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Wife of televangelist Benny Hinn files for divorce

The wife of faith healer and televangelist Benny Hinn has filed for divorce in Orange County Superior Court.

Suzanne Hinn filed her divorce papers Feb. 1, according to the court website. Her attorney, Sorrell Trope, could not be reached for comment Thursday afternoon.

Benny Hinn The couple married in 1979 and have three daughters and a son, according to a biography on posted on the website for Benny Hinn Ministries.

The silver-haired Hinn is one of the world's most financially successful faith healers.

He lives in a multimillon-dollar home near Salt Creek Beach Park in Dana Point. And he has flown around the world in a leased Gulfstream jet to lead his "Miracle Crusades," during which tens of thousands of followers have packed stadiums and auditoriums to hear Hinn preach about the Gospel and God's healing powers.

Hinn has been a pastor for more than 30 years but remains committed to "winning the lost at any cost," his website says.

Hinn's ministries are headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, and operates a television studio in Aliso Viejo.

-- Robert J. Lopez

Photo: Faith healer Benny Hinn during a 2003 Miracle Crusade at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim. Credit: Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times.

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I feel the money is not the issue SOULS have been saved and some could be in heaven because of Benny Hinn - What matters- money or souls. Those who gave were giving out of convictions and surely they continued to give because the saw the work was done. Pray for the family. Indeed who should be the first to throw a stone - especially if you are married.

EVEN A MAN OF GOD IS STILL A MAN. Do not judge him. We all make mistakes and the bible says, your righteousness is like filthy rags to God. So when he says pray without ceasing.... it really is to cleanse us of all sin. Even Jesus when he became man... I believe he sinned... when he got Angry at the market and thew things around. Mans one weakness is sin. I am not even overly religious or anything but I believe in God and I believe we all are sinners.

Someone said as a christian who are they to believe? I say believe in God. Do not look at man for anything.... focus on God.

Well, we don't know what happened, so, let us wait for their pronouncement of why it happened. I advise those who are now passing judgment to be careful because the rod that you use to measure other people will be the same rod to be used on you!

I do not know what is more rediculous. This idiot, the idiot who married him, the idiots who thought this was news or this idiot who actually just read this article.

Benny Hinn is no more a Christian then Adulf Hitlar was.
The question was asked "why do people give so much money to that idiot?"
I think the answer is because he preaches a cotton candy gospel. It makes them feel good but in reality it will make them verey very sick.
But who doesn't like cotton candy? Most people do & that's why he is able to suck the life blood out people & feather his own nest beyond belief.
Take heart, His day of judgement awaits him.

Benny is getting a taste of his own medicine.He is currently the talk of town in Kenya as he is said to be the head of a cult church called 'Finger of God'.A certain leading news anchor is said to have quit her job,disowned her family n broke her engagement as a result of advice given by Benny Hinn

when someone spends that much time on image rich or poor reality suffers. before you go out and try to be the person you think you are or be the person you want others to think you are. you first have to be the person you really are, he has fame and worldly power (for now) everyone knows the best thing we could be in life is a good husband, son, father, brother,mother, daughter, sister, friend. besides the real idiot is not him its all the idiots listening to him.

Pure schadenfrued!! Thank you,Jesus!! Thank you, Lord! I will run twenty red lights in your honor!

Hey retards....if you weren't so stupid you'd read it right. Benny didn't file for the divorce....his WIFE did....so why are u saying all this crap about..."Christians shouldn't divorce so why is it ok for Benny to divorce." He wasn't even warned about it....he found out through the media....he doesn't want a divorce.

Divorce should be made illegal in all 50 states to "protect the family". No exceptions. Christians who allow/advocate divorce are hypocrites and should burn in hell.

My prayers are with Benny Hinn because this is such a had time and we know that the devil wants to weaken the family union by breakups.
Everything is for a purpose wether the devil plans it for evil its only the lord that can make the best out of a terrible situation .
as per bible quote below, his focus can now be fully in serving the Lord.
1Co:7:32: But I would have you without carefulness. He that is unmarried careth for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please the Lord:

Must be all those gay marriages ruining "traditional" adultery.

Let he that has no SIN cast the first stone.
There is nothing to LOL about here. Every familly has its problems.

