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Villaraigosa plans new round of L.A. City Hall job cuts, says services will be fewer

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Thursday he is planning a second major wave of City Hall job cuts, moving to eliminate between 1,200 and 2,000 positions to get the struggling city through the remainder of the calendar year.

Appearing at a luncheon hosted by the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, Villaraigosa said the reductions would be sought for the fiscal year that starts July 1 — and come on top of the 1,000 jobs that he targeted last week for elimination.

Villaraigosa said the cuts would lead, at a minimum, to reduced library hours and parks and recreation programs. And he dismissed suggestions that he lacks the legal authority to slash the size of the city’s payroll.

“I can order layoffs, and I am,” he told the audience.

The mayor and City Council have been struggling to find ways to eliminate a $212-million shortfall this year and a $484-million gap in the fiscal year that starts in five months.
Councilman Richard Alarcon responded to the announcement by warning that such reductions would lead to a “dramatic” loss of city services. He also signaled that such a large cut to the civilian payroll would prompt calls to halt hiring of officers at the Police Department — an idea that Villaraigosa has so far refused to embrace.

“I don’t think you can have that discussion without talking about equitable cuts in the Police Department,” Alarcon said.

Villaraigosa announced last week that he would seek to scale back the workforce by 1,000 positions, either through layoffs or by transferring workers to vacant positions not affected by the budget crisis. In his remarks Thursday afternoon, Villaraigosa said he expected that at least one-fourth of those positions would be eliminated through layoffs.

Leaders of the city’s employee unions voiced their own dismay about the mayor’s announcement, saying he had proposed a number with “little to no analysis.”

“Each and every cut represents a loss of services,” said Victor Gordo, an attorney and a leader of the Coalition of L.A. City Unions, which represents 22,000 workers. “The council is engaged in a balanced and thoughtful approach to this fiscal crisis. We would urge [the mayor’s office] to do the same.”

-- David Zahniser and Phil Willon at Los Angeles City Hall
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Wow that's choice. You want to talk unnecessary positions within the city? How about the mayor, who along with a city councilman, wastes taxpayer money to satisfy some schoolgirl fantasy by starring on a soap opera? I think those are two positions that need to be emptied and re-assigned come election day.

He can't cut the police. He needs them to combat the coming civil unrest.

So says the mayor who refuses to layoff ONE of his 20 deputy mayors who make $190,000 a year + perks. Who has almost as many aides as the president of the United States and refuses to layoff a single one. Who approved RAISES for the DWP.

Just layoff the people working for the city who actually work for a living, raise taxes and cut services to the taxpayers.

This stinks to high heaven. We NEED to recall Villairagosa NOW!

For once, Villaraigosa is correct.

keep cutting the fat and start in the mayors office.

When times were good, no one said, let's save some of this for bad times. Everyone had their hand out for more.

Government (and unions) function in a way that prevents saving for a rainy day, so when it rains, everyone gets all wet.

But of course we have the money to prosecute marijuana dispensaries...

he should be the first one to be lay off among the 1000

Gee Antonio, what was the straw that broke the camels back? What made you get religion? I mean your city has been an economic and tax disaster for years. What finally made you wake up? Was it losing Northrup? Losing Hilton Hotels headquarters? Was it learning that LA is the least desirable city in the country to start a business in? Was it the 15+% unemployment rate? All of these problems have been around for years. Why now?
Well, as they say, better late than never. But in this case I fear it's too little too late.

Should we get rid of the 7000sf office in DC?????

Lets fire this jerk! He should be looking for a job and not be mayor of our great city.

No doubt the mayor is wasteful and does a poor job, but his salary and that of his staff are just a drop in the bucket. The City Council is even worse than the mayor, because it could have averted this crisis by cutting back sooner.


This is the Mayor the city has been needing for a long time. Where has he been, but I'm glad he has arrived. Somebody needs to speak for the city taxpayers. It appears the union paid for council doesn't. Go Mr. Mayor Go. If you pull it off, perhaps you should reconsider a run for governor.

need to cut cop pay and benefits, they are overpaid. that goes for all govt. employees, mayor, teachers. most are uneducated and raping the system at the expense of the taxpayer, they are all jokes.

This is a tempest in a teapot. I, for one, do not yet see any of these figures as based in reality. "Cuts" in government spending at all levels have come to mean "we will not increase our budget _as much_ this year as we did last year," and "job cuts/layoffs" really mean "we will not overhire as much this year as we did last year." I won't believe any of it until I hear from an "actual" government worker who is filing for unemployment. Not someone who is reassigned (happens every day elsewhere), not a position that is "cancelled" or "not filled," but a real cut. What will really happen is just phantom "cutting" in both jobs and budgets.

Its about time. These people should not be immune to "downsizing" like the rest of us in the real world. Being a government worker does not give you the right to drag the state further into financial ruin.

That's okay. Pretty soon the only ones pulling a salary will by Tony the turncoat and his cadret. But by there there won't be a City left, and he will be sitting on his throne all by himself.

Has anybody noticed Villaraigosa doesn't ever tell the workers anything. Instead everything is done through the media. Typical of the media wh*re mayor. So all the workers can find out on the 6:00 news: "By the way, you won't be able to feed your kids after next month."
Not only is he a loose cannon and a terrible manager, he's a coward to boot.

What about laying off your daughter....Democratic representative making 80k or more for nothing!!!!! tax payer dollars you are wasting you fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!

City and State employees have some of the higest pay, pensions and benefits that are not seen even in the private sector. How about an independent review of compensation, pensions, benefits and aim to reduce them to the 50th percentile for all city employees? Everyone else is eating hamburger. Why do city and state employees get to eat "steak" and cry about not having enough money? These lavish wages and pension liabilities are going to bankrupt the city and state just like they did the US auto makers...

Exactly HOW MANY of the mayor's 200 personal staff are being laid off? ZERO.
How closely has he looked at the situation and it's long and short term effects? Well, if his track record is any measure, not at all.
He just wants to look manly for the press. YAWN.
Let's just recall the village idiot.

Its very true. The Mayor needs to look at his staff and the unions need to stop crying. There are so many people in Los Angeles who have been laid off and are struggling. City workers have always had it good. Especially here in Los Angeles. Its sad that no one saved a dime for the dark days ahead. Cut the perks and cut the unnecessary committees. You know there are a ton of them.

Only a fool could think LA could keep hiring without severe economic repurcussions. Local government tries to satisfy too many requests for "free" services which only harm the millions of taxpayers who do not partake in the careless politically driven giveaways. All services not directly related to emergency services need to be eliminated or sold off to private businesss immediately. Cut the fat!

Are ther really 20 Depuy Mayors? I can't believe that even a city the size of LA has that type of overhead. What about pay cuts across the board for all agencies including police. I am not an anti-police advocate, but you are talking some serious dollars that need to be cut in the short term and long term. If someone says the officers will quit and go to Santa Anna PD or somewhere there are not enough open positions throughout SoCal to take in 500 officers. All cities have the same problem85% of their budget is police and fire and sorry folks but the economy in our beloved area is not going to get better to offset the inbalance in income and expense for many cities in California, including LA.

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