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Bipartisan immigration reform framework announced

Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) have laid out the framework for a comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform bill that would include tougher border enforcement, creation of biometric Social Security cards and a path to legalization for the nation's estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants.

The announcement of the plan, which brought immediate praise from President Obama, comes days before a pro-immigration march scheduled for the nation’s capital on Sunday.

”It thoughtfully addresses the need to shore up our borders, and demands accountability from both workers who are here illegally and employers who game the system,” Obama said in a prepared statement.

“A critical next step will be to translate their framework into a legislative proposal, and for Congress to act at the earliest possible opportunity.”

The plan includes four basic pillars, including the creation of biometric Social Security cards to ensure illegal workers cannot get jobs in the future; fulfilling and strengthening border security and interior enforcement; creating a process for admitting temporary workers; and implementing a tough but fair path to legalization for those already here.

-- Anna Gorman

Photo: Border Patrol Agent Munga Wechsler, 26, looks for signs of illegal entry into the U.S. along the border fence near Antelope Wells, N.M.  Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times

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To all the ignorant and inconsiderate "haters" on this comment page you need to check yourself. If you were in their position you would not think twice about crossing this border. If it was ligh skinned/blue eyed individuals crossing this border you all would jump at the chance to legalize them all. YOU ARE ALL SCARED BECAUSE THEY DON'T RESEMBLE YOU! Open your mind, open your heart and think of what would Jesus do in this situation. "America is a huge freaking iced cupcake in the middle of millions of starving people!" HOW DARE YOU DENY THE RIGHT TO HELP AND SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH, THE OPPORTUNITY TO BETTER YOURSELF! If Amnesty is passed, which I hope it is, many of you think we would be overflowed with immigrants, the realization is that there would be circular immigration, many want to go back and come seasonal visit back and forth. Many have been here for 20 plus 30 plus years and are unable to go back and see their families! WHY DON'T WE SWITCH PLACES AND SEE HOW IT FEELS! MEXICO BECOMES THE U.S. AND WE BECOME MEXICO...YES YOUR BEHIND WOULD BE THE FIRST ONE OVER THAT BORDER!!!!A

It is no accident that amnesty is being pushed hard as the hard-left Dems see 12-18 million more democratic voters they can easily dupe and manipulate with bread and circuses(handouts) and maintain their power . That is why amnesty is being push against the will of the American People.

Only a massive inundation of phone calls, e-mails and letters to your local, state and national reps will turn the tide decisively against amnesty. Amnesty was successfully rejected in 2007 but this time the Dems are firmly in power( though their support is rapidly eroding), and they will attempt to force thru an unpopular amnesty bill like they are now attempting to ram thru the NHC. They have this small window in early 2010 before the upcoming primaries & general elections slam shut any opportunity to pass this unpopular legislation.

Here are the anti- imigration groups to join and make your voices heard:
Numbers USA - Best action site for e-mails,faxes direct to your reps
FAIR - most scholary and respected
ALIPAC - Grassroots organizing network

If immigrants make this country better than why are they leaving there home? Think about it. If we let anyone come to america then the immigrants will bring their habits with them. Before we know it america will be just like mexico, or vietnam or china. The immigrants need to stay home and make there country better.

What this will do is PERMANENTLY put all Americans out of a job so the employers can hire unlimited amounts of illegals anytime, anywhere and will not have to hire one single American worker.... that's what the global liberalists want... Americans be D*MNED!!!!

None of you morons has commented on how to deport them efficiently; raids, random stops by cops, etc. All I know is a lot of Latinos will be mistakenly taken in before it is revealed that they're a citizen/legal resident. Watch the civil lawsuits pile up; you're naive if you don't believe this since many 3rd/4th generation Mexicans might "look" illegal when being citizens. Food for thought; by the way unions/bureaucracy are a bigger problem to our state/city debt.

In these times how can you justify this HOW ABOUT PUTTING AMERICANS FIRST IN AMERICA

Yes, everyone except the Native Americans are immigrants. The difference is that our great grandparents waited for many years before they could scrape up enough money to get here. They didn't have the convience of walking over a border.Another difference is that they learned english and made sure their kids spoke english. They had jobs, had only enough children that they could afford, and paid taxes. They became citizens. They fought for this country and were proud to call themselves Americans. They didn't whine or cry. They didn't threaten civil right lawsuits or bully to get their way. Wah.Wah. Wah. Cry yourselves to the back of the line.

