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Actor Corey Haim dead at 38 [Updated]

Actor Corey Haim arrives at the 3rd Annual Avant Garde Fashion Show at Boulevard3 on March 19, 2009 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)The Los Angeles Police Department said Haim, 38, was pronounced dead after 3 a.m. at a Burbank hospital. He had been living in the San Fernando Valley.

Details of his death were not immediately available. The L.A. coroner's office was investigating. A police spokesman said more details would be available later.

Haim was a teen star in the 1980s in such movies as "The Lost Boys" and "License to Drive."

He struggled with drug problems but in recent years had attempted a comeback, starring in an A&E reality show called "The Two Coreys" with longtime friend and costar Corey Feldman.

Times TV critic Robert Lloyd described the show this way: "The premise seems to be this: Corey [Feldman] and his wife, Susie, have welcomed Corey [Haim] into their home in order to make a television show about, um, welcoming Corey Haim into their home. ... This arrangement supposedly has something to do with helping Corey H. get his career/life back on track -- clearly we're to regard him, and with some cause, as the more troubled of the two."

[Updated at 5:56 a.m.: KTLA News quoted police sources as saying detectives were looking into whether Haim died of a drug overdose.]

-- Shelby Grad

Photo: Actor Corey Haim arrives at the 3rd Annual Avant Garde Fashion Show at Boulevard3 on March 19, 2009 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

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Rest In Peace Corey. We will miss you and we love you.

this is really messed up. American doctors are the real drug dealers, giving pills here and there to anyone with cash money or insurance. These kids start with their moms medicine cabinet. Hey its legal so i guess they aren't drug addicts, right? so sad.

hollywood should be held responsible for all these deaths.

Many people can beat drug and alcohol addiction through a 12 Step Program. Corey tried, and unfortunately lost. In this tragedy there is yet another warning: Young people, please don't do drugs. If you're lost in that hell right now--there is help, and hope. Just ask.

Mark my words. This was not a drug overdose. This had to do with a cardiac irregularity that he's had for a long time, if not since birth. I have inside knowledge. Just wait, you'll be surprised by the results of the autopsy.

What a shame I really liked him in the Lost Boys, he did a great job and I thought he was well on his way to making it big in Hollywood if he could make the transition from child actor to mainstream.
Wow! Who's next? We lost Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger and now Corey Haim who may not have been in the same genre but thanks to drugs we will never know.
Hollywood eats another one, good old show biz.
RIP Corey you will be missed brother.

We keep Corey and his family in our prayers. The hardships of life are sometimes too overbearing to overcome alone and in moments of weakness. I choose to remember Corey for the gift of entertaining me so many times growing up as a kid watching Lost Boys among other films. His story is too common now in our society. How many of us know of people just as human and in need. Let this life lesson open our eyes to the need of more justice among us, for all victims of life's tough challenges.

Rehab doesn't help and prison damn sure don't. Love and support. It's hard to stop when you have money and Dealers on speeddial.You can finally rest know.All the support and love to his family.

You will be forever fondly remembered as greatly as you will always be missed.

Fair winds and following seas, dear friend.

This is so sad. He seemed so tortured and just wanted to be loved and accepted, like we all do. When I googled his name to get an update, what I found was Corey Haim Fat, etc. Why is it that being mean and viscous has become common place? Most people don't have the kind of tough skin required to have their very essence stomped on by these kinds of "news" stories. What is wrong with our society that making fun of people is an acceptable behavior and is considered news? Well, at least he can now be at peace. Praying for Corey, his family and friends.

My heart gos out to Corey and his family and friends ( though he might have distanced himself from some) . As a recovering addict, I can understand the draw which in his case was unavoidable. fame brings many privileges and my certainty is that it is his celebrity that has led to his demise. Of coarse he only had himself to blame for his indugences, but as a fan and an avid watcher of the 2 Coreys it was clear that his drug abuse was still ruling his existence. it is extremely hard to get your self back once the drugs have a hold of you. I am certain that had I had the means, I would still be getting high. I lost 25 years of building a successful business after only 2 years of abuse. It sucks the life out of you and causes you to lose everything, and not just material. Once your love one give up on you it's real hard to overcome what now is your best and only friend. I'm sure he felt very alone as most addicts do, no matter how many people there are who love them. I am trying desperately to start all over again at the age of 48 and its alot easier to hibernate and eventually succumb to your addition as it did in coreys case. there are millions of Americans who are struggling with addiction and watching him High on TV was both difficult and humbling. I hope that in his death, lives will be saved. I for one am taking it very serious and his battle to try to get sober and unfortunate relapse and death, will hopefully opn some eyes for the less fortunate with the same struggle. I for one am looking at life with more desire to live it. Thank you Corey for opening my eyes, you will be missed, it's too bad you didn't know that until it was too late

RIP Corey Haim i am sad to hear of his passing yes it an all to common thing that seems t obe happening around the world not just with celebs. It is such a shame he passed at such a young age. I would hope everyone respects his family and allows them to grieve in their own way and their own time. So Long Lost Boy

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