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Bipartisan immigration reform framework announced

Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) have laid out the framework for a comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform bill that would include tougher border enforcement, creation of biometric Social Security cards and a path to legalization for the nation's estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants.

The announcement of the plan, which brought immediate praise from President Obama, comes days before a pro-immigration march scheduled for the nation’s capital on Sunday.

”It thoughtfully addresses the need to shore up our borders, and demands accountability from both workers who are here illegally and employers who game the system,” Obama said in a prepared statement.

“A critical next step will be to translate their framework into a legislative proposal, and for Congress to act at the earliest possible opportunity.”

The plan includes four basic pillars, including the creation of biometric Social Security cards to ensure illegal workers cannot get jobs in the future; fulfilling and strengthening border security and interior enforcement; creating a process for admitting temporary workers; and implementing a tough but fair path to legalization for those already here.

-- Anna Gorman

Photo: Border Patrol Agent Munga Wechsler, 26, looks for signs of illegal entry into the U.S. along the border fence near Antelope Wells, N.M.  Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times

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It's not fair to other people in the world who desperately want to come to the US and wait their turn through the standard application process. Why should people who crossed the border illegally and stayed illegally be entitled to the same benefits as citizens, if not more because of the burden they put on our public funds.

If we put in the conditions below there is no need for border enforcement. If the illegal immigrant has no place to live, no school to go to, no free healthcare, and no job, that would be the best way to prevent illegal immigration.

1. When born, you can only become a citizen if your parents either have a green card or are citizens.

2. Amnesty only if you have a college degree or proof that you are paying taxes equal to the average American. Determining factors include (salary, number of dependents, previous years income tax forms, ... ). It's only fair right. The person should be able to hold their own rather than becoming a burden on the welfare system.

3. Never been convicted of any crime whatsoever. Even 'petty' theft.

4. Real id system that involves sophisticated software that is easy to use and mandatory for all hiring businesses.

5. All public services require identification. Schools, hospitals, welfare, housing. Only extreme emergencies are illegal immigrants treated in hospitals, other than that they receive no public tax money.

6. Much faster deportation process. I'm sure there would be alot of people who would do it for free.

If we can get those points in, let's do it.

We've been promised stepped-up border security a million times before. It NEVER happens. We've been promised state-of-the-art work documentation a million times before. It NEVER happens. The ONLY thing we will get from this bill is the legalization of 20 million illegals. Don't believe the bi-partisan lies coming from Schumer and Graham. Lies, lies and more lies. It doesn't matter if they're Republicans or Democrats -- lies are all we get.

Why reward 11 million that are probably 95% from the south of us. If we need 11 million more people, wouldn't 2.2 million from each of the 5 different continents make more sense and be true to the idea America was built on?

Its sad to see so much HATE spew out of "Americans" because of this issue. I believe we're a better country than that and the few here that are voicing their displeasure in this hateful manner are just a few bad apples. Lets not forget that these people are not hear to "invade us" or "change the fabric of America". They're just here to work becuz their home country is a third world country, stricken with poverty and America continues to be the beacon of light that it has been for over 200 years. They want a better life for their kids and America is that life. Its the best country in the world, BY FAR. Is it a surprise to any of you that people will try and come here for that purpose. Yes, I understand they are here illegally but they are by no means criminals. And yes, you occassionally see reports of criminal activities by illegal immigrants but again these are just a few bad apples. There's no sense in uprooting whole families that have been here in some instances for decades when America is their home now, where their children are US citizens. Lets stop the hate. This immigration reform bill should be applauded for trying to fix the "problem" of immigration. I believe we're on the right track and I applaud this BIPARTISAN (Republican and Democrat) legislation

I'm really conflicted about this. There's a humanitarian aspect to the problem because of families being torn apart, but no matter how you spin it, it's just not fair to the people who are patiently waiting their turn to come in. The timing is also horrible...how can you legalize anyone when the unemployment rate is higher than 10%? With all due respect and sympathy to undocumented workers and their families, this is exactly the time they should be excluded from our job market to force employers to hire legal workers at legal wages.

30 million in deed at least! Thus imagine what would happen if you piss off this 30 million +. What would happen if they wold leave the country at once?
I tell you. Immediate social chaos and eventually an eco catastrophe!
You don't believe it? Alright then, here we go. There was a little town in Colorado where the main industry that kept the city going was raided by the government. More than half of the workers there were undocumented! The factory basically went bankrupt immediately because of the sudden lost of workers. All the surrounding business infrastructure went down with the factory. Apartment owners went bankrupt as well as many other services. The city finally in just a few months became a ghost town. The factory owners tried to bring in documented workers by promising them normal and legal wages yet no one came. Where were those American people who on and off complain about that undocumented workers take workplaces away from documented workers? In the end the factory was allowed to call back all the deported workers meanwhile the government had to look the other way.
Unfortunately it did not save the little town. It was possibly meant to be a test to predict certain scenarios if the US would decide to kick every undocumented out of the country at once. Everybody draw your conclusion.