The path for illegals to become legal better be slower than thesystem for those here legally on a work visa and facing a many year wait for their green card. I am a Canadian engineer here on temporary visas since 2001. I was approved for a green card in 2008 but will not see the card until 2014 at the earliest as I am an EB3. Any new system should get me my green card before even one illegal immigrant is legalized.

we already have a "path to legalization for undocumented immigrants".
It's called "get out and get in line like you should have done to begin with"."

"The plan includes four basic pillars, including the creation of biometric Social Security cards to ensure illegal workers cannot get jobs in the future; fulfilling and strengthening border security and interior enforcement; creating a process for admitting temporary workers; and implementing a tough but fair path to legalization for those already here. "

Biometric SS cards are simply a smokescreen to make the amnesty more palatable, like coating a poison pill with sugar. We have a system already in place to check on illegals eligibility to work -it is called E-VERIFY. The ACLU and other pro-illegal advocates puts up roadblocks to getting e-verify implemented more widely because they say it has a miniscule margin of error.
They only object to it because it actually works in ferreting out illegals using fake/ fraudulent IDs to get work illegally in USA. The aclu will raise similar objections to biometric ID's as a big brother intrusion and also prone to errors.
This amnesty proposal is a complete joke: we all know that Obama has cut back worksite ICE raids and eliminated funding for the virtual fence. US- Mex border is a bloody cartel warzone , with illegal druglords/ smugglers running rampant and even murdering US consulate employees with little fear of retaliation from DHS

They waste our time & our money, its only a show.. Easy, arrest the American citizen who hires them. American citizens can be found, caught, held. When the employers are punished severly the jobs will dry up & the "undocumented" will not come..

Great, I went through five years of bureaucratic hell to try to emigrate to the United States from Canada, and ultimately failed because my job ended before my green card came through. It cost me almost $10,000 in lawyers fees, not to mention a great deal of my sanity. I did as I was told, and left the USA, the country I truly love. I followed the rules.

Now it seems I was a total idiot. I should have stayed illegally, and kept living in the States like any other illegal alien. This new immigration framework, which rewards illegality on a mass scale, will put me in the absurd position of having to pretend (!!) I was in the USA illegally, if I'm to qualify for this amnesty.

I don't see any legal paths to permanent status in this new framework; maybe I'm wrong. But can other readers understand how utterly frustrating all of this is? I want to live in the USA, pay taxes, and employ other Americans in a future business. I don't want a dime from the government. I speak English and am a student of US political history.

Oh, and I can't get married because I'm a lesbian, and that's 1) illegal in California and 2) immigration regardless is denied to me because of DOMA.

Please talk to your elected reps and ask them for a LEGAL route to permanent status for us huddled masses, yearning to breathe free... =)

Los Angeles County

March 9, 2010—Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich released figures from the Department of Public Social Services showing that illegal aliens’ children born in the United States collected over $50 million in welfare benefits (CALWORKS + Food Stamps) for the month of January.

Approximately 23% of all CALWORKS and food stamp issuances in Los Angeles County are made to parents who reside in the United States illegally and collect benefits for their native-born children.
“When you add this to $350 million for public safety and nearly $500 million for healthcare, the total cost for illegal immigrants to County taxpayers far exceeds $1 billion a year – not including the millions of dollars for education,” said Antonovich.

That's for one month ONLY..... Enough is enough. Deport, Deport, Deport. Illegal immigrants and their anchor babies are draining the system.........

to those Americans whose great great grandpa first came here. Ofourse there were no paperwork then, u just came in and native americans didnt know what to make of it-- whats immigration?? whats legal and whats illegal? so long u did'nt kill him with those weapons called guns.
-- but if they only knew if one of their bloodline wants to still pick cotton, lettuce and milk cows and compete with the mexicans and hurl abse at them, then they brought along some poor genes here to US soil.
Mexican are here for a reason so u could get ur behind to school, learn new skills, and get better and higher paying jobs and climb the ladder like we all do with better IQ. We don't need the chinese, indians taking the better paying jobs in IT, computers, engineering, healthcare right here in US.
SO in a way illegals are doing u a favor.

Panama canal? How about lets create a jobs bill build a shipping lane from the pacific ocean towards the gulf of mexico. Make it 400 feet deep and one mile across. Then deport the folks whom gamed the system. Let them work on the project. But wait you turn like many folks that I know. Starting with my Grandfather whom did come to America the proper way. If you walked his path, welcome. If not, wait your turn, at the end of the line. But go back now. File your papers wait your turn.

