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Villaraigosa says all L.A. employees -- even police and firefighters -- should take pay cuts to help cut deficit

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on Friday called on all city employees to take pay cuts, including police officers and firefighters, saying it would be the only substantive way to alleviate the need to slash 4,000 city jobs.

Villaraigosa also moved forward with plans to eliminate the departments of Environmental Services and Human Services, transferring their essential duties to other agencies and reaping $3.2 million in savings.

He warned that “there will be more" agencies cut as part of his upcoming 2010-11 budget.

The mayor’s actions come a day after the City Council voted to eliminate 3,000 jobs by July 1 to help close the city’s $212-million deficit and larger shortfalls forecast for the years ahead. Those jobs are in addition to the 1,000 positions already being cut, and the 2,400 city workers leaving through an early retirement program.

Villaraigosa said the total number of job cuts could be softened if city unions agree to make major salary concessions. He said a 5% pay cut among all city employees would save $150 million.

“Every employee, from the mayor on down ought to take a cut," Villaraigosa said. “And that means police, that means fire, that means sanitation, that means every single employee."

The council did not exempt police officers and firefighters from the new round of job cuts, but Villaraigosa said he would oppose any effort to shrink the police force.

--Phil Willon at Los Angeles City Hall

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hopefully the city council and their staffers will take cuts as well, especially considering they are the highest paid city council in the country!!!!!

"Villaraigosa said he would oppose any effort to shrink the police force."

Of course not. With their bloated cash chest for political contributions, their extremely vocal Police Protective Leagues, excellent PR machines along with their crybaby attitudes of responding slower when they don't get their way...it would be political suicide for the Mayor to cut a department that takes up 70% of the City's budget.

So intelligent--after spending all that money on a Jackson memorial?

What no one ever seems to mention are the exorbitant pensions the City and State pay to employees. Do a little research into Firefighter pensions. I realize they have dangerous jobs, but how much is too much? I

Will the Mayor take a pay cut? If below-the-line are expected to take a 5% pay cut, Villaraigosa and all his anointed ones should take 20% pay cuts.

Pay cuts are not enough - Los Angeles County and City needs to pare back the sweetheart, 100% of my salary for the rest of my life retirement deals.

I mean come on, many retired and future retiree Los Angeles County Lifeguards retire out at over $80,000 per year for the rest of their life, cost of living increases included in that deal.

Police, Fire and other saftey series employees deserve a good retirement, but 100% of their salary plus cost of living increases for the rest of their lives for doing nothing? Ridiculous.

If this is really going to happen, Villaraigosa better take a cut himself, like he says he is. Better yet, he should lead by example and start taking a pay cut starting this coming month.

What about DWP employees??? Lets see the "shared sacrifice".

Let them do away with the free cars & free gas for many city employees. I had to pay for my car & gas when I worked.

Hey Villagarosa or whatever your name is. Why don't you politicians in city hall just cancel the westside rail line for now until the economy improves. Just the interest on the huge loans you will have to take out to pay for that should more than make up for the shortages in your overinflated budget. That is unless certain people were planning to pocket a part of that money themselves. You guys could not possibly care less about the people that make this city work, or you would use what minimal common sense you have to produce reasonable goals and financial policies instead of these policies that are ruining the real Angelinos the working men and women that you should be looking out for.

villaregosa should take a paycut first.

I think that pay cuts across the board are a good Idea. The only problem being, that the first $30,000.00 should be exempt, because this is not disposable income! after the first $30,000.00 is left alone, there should be a 15% across the board cut above that level. this way the people who are struggling to make it already won't be hit the hardest!!

Yea why don't he take a big pay cut. Sure glad I don't live in L.A. and have him as a mayor. He sure is a poor substitute for a man and a mayor as far as I'm conserned.

OK do what ever.

It is good to have ALL employees share the pain. However, it would be more equitable to have these salary cuts based on the total yearly salary of each employee: those who earn under 50K should receive a cut of 3.5%; those earning over 50K, but less than 100K, should receive a 7.5% pay cut; those earning over 100K should receive a 12.5% reduction in salary.

I would like to know if Mr. Villaraigoza and all of the city management is also taking a pay cut, all I have heard is that all city employees to do so.

Will this 5% be on top of the 5% that most of us already offered, and are now taking? About the only ones NOT being furloughed already are the officers and firefighters...the rest of us, even the support staff for emergency services, are taking furlough time, which amounts to anywhere between a 5% to 10% cut in pay...so what does Mr. Mayor mean?

I know the mayor said he would also take a pay cut but 10% off $200,000 is not the same as 10% off $20,000.

Hey i got an ideal, instead of cutting jobs and slashing pay. Tax weed and get our state out of debt.

All employees should take a 10-15% pay cut to stave off massive layoffs, which would stave off massive loss of services.
The city should continue to consolidate departments, move personnel, evaluate services, and make a leaner, fiscally responsible city.
The elephant in the room still needs to be addressed: Pension contributions and retiree health benefits.....
NO matter what they do now, the citty will be broke by 2014 due topension and health benefits for retirees.

Before: "We the employees of the city of Los Angeles stand together..."

After: "We the employees of the city of Los Angeles will miss our colleagues that are departing in the layoffs this year..."

Awwww, he's only saying it because he knows that entitled city workers will tolerate layoffs under the threat of across-the-board paycuts. Just won't happen...here.

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