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50% of Californians now support gay marriage, poll finds

Gay couple
Less than two years after Californians approved a ban on gay marriage, a new poll found that more residents support same-sex union than oppose it.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California poll, 50% of respondents support gay marriage and 45% oppose it. The PPIC said it marks the highest level of support for gay marriage their polls have recorded in California.

Some gay rights activists had planned to ask voters to repeal the ban on gay marriage, Proposition 8, this year. But several key groups decided to push back that effort until at least 2011.

A Los Angeles Times/USC poll released in November found a small majority of California voters supports the right of gay couples to marry, but a much larger portion of voters opposes efforts to place the issue on the ballot in 2010.

The PPIC polled 2,002 California adults by phone from March 9-16. It had a margin of error of 2%

-- Shelby Grad

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Several million voters have already made their thoughts clear on this issue. If you like I can call 2000 people who DON'T live in West Hollywood or San Francisco and refute this latest poll.


The article states, "Some gay rights activists had planned to ask voters to repeal the ban on gay marriage, Proposition 8, this year. But several key groups decided to push back that effort until at least 2010."

It IS 2010?

Yea, sure Nancy Pelosi.......

Same sex union is fine with me, it's the "marriage" between two of the same sex that I do not agree with. A marriage is between a man and a woman as stated in the bible.

I find this funny considering the people of California already voted on this issue at the ballot box. Maybe it should just be on the ballot permanently so "in case we change our minds" we can change the law. Better yet, let's just alternate the law automatically. Even-numbered years gays can marry, odd-numbered years they cannot.

The vote was tallied but the gay activists refuse to hear the voters. Their deafness is despicable.

This doesn't prove anything. I imagine over 50% of Californians would vote in a foreigner who was a movie star as their governor. Oh, we did. The vote reflects the morals, which the majority of Californias are bereft of. We love gay marriage, baby killing, pornography, divorce, superstar sycophancy, etc. How many people are willing to admit that the gay movement is being used by unsavory elements as the tip of the spear to kill our family structures?

That's a lot of hogwash!

Who said???? I wasn't included in the poll so you can't say 50%. I oppose men with men and women with women. The survey is not accurate and untrue.

Some minds are closed on this issue...period...done...over. However, anyone on the fence about California's decision to take away marriage rights from gay citizens will benefit from seeing the documentary "8: The Mormon Proposition." The film explores the integration of church with state as theological principles fused with vast economic and organizing strength to yank away the right of a gay couple to form a permanent legal bond.

Just what thought one sided

Polls are always interesting, especially when they don't give you all the information, just numbers. In all my years, I have never received a phone call about a poll. If they called only people in San Francisco say, then they would have a more favorable result. Statiscal data can be skewed to reflect what ever information you want the result to be. The same can be said for legalize pot poll data. My Stats Professor in college said, always take these stats with a grain of salt.

I personally dont care either way, but couldn't this story just as easily have read, "50% of Californians still oppose gay marriage"?...

It's not if, but when prop. 8 will be repealed.

Hahahah! You can't get 50% on this message board to agree with homosexual "marriage".

Please have the decency to provide the specifics of the polling sample. How many people were polled? 5? 10? 100? What were the demographics of the people polled?

Failure to reveal the specifics of this poll renders it junk statistics, and raises the question of whether or not this is actually part of a pro-gay marriage agenda. The fact that the pro-gay marriage faction does not want to persue overturning Prop. 8 now indicates that they understand that the publics' position on this issue has not changed.

Gay marriage will be legal in California, it's only a matter of time. People's attitudes towards the issue will only continue to become more tolerant, as most young people today see no reason to discriminate against gays. However, when it comes to minority rights, a simple majority should not be able to maintain discrimination. If civil rights had been decided by a simple majority during the sixties they probably would not have passed.

There is no good reason to discriminate against gay people. The only arguments that are being put forward are religious arguments and in this country we are supposed to have a separation of religion and government. If you don't like gay marriage, don't get gay married and stop imposing your beliefs on everyone else.

So my first comment never went through... The censors maybe didn't care for it?... I'll try stating it a different way... I don't care either way on this issue, but it seems to me this article could just as easily have been titled, "50% of Californians still oppose gay marriage"?...

This is not about gay rights but about the democratic process. Only fascists believe that the will of the people should be subject to the dictates of a politically favored group.

I know it's so hard for some of you to get your heads around, but "as stated in the bible" is not a legal argument. And Amy - what? You weren't included in the poll so the poll is inaccurate? Also, Jake, please keep in mind that gays have nothing to do with either "baby killing" OR divorce.

Oh, it's no use, and there's no reason to hash this out here. You won the battle, but this will be resolved in favor of same sex marriage well within our lifetimes.

We already spoke when we voted, no need for new polls to show anything different. I'm already tolerant to the gay couples in the community why have must I have to support beyond that? Its absurd! I will NEVER support gay marriages..nor gay couples adopting kids.. Marriage is between a man and a woman, period. There's a reason we were created this way...

It is so embarrassing that California actually "Banned" Gay Marriage. 100% Shocking to me. We are supposed to set the example for the rest of our country and instead, we act like bible-thumping, redneck-loving, sister-marrying Neanderthals.

"Same sex union is fine with me, it's the "marriage" between two of the same sex that I do not agree with. A marriage is between a man and a woman as stated in the bible."

the Bible isn't the law of the land though. it's ok for you, your family, your church. but please don't assume the rest of us share your beliefs. the founding fathers were pretty clear on that.

Are we going to believe the same pollsters that say more Americans now approve the Health Care Plan? I have never heard of this polling group. I will not change my mind just because time has passed or because the President signs a bill into law. A false poll will not sway me either.

Bible Schmible: Not everyone needs that dumb book as a guide to their lives! Think for yourselves people! Guess what will happen to your lives if gays get married: NOTHING!Get over it already.

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