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Brooks Brothers is closing in downtown L.A.

A Brooks Brothers clothing store in New York. Credit: Richard Drew / Associated Press Downtown L.A. has attracted some hip clothing stores in recent years. But it's losing one of its oldest.

Brooks Brothers, which has been selling suits in downtown since 1939, is closing, according to the Downtown News.

The closure is something of a blow to downtown, which has been struggling to draw high-end retailers. There has been a boom in high-end condo and loft construction over the last decade, but residents have complained about a lack of shopping opportunities.

Downtown boosters have hoped the Frank Gehry-designed Grand Avenue complex on Bunker Hill would draw more luxury retailers. But that development has been delayed because of the bad economy. Brooks Brothers tended to cater to the downtown office set.

The store will close next week. Customers will then have to go west to stores in Century City and Beverly Hills.

No reason was given, and sorry, there will be no close-out sale. 

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: A Brooks Brothers clothing store in New York. Credit: Richard Drew / Associated Press

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I'm not surprised. The location is terrible, right at the freeway offramp. Figueroa is one of the most pedestrian-unfriendly streets in all of Downtown. I hope they can come back to Downtown in a new location, preferably on 7th Street.

Parking was always a major deterrent to shopping at the downtown store.

My last purchase looked as if I were pulling off a bank heist, engine running in the red, breathlessly doing my transaction in under 120 seconds.

That will be the my last memory of the place, along with the cologne I grabbed that day.

So many stores are closing.

So many stores are closing

Have you been to downtown LA lately? Rats, homeless, and vacant buildings abound. I don't think Brooks Brothers clientele care to shop amongst that.

Closing because of outrageous prices in today's economy. Why spend $1,000.00 on a Brooks Brothers suite when you can get the same quality just down the street, tailored, for half the price - or other retailers like the Mens Warehouse. Yeah, notice no close out sales - another example of a retailer gouging the public. Finally, free market saying, we don't need your huge mark-ups - going else where.

What a mistake by Brook Brothers, and Ann Taylor (which shuttered it's downtown site last year. These decisions are not only incredibly shortsighted given the affluent populace moving downtown, but do a great disservice to downtown and eastside shoppers. I can guarantee that I've bought my last Brooks Brothers suit out of principle.

Nobody wears these modified 19th Century clothing styles anymore. Ties have gone the way of powdered wigs.

This decision is not only incredibly shortsighted, as was Ann Taylor's decision to shutter their Downtown site last year), given the affluence of Downtown's growing populace but it does a great disservice to downtown and eastside shoppers. Out of principal I will not buy another Brooks Brothers suit.

Overpriced crap anyway.

So how many more are un-employed due to this store closing? Where is the Mayor or the City Council? Has the city done anything to help businesses stay open?

NO, they are busy raising the price of electricity. How many more will lose their jobs due to that brilliant idea?

I guess selling suits is not a "green job".

No one goes downtown anyway. Traffic mess. Unfriendly. Bad parking.

We don't need the govt helping retail stores stay open. It's consumers' uncontrollable spending habits that are partially to blame for the situation their in. Good riddance to BB, I say. They haven't been in style for years.

Their customer service was horrendous at this location and their employees dressed like slobs. I say good riddance-- I'll just shop at their online store

I still say, Brooks Brother should open a Mobile Tailor Van, so you can get fitted without blowing a Saturday afternoon. Actually, such a Van outfit should probably just fit customers, then wire the measurements to Brooks Brothers or any number of other clothing stores providing custom-tailored garments. So, not a "Brooks Brothers Van" per se, but a Van outfit that is more than happy to work with Brooks Brothers.

So were is this exactly? I mean this "downtown" are you speak of.

were = where. Fail.

Who wants to bet that Dr. Eaton's higher degree is not in economics?

"How can you close on the people that don't shop there enough to keep you open like this?"

This store probably should have moved to a better location long ago... but someone convinced themselves for too long that better days were right around the corner.

those saying that no one goes downtown or that its nothing but rats...

you are wrong all the way around. its clear you have not been to downtown (outside of skidrow) in a long time. get a clue. grow up. do both.

As a Christian, I Pray for everyone posting negative comments about next week closing of Brooks Brothers. The Bible says a business is entitled to earn a profit. BB isn't earning one at this location. That doesn't mean everyone should go on demonizing BB. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Bunk: You know what they call people who care about their clothes?
McNulty: What?
Bunk: Grownups.

BB offers classic tailoring, just watch an episode of Mad Men and see how designers continue to covet that style.

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."
Oscar Wilde

Drew's post was the funniest. I'm sure President Obama and all the world leaders run around dressed like Drew, with baseball hats with the tags attached, worn sideways, oversize football jerseys and shoes with no laces. When you grow up and get a good job, Drew, see you at Brooks Bros.

Thats a shame. They had GREAT service

Maybe their lack of popularity stems from the fact that they still have Christmas decor up in mid-March (see the photo) talk about behind the times.

It's part of the ongoing grunge-ification of the populace.
20 years ago in Pasadena there were several fine mens stores: Silverwoods, Cunningham, others.... All gone now. People attend church dressed as if they're shopping at the mall. Class is going, going....

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