As a local Christian, I pray for the Hinns in this time of personal challenge. On a different note, why are some of the LATimes.com stories now supporting new comment blogs that require Enrolling or Logging In? Readers should be allowed to post comments freely from having to register like on this stories comment section. In Jesus' name, Amen.

don't agree with divorce suzanne you should not do that for heavens sake reconcile i know you may be tired but trusting God will see this fail i love benny he has inspired me since thats the devil loose he will loose the game am praying for you benny .i love you stand strong you are my hero in uganda

"The devil has come to steal, kill and destroy but Christ has come that we might have life and have it more abundantly." I pray the power of healing for Suzanne and Pastor Benny Hinn. I pray for their children to rise above the attacks of the devil. I pray that everything that "the devil meant for evil, God will cause it to bring good" I thank God for the sacrifice in the life of Suzanne and Benny so that the world could know the love of God and the power of God on this earth. I honor both of them and ask God to "work all of this for their good and His glory"

What we can hope is that Susan Hinn has an ax to grind and uses the divorce proceedings to expose him as a fraud and common crook.

chris: To your comment about President Obama being a sign of the imminent End Days. Wow. What's it like living with such fear, ignorance and hatred? You might trying slithering out of your hole once in awhile to expose yourself to the healing rays of rational perspective and sanity. Good luck with the Apocalypse.

all those prayer requests on little pieces of paper found in the trash after his barnum and baily circus shows. you can't really believe this dude is a christian. he is an extremely successful busnisman. but christian.....c'mon dingos. get just a bit of a life. puhleez.

Dear Bro. Benny and Suzanne, I'am very saddened and heart broken over this news. My prayers are for you both and everybody who is juding, better be careful what you say, whether you're a believer or not GOD almighty will have the last word to say! He knows the heart intent and laughing, ridicule, and speaking curses on this situation does not set well with HIM! He is the only true judge and I will give Him the honor to be it.

Posted by: Tina | February 18, 2010 at 08:23 PM

People only get "self-righteous" about Hinn, etal when they're asking for it, and Hinn has been asking for it for a very long time. He's an evil hypocrite who has been living the high life by preying on people's fears. There's a special place in hell for people like him, but not to worry: He'll have plenty of company. Falwell, Robertson, Paul and Jan Crouch, Creflo Dollar, and many others.

Benny Hinn cured my cousin of a too fat wallet,thinned it right out for him. Thanks Benny, you're a real Saint !

Why doesn't God ever ,ever,ever cure even one amputee ? Does God hate Amputees ?

psalm 34, many are the troublres of a rightousman. i love you benny. God is with you

Shocking! I thought Benny & Suzanne were like 2 peas in a pod. He always speaks highly & affectionately of her on TV.

Her parents, the Hartherns, seem like very Godly people. They must be very saddened by this & no doubt tried to help the situation. BH always speaks of them with great admiration & respect. Roy, BH's father-in-law, was on BH's TV program not too long ago re Bible prophecy, etc.

So, what's the problem?
1. Did BH cheat on Suzanne? If so, she can scripturally leave.
2. Does BH have a different personality at home than elsewhere (a "street angel but a house demon")? If so, she's stuck (though with that big house, she could stay on one side & he on the other).
3. Is BH a wife-beater behind-the-scenes? If so, I would split, too.
4. She may be going thru the change of life. I've heard friends say that's when they felt like getting divorces. Trust me, Menopause is H***! literally, physically.
5. Either way, women don't usually just up & leave. By the time they get to that point, they've already been thinking about it for years (which means there were probably problems going on for years that were not being resolved).
6. BH was born/raised in the Middle East (thru age 14). Does he have a machismo attitude about women? (like oppressive Middle Eastern & Latin American men do? Though his walk with the Lord should have cured him of that by now).
7. If BH is really connected to the Knight's Templar (as is reported online) or is a Freemason, etc., maybe Suzanne finally found out it's true &/or did some research herself & now understands the grievousness of such affiliations. If so, I would leave, too.

Let's hope she has a very good reason. I would imagine it would take a lot of guts to stand up & divorce somebody like BH.

Faith Healer = Con man.
People defending this guy should be ashamed.

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