I can't object strongly enough on the "path to legalization". That process, albeit difficult, begins in the immigrants' county of origin. There I said it.

The numbers are also mis-leading: 11 Million , if you buy that number, easily doubles with family reunification; so figure 20 million new Americans - consuming resources, eligible for Medicare as legal residents, etc. It's legally convoluted, environmentally unsustainable, and offensive to most Americans' sense of due process and fairness.

This program is not in the interests of the citizen of this country, and therefore, should be an absolute non-starter.

This country's identity is not one of "A nation of immigrants" but rather a state of it's citizens, whose interests, protection and welfare should be priority no. 1

LOL, Can anyone name one policy the government has implemented that went according to plan? Everything works for the short term, projections are always the focal point, with very little consideration for potential risk associated with their votes.

Case & Point: Deregulation, No Child left behind, the Iraq War, NAFTA, CAFTA, IRAN Contra, The bank bailout, welfare to work, the three strikes law, and I can go on. While they all had noble intention, they all cost American jobs, blood, treasure, security, and quality of life to the dream.

Of course immigrants from poor and newly developing countries are going to see America as a land of opportunity, its like finding a starving man on an island, and you toss him a cracker, it doesnt matter rather its a saltine or a ritz, its much better than what he had, so he is going to take it.

One thing I would like to hear our elected officials address, once you enact the citizenship, are they forgoing their native citizenship to become AMERICAN?

Because it is my personal opinion, that when you maintain duel citizenship, your loyalty is in question, if your not American, how can you represent America? You are simply an opportunist, and the effects on others is not even a consideration.

Amnesty will lead to amnesty which will lead to more amnesty etc. Our politicians are substandard.

I can't believe the ignorance and hatred here. Really, people? Do you think that all the people here NOW are the descendents of "legal" immigrants? If you knew the history of immigration law, you'd know otherwise. One wonders if we have EVER had a rational, humane immigration policy. The one we have now is particularly punitive, irrational, and cruel, and gives scope to some of the worst characteristics of American racism, selfishness, and xenophobia. Read over some of your comments and think about how you are making America look to anyone reading -- ignorant, cowardly, hateful, selfish, obsessed with money, self-righteous, enjoying and anticipating the suffering of others. As an American and a Christian (which I'm sure some of you claim), I'm ashamed.

Lindsey Graham does not make the bill bi partisan.

Its funny how majority of white America and on this story those of you who are commenting you have forgotten what immigrants are, you think illegals only pertain to brown people, STOP the attacks on brown if you want to deport illegals that means your people too........ Remember that! Australians, British, French, German, Irish, Russians, Italians, Dutch, all of Eastern Europe, Armenians, all of Scandinavia, White South Africans, do i need to go on. So if you want to deport illegal then do it across the board and stop the HATE speeches that you continue to do.

If you white people have relatives in Anglo majority countries lets say Europe and they want to come and visit and they decide to stay longer guess what.. they are breaking the law and so are you. Remember Illegals aren't just Brown people but people all across the world. So if Jim Jones what his great niece from Sweden to stay in the country well sorry Jimmy Jones but her azz needs to be deported, simple as that. ACROSS THE BOARD!!!

You Got! Good! now go and drink your Latte's and sit in the sun.

10 hours a day picking fruit??? Where in LA or the San Gabriel Valley are all the farms - these areas are totally saturted with illegal aliens and all their offspring - they are not just working on farms that is a myth, they are stealing many jobs that many Americans want to do.

It's a simple formula folks.
The Democrats are in charge and newly legal aliens will vote Democrat.
The Republicans are afraid of being called racist and hope that by also
catering to this fiasco they will dilute the resentment the formerly illegal
aliens have. The unions want it done so that they can unionize the work force,
which illegals are afraid to do. The cheap labor businesses want it so that the
new population will drive down labor costs and they will no longer risk the
fines and prison terms that they should have received.

You do know that the 30 million uninsured includes the illegals, right?

So, if you were stupid enough to vote for a pro-illegal alien candidate,
don't whine when your taxes are raised to pay for their welfare.

Wow! The HATRED expressed against Americans on this board is incredible. Wall to wall HATE if you do not agree with the pro-criminal radicals.

Illegal aliens are here illegally. There is nothing stopping them from returning to their home countries to gather together the proper documentation to apply for legal immigration. That is a fair and orderly process, and should be one pillar of immigration reform. The second pillar should be complete control of our borders. The third pillar should be a a far more stringent criteria over who gets to immigrate legally to the US. We need skilled immigrants, not high school dropouts.

Stop the HATE. Deport the criminals.

Great....more good news from the folks running the White House. I expect as much from someone like Sen. Schumer, but to have ANYONE from the Republican Party support such nonsense is shameful.

