400 people protesting at CSUN today. It was in the thousands. We woke up and walked out!!!!!

I agree with the students as long as it is peaceful. The polictians, and UC board are wasting the money on other items like giving themselves raises. Creating jobs for friends, and family.

We are just going back to the 60s thanks to our great leaders for being inept. Cutting education, everything else, raising taxes, and doing created financing. People are just plain tire of these polictians not doing their job. The polictians are working for their own benefit, and the people that have bought them with gift.

At 5 pm on the 880 and 980 in Oakland, traffic is moving at like 5 mph. No one is going to get hurt by a speeding car.

It WAS in the thousands.

Police charging us on Prairie and Reseda, while we chant "peaceful protest" in response.

Protesters in the CSUN Quad in front of the Library, before the march.

-CSUN Student

We are tired of not being listened to. We are tired of being taken advantage of.

If blocking traffic is the only way to bring attention to the budget cuts, then blocking traffic is what we will do. And it seemed to work very well for the future of public education.

Give me a break...

The UC Northridge President was "disturbed and saddened" because a growing number of students and members of the public at large engaged in a peaceful act of civil disobedience and blocked an intersection?!?

Good grief...

What "disturbs and saddens me" is that Ms. Jolene Koester is sitting on her duff up in her Ivory tower, saying nothing while the Board of regents raises tuition and fees by over 30%, because the state says there's "no money"...

Meanwhile the Feds cut education funding (not to mention block healthcare reform etc.) becuase there is supposedly no money...

But we can afford two never ending wars and to bail out the bankers on Wall Street?!?

Ms. Koessler - that's what you should be disturbed and saddened by....

The protesters were in the thousands. Around 4:30 they started marching from reseda to zelzah, making a rotation around the campus. The show of protesters were overwhelming. It reminded me of the protects during Vietnam that started at CSUN and spread to Berkeley

Keep it up!

CSUN Protester, how much do you pay in taxes? Do you have any idea how much your education is subsidized by those of us who do pay taxes?

Of course you don't. You're just a whiny little child crying, "Gimme, gimme, gimme," with no appreciation for all you've already been given.

I would like to make a correction, it wasnt 400 students at Northridge, it was in the thousands, and it wasnt a small group in the intersection, it was everybody in the march, please before writing a story on an important paper like the LA Times please get your facts straight. Thanks

and Koester is a disgrace for CSUN..

I was at Northridge and there was at least 2000 people at the rally on campus. President Jolene Koester was "disturbed and saddened"? Maybe she will finally listen to us.


I'n not a fan of whiny children / parents, please keep them at home if you cant control them

Kristin: "...woke up and walked out..." Are you joking? Or just posing as an ignorant student? Can you possibly think that walking out on your own education hurts anyone but you? It doesn't. By walking out, you are simply being a tool for cynical professors and other tenured-pensioned bureaucrats who place their own interests before yours. Wake up for real, little ones -- these people are not your friends.

Not surprisingly the people complaining the loudest are those who contribute the least.

to the CSUN protester: NO. you protest and block the roads, expect to be run over! you think you can't afford your education? we can't afford to waste anymore gas sitting in an intersection to your lackluster performance of whining. everybody out there that were going somewhere were halted by your ignorance of $$$ and ultimate greed. yes, you children are greedy too! be responsible, earn your keep; otherwise, you want handouts--be a homeless person.

So, by walking out on your own opportunities, and then forcing your opinions down the throats of the public, who have no beef with you is a good thing? Do you really think you will get public sympathy that way? I don't think so.

The reporter counted the crowd inaccurately. I am a former journalist and have experience in counting crowds. I would say there were at least 2,000 people at 4 p.m. in the middle of the CSUN campus, possibly more. Please train your reporter better in counting people. Really ridiculous.

I also have three Flip videos to prove that there were more than 400.

The students at CSUN, and the agitators that egged them on, have no clue about real life factors, or where the money in this state that is suppose to pay for their education comes from. For those of you wasting your parents and taxpayers money on an education you are not smart enough for, why don't you get a job and pay a bill and taxes before you claim you are somehow entitled!

To California voters, the economic woes of the state of California are due to the reprehensible thugs in the legislature and state senate in Sacramento! All of these thugs need to be voted out of office, and fiscally responsible people voted in. "IN STATE TUITION" for illegal aliens is so absurd, and has seriously impacted the cost of a college education in California.

There are no "Free Lunches" folks! As long as the criminals in our state government (including the governor) are kept in office, and continue to fund their pet projects instead of doing what the citizens of this state hired them to do, the State of California will continue to be a "THIRD WORLD NATION". Its time to either vote these buffoons out, or to vote to split California into two states and see how long the dope smokin' losers in the northern half of the state last!

All I saw was rabble-rousing and selfish acts of disorder. I wish more of the "students" had been rounded up and arrested.

I was protesting the budget cuts because I can't get the classes that I need to get my degree. All I want is to get my degree but it's impossible because no other school is accepting anybody in my situation and my classes are no longer available? Besides, when did higher education become more exclusive than inclusive? All we really want is a fair chance to get our education in a timely manner. I'm currently a junior and by the looks of it now I still have 3 years left for my degree because there are no classes. It's unfair.

As someone who works on campus and has an overhead view of the library lawn and lives in the community adjacent to CSUN, I can attest that it was not in the thousands, which contrary to the photos provided at http://tinyurl.com/y8qvjhn and
http://tinyurl.com/yjp7k5g only confirm the numbers in the 10s as that is all the photographer could capture from his/her angle. As someone who has taken part in protest marches myself, it is difficult to count when you are part of the crowd, and the old saw of the police being accused of underreporting as a conspiracy with whomever is supposedly "against" the protesters is just that--an old saw. That being said, I think it is great that even 100s of students, faculty, and others want to stand up for education and exercise their first amendment rights. However, given our current political and economic situation, I am cynical that blocking traffic in "beautiful, downtown" Northridge (or on a fwy in Oakland) is going to do much toward generating the good will of the public and politicians, as evidenced by the majority of posts to this story. Now, protesting students, let's prove them wrong and get out there, pass your classes, and graduate--oh, and then, good luck finding a job that matches your education--what intersections will you march across then? The sad fact is that the economy is in the toliet, we are stuck in a no-win war, and no one in Washington is going to cut defense spending with the military industrial complex and oil companies that support many communities across the U.S.--including our own--and an all volunteer army that promises a free college education to enlistees (assuming you come back alive from the Middle East). Wake up and smell the oil refineries in our own backyard!! Education cuts are just the tip of that iceberg!

LAUSD was formed in 1903 to overcome the rampant fraud of small charter-like school districts- the same thing took place in NYC in 1905. People who don't know their history are doomed to relive it 107 years later. When dealing with the pillars of a corrupt society, whether it is healthcare, the banks, Wall St. or public education, no matter what the fraud, these institutions remain. If LAUSD, an institution that has a bigger budget than the City of Los Angeles, was not the continuing permissive failure that it has always been, charters and other "reforms" would not be necessary. Isn't it funny (sick) that all forms of reform have to factor in the continued existence of a totally failed LAUSD...hmm, I wonder why that is? Why not just fix the underlying problem. The vast majority of people want LAUSD gone, it is only their fear, apathy, and cynicism (teachers) that allow them to continue to be bamboozled by a large LAUSD dinosaur with no brain, just a common self-serving party line. Come to www.perdaily.com and talk about what you know. Teachers, you're going to get scapegoated anyway.

I was at Northridge the morning of the protest, but everything seemed perfectly orderly. There were a lot of security/police around the campus.


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