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Swedish rapper found guilty of second-degree murder in road rage incident

Jassy David Jassy, a rapper and record producer from Sweden, was found guilty Monday of second-degree murder in the death of a pedestrian he was accused of assaulting in a fit of road rage.

He faces 15 years to life at a sentencing next month.

Witnesses said Jassy, 35, punched, kicked and then ran over John Osnes, a 55-year-old jazz pianist, during the November 2008 incident.  Osnes, who did not own a car and was an advocate for pedestrian rights, had struck with his hands the front of Jassy's SUV after it edged into a Hollywood crosswalk.

Osnes was pronounced dead at a hospital, and Jassy was arrested later that day after investigators traced the license of his rented vehicle. Jassy's lawyer argued in court papers that Osnes' actions were more aggressive than police officers had reported, and sought to reduce his bail from $1 million to between $100,000 and $250,000.

Judge Monica Bachner denied the request for reduced bail, noting that Jassy's Swedish citizenship made him a flight risk, as did his foreign family ties, which include an 11-year-old son in Sweden, a brother in Italy and other relatives in Gambia.

 -- Harriet Ryan at L.A. County Superior Court

Photo: David Jassy appears in court in March 2009. Credit: Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press

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Stupidity has no borders.

Pretty tragic story here. Two successful artists, living in the city of dreams, both making something of their music. Collision, and blam: 2 inspiring lives cut short.

This is the kind of story that makes Hollywood what it is.

Anger never solved anything. - AB in Santa Barbara

Bad luck running over the guy. But you know Jassy would have been hit for top dollar by the rental company if Osnes did any damage. I say Osnes overdid it, then Jassy really overdid it.

Joe's right that it's a tragedy on both sides, but I think it's a just verdict and I hope the sentence is too. As inspiring as Jassy may have creatively been before he murdered Osnes, his insistence that he acted in self defense was ridiculous. He attacked that poor man then ran over him fleeing the scene of his crime. The judge should make sure it's a loooong time before Jassy ever steps to a mic as a free man.

If he's such a flight risk why is he eligible for any bail?

The most ridiculous thing that is Los Angeles. People can just cross the street if there is a designated crosswalk but no traffic light. So they can take their sweet ass time in crossing yet a car traveling at 30 to 40 miles per hour has to slam the brakes to stop immediately. Either cross at the traffic light or make a run for it!

He'll definitely be 'jazzy' in prison. Enjoy your new home buddy.

More big dumb thugs created by the stupid machismo of Rap music.

Are you kidding? Did you actually "kill" a man because he made you angry in a crosswalk situation? What is your life worth?

Cocky bastard thinking he was superman, and is now paying the price big time.

Well i take care of my kids!!!!!!!!!!

I hope he rots in prison for the rest of his life. People are more important than cars, period.

Hey, look at the bright side, Jazzy - or whatever your name is: Think of what this will do for your street cred!

First degree murder, plain and simple. Life in prison. What a scumbag.

I hope he is given the maximum sentence for his repulsive actions.

15 years wouldn't be justice. 30 years sounds better. Jassy can pay all of his youth in exhange for the other man's life.

This is so sad on so many levels.

The DMV should have a rage questionnaire that determines who might be an increased risk for road rage. They should then classify them by "Rage Risk", have their licenses designated as such, charge phenomenally exorbitant fees and release their names on a public data base. To allow murderous animals like this access to an automobile is tantamount to handing him a loaded AK-47.

"Swedish"... yeah, really, OK. That says a lot less than "hip-hop" - it all makes sense after you read that.

"Flight risk" indeed. There is no First-World country with a more arbitrary and barbaric 'justice' system than the U.S.

Heck, I'm a US citizen, and I'm seriously thinking about fleeing to a more free and civilized country. Like, say, Sweden -- a place where the incarceration rate is ONE TENTH what it is here in the self-styled "Land of the Free."

Whats your dream Hollywood!?

Just thought readers might want to learn more about the man who David Jassy was convicted of second-degree murder. John T. Osnes was a true artist with many fans. http://www.johnosnes.com/ What a tragedy.


Has a really hot girlfriend. Not sure how's he going to deal with being with Men for the next 15 years. He had it all and look now.

Isn't this an interesting form of fate? It shows how shallow rage is, how blind and stupid. Here is a rapper and record producer, who murdered a jazz pianist he probably had a lot in common with. Can there be a better example of the potential that is lost from these random acts of violence? If the killer does not see that, he is as brain dead as he made his victim.

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