I will wait to see the text of the proposed legislation (that is if our new "transparent" President will allow us to see it before it goes to a vote)

Ah, gotta love how some people believe that enforcing the law is "hate".

" Yes, I understand they are here illegally but they are by no means criminals."

Do you even comprehend just how idiotic a statement that is?
Of course they are criminals. When you purposefully break the law you are
a criminal by definition.

It does not matter that they are coming here to better themselves.
A country that does not control its borders ceases to exist to be a country.
Do you want our country to become more like Mexico?

If a person here has a sponsor that will ensure that the person has full medical
insurance as well as take responsibility that they commit no ADDITIONAL
crimes, and that they are gainfully employed. In effect, a net benefit for the
local community, then I have no problem with them staying. Otherwise,
they are a drain on the local communities at a time when even basic services
are not being fully funded. As the old Chinese saying goes, even a mountain of
rice will disappear if you let it be taken one grain at a time.

This is outrageously insane!!! Yes , I agree with the comment regarding the American people letting their wrath and anger over this issue being known to all of our politicians and President Obama. Believe me , if we start flooding the offices of the politicians who drafted this offensive bill (as well as the White House) with letters, emails, and phone calls showing how opposed we are to the idea of this bill going through , they will definitely stand up and take notice that we will not sit quietly and allow this to transpire without a major ruckus in shutting down streets in protest and creating an uproar in opposition to this bill. We have that RIGHT to protest and demand our laws to be honored by EVERYONE. They gather and protest by the hundreds of thousands , for rights that they do not have. We should then protest by the MILLIONS (American citizens) for our laws to be enforced. I would not know how to initiate a protest of this size or scale , but if anyone who reads this has the means (and the contacts) to put this together I (as well as many others) will be willing to participate in it , in order that our voices be heard.

Hey "one", what fiction novel did you derive your post from? Or, was it that medical marijuana kicking in?

Pass enforcement first, prove it works, and then let's talk on a pathway. Last time we tried to do the all in one package the enforcement never happened and everyone got amnesty.

We were told, at the time of Reagan's amnesty in 1986, that government would FIX immigration, that this was a ONE TIME event, that we would NEVER have to do it again. As expected, we're in the same place 25 years later due to promiscuous immigration policies, slack enforcement, the lure of jobs, birthright citizenship and generous services waiting for those who break the law to get here or to stay here.

In the face of 15+% unemployment (UE-6, not a doctored government figure that doesn't count those who've exhausted their benefits and/or given up looking and/or work part-time because they can't find full-time work); with the new problem of 10+million more here illegally, and porous borders still AND a massive lack of adequate security (and a lack of money, we are BROKE) - that anyone would promote something like this amnesty at a time like this, is incomprehensible.

Corporate money and the Chamber of Commerce keep promoting massive immigration and keep buying your politicians to further their ends - their unquenchable thirst for an endless supply of cheap labor will forever keep American workers on the ropes, wages depressed, and the middles class a vanishing species - until we stop them.

For starters, go here for a fairly factual and neutral view of immigration, and the road it's leading us and future generations down: www.numbersusa.com

And anyone who virtuously proclaims "We are all immigrants except for the Native Americans", show me that you've talked to them, speak for them, are one of them (part Chippewa here, and I don't relish the idea of the country that was torn from us being further exploited, paved, populated, polluted by wave after wave of new invaders.) Other Indians may be as firmly against immigration as those around me are, ask them sometime?

"Its funny how majority of white America and on this story those of you who are commenting you have forgotten what immigrants are, you think illegals only pertain to brown people, "

It's funny because you were the first person in this comment thread to bring up race. Interesting how you project such delusions upon others. Who really has the race hangup here?

Do you really think that the eco crash happened because of the illegals? It had almost nothing to do with that if it ever did!
You chauvinist Americans! Why don't you concentrate on the real and central problems that was the main cause that brought this country to its knees? Why weren't you actively protesting against the banks when they took your money by the thousands of billions with the bailout swindle?
I can't believe what I am reading in this forum. You know what you deserve? You deserve that no one ever should come to this country that you so eagerly defend from the undocumented, yet you blindly avoid the real big problems and true inner enemies of this country with your hypocrisy! You deserve the same that happened to ancient China after China closed its door from the outsiders because they were paranoid protecting their cultural achievements.
The Chinese Empire finally collapsed!

There is NO chance this is going to pass. It's all for show. Obama has deported more illegals this year than Bush did. Insisting on the biometric ID will kill the bill. It will be the status quo until after the midterm election.

No one in Washington wants this to pass. The status quo is better for them. If they wanted to get tough on illegals they would have sent out the No-Match letters, if they wanted Amnesty they would have passed it under Bush.

"Immigrants are what make this country so great, and it's high time we recognized that." That applies to immigrants who come here legally. Those who come here illegally tend to decimate the neighborhoods and canyons they occupy, bringing down the quality of life in too many ways to go into here. That ain't so great.

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