Leave it to slick Chuckie Schumer to advocate for non citizens that have broken the law . There is no compassion in this person . He looks down at everyone and feels he is above the common person. Just take a look at how he treated the flight attendant on the airplane when she asked him nicely to please turn off his phone prior to takeoff . Calling her a B*tch and publicly humiliating her while she was working was a classless act. If you really want to know the mettle of a person watch how they treat someone that can do absolutely nothing form them. You will see their real colors. Illegal aliens broke the law and why we are we rewarding them while pushing people willing to go by the rules to the end of the line defies common sense . I for one want my country back and do not want to give it away to just anybody . I would rather have as a new neighbor a person that I can respect.

"Amnesty" is what it is, and that is just another word for "surrender"

All these negative comments on Illegal Immigration, makes me wonder if this is the same Ideology that was believed when African Americans were discriminated on. Its 11 million but no one ever stops to think those 11 don't live by just breathing air. They are illegal but they still buy food, buy gas, buy clothes and pay the same sales tax as a person born here. So aren't we criminals for helping them. Also WHO in this world is perfect what RACE is perfect?

Here in LA and SCal the illegal immigrant problem has been with us for 3 decades. It started in the late 70 early 80's and really picked up speed around the time of the first amnesty of 1986. The illegal alien problem was long confined to LA for 1st two decades and only went national at beginning of last decade(2000+). The general population and entire USA long ignored the illegal alien pressure cooker building up in LA and were not aware of the huge amt of scams and frauds pulled by the illegals here. For instance, every illegal who arrived in LA could go to Macarthur park just west of dwtn and get a fake phony green card, and millions did so.

The problems of illegal invasion from south of border have been ongoing for over 30 years and has caused a fundamental tranformation of lA basin into a largely 3rd world ghettoized zone. Anyone who drives all over greater LA can testify to this. This situation will not be remedied anytime soon.

No amnesty and cut of all welfare and benefits to illegals. CA and most other states are broke and can barely care for their own citizens, much less illegal foreign nationals here illegally. Use those Haliburton detention camps near border to house indefinitely illegal criminal offenders or repeat border crossers. Ship the rest deep into Mexico so that they cannot recross back, and build a really high strong border fence to really seal the south border.

All these negative comments on Illegal Immigration, makes me wonder if this is the same Ideology that was believed when African Americans were discriminated on. Its 11 million but no one ever stops to think those 11 don't live by just breathing air. They are illegal but they still buy food, buy gas, buy clothes and pay the same sales tax as a person born here. So aren't we criminals for helping them. Also WHO in this world is perfect what RACE is perfect?

Yes, we definitely need to shore up our borders because I heard that Mexican border guards caught a truck with 12 Americans sneaking illegally into Mexico the other day.

If the people that came to the USA are illegal immigrants and regardless of their spouses birthplace or children's birthplace, they should all go back to their home country. Yes!Yes! But, let's start deporting everyone who came to this country and their off-spring because the only people that were here in the USA firs were the Mexican Indians and the American Indians. Everybody else pack your bags and leave the natives alone. Your boat is due to depart soon. Leave now and you will lead a happier life because apparently you are unhappy here. Bye.

the us senators in favor of any amnesty for illegals SHOULD BE DEPORTED, along with all illegal aliens. also any of their supporters.

It fits our needs perfectly the advantage of immigration reform on the country: Greater supply of unskilled workers, a younger workforce, and skilled workers in needed sectors. But there is also a disadvantage of immigration reform like Greater poverty, more educational cost, lower unskilled wage levels, and increased danger of terrorism. Thanks to the post!

I came to this country legally with an employment visa. I first came in 1999 but lost my job in the dot com crash and had to return to my country of birth. I then tried again in 2008 and this time I might actually make it and get a green card. Coming here legally is not easy, the wait for a green card is long and totally unpredictable, and you know that at any time, if you lose your job, you have 10 days to leave the country. I love the US enough that I am prepared to go through all that for the chance of becoming a permanent resident. I think that if there's going to be any immigration reform, it should focus on making the process quicker and fairer for those of us playing by the rules. I find it totally insulting that they would offer amnesty to those who have broken the law. If I had ever overstayed a visa by even a month or two, you can be sure it would have been grounds for them to deny me a green card and then I would have no choice but to leave.

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