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Surrender of Michael Jackson's doctor now in doubt

Negotiations between prosecutors and defense attorneys to secure the surrender of Michael Jackson's physician on involuntary manslaughter charges have broken down, throwing into doubt when charges might be filed in the singer's death, law enforcement sources said late Thursday.
Defense attorneys have objected to prosecutors' calls for Dr. Conrad Murray to make a formal court appearance where a judge would set the terms of his bail and dictate any restrictions on his movements, according to the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
Instead, the attorneys want their client to be allowed to post bail at a police station, the sources said.
The dispute could delay plans to file involuntary manslaughter charges, which had been expected as early as Friday.
"It's very unclear," said one of the sources. "The defense attorneys apparently don't want him to go to a public hearing."

 --Jack Leonard, Harriet Ryan and Richard Winton

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Negotiating his surrender? Here's an idea:

Charge him with the crime, then send law enforcement after him with an arrest warrant. He now becomes a figutive and greatly hinders his chances of obtaining a favorable bail release when he does in fact go before a judge.

This is absurd! No ordinary person receives such treatment; especially an opportunity to "negotiate" the terms of their surrender. You've been charged with a crime and hereby ordered to appear before a judge on this date/time to answer to those charges. You don't show up, a warrant is issued for your arrest. PERIOD. End of story!

What in the world is going on here? Since when do criminal defendants decide the terms of their arrest? I'm fairly confident a high percentage of criminal defendant's don't want to appear in a public forum. Since when does District Attorney, Steve Cooley postpone filing criminal charges because the accused isn't happy with the idea of handcuffs? Mr. Cooley surely doesn't afford the pot dispensary owners the same courtesy, when he raids their homes and businesses, shoving guns into the faces of their family members and employees and then shuts down their legally operating businesses.
The Jackson family must be very disappointed in the handling of this investigation, yet probably not surprised.

Since when does a person who's being charged with a crime dictate when and whether or not the prosecutors may charge him? When Jackson was being charged, no such courtesy was ever given him.

What is wrong with the L.A. law office? It appears to me that their entire handling of Murray as compared to Jackson's case reeks of something wrong.

So the Dr. is saying that he is too important or privileged to face his charges in open court like the rest of the population? With this mindset it is not hard to see how he thought he could recklessly prescribe whatever he wanted to MJ and ultimately caused his untimely death...

since when do homocide suspect decide if they will be arrested or not.

not even in death will michael jackson get any justice.

What happened to when the police just went out and arrested someone? Now when they do not surrender on their own, we don't know what to do!

So why is this Dr getting special treatment. Treat him like all others. File the complaint, issue a warrant, and hook him up. Period.

No he should not be able to go to a police station to post bail. He should be arrested and put in cuffs go in front of a judge and have the judge tell him what he has to do. Letting him post bail at a police station is special treatment in my eyes. They need to charge him as soon as possible. If it were me I would wait until he can't get anything done and has to spend the night in jail. How would he like that? He has already taken a good man from his kids, he can still see his kids why should he be able to? He should have to go through the same as he put Michael Jackson and his kids and family through. After MJ was taken to the hospital did Dr Murray ride in the ambulance or take his own car, if he drove himself where did he go he was missing for sometime where he should have gone in the ambulance with MJ because here in NY if there is a dr. on scene when the ambulance is called they usaualy ride in the ambulance to let them know what is going on and meds,all the others things they need to know on the ambulance. He is so guilty that he should not even have a trial. All u have to do is read the evidence and see what was in MJ's body. It should b cut and dry. Please don't let this Dr. get away with this because there are more out there that need a wake up call, it needs to happen NOW!!!!! Right now to some DR's think money is more important than their oath that they take to make sure their patients don't die because of stupidity. His family is going through enough hell they don't need to see this dr. get away with this. I have followed this case and read and read alot of things this is not right. I loved MJ as part of my family and would not want my family to go through what his has. My love and prayers go out to MJ's kids and all his family. Please let this end in a positive way because his kids are old enough to know what is going on. Don't let them think the system don't work. Thanks for listening.

This is nonsense; take the guy into custody in handcuffs, same as happened to Michael on the trumped up molestation charges; leaving him out to mix and mingle could have dangerous consequences for all. Please let's get on with this. If he shows up at 1:30 in court, take him in; end this charade.

Excuse me, "negotiations?" Most people are charged, arrested and booked, they don't get to negotiate! What leverage does he have?! If he's threatening to take his own or someone else's life, I could understand, but if he's just refusing to come in or threatening to flee, send officers out there and bust him like any common criminal. This is embarrassing to the justice system and insulting to the People!

I think that THERE IS SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T FIT HERE. On the one hand:

1) Murray kills Michael Jackson
2) It is known that Murray is in bankruptcy
3) NEVERTHELESS, he IS given a “white-collar” treatment: not arrested and no handcuffs (I wonder WHO pays for “this treatment” if he is in bankruptcy!!!)

On the other hand:

1) in 2005 Michael Jackson is UNJUSTLY ACCUSED of a crime he has not committed
2) Michael “does” have much money
3) NEVERTHELESS, Michael IS NOT given a “white-collar” treatment.
4) Michael has no criminal record and he not only does not pose any danger to the public but on the contrary: HE IS A HUMANITARIAN!!!!!
5) HOWEVER, he IS arrested by “70 policemen”!!!!!!! who took him IN HANDCUFFS to jail!!!

The answer to this is:

The same criminal organization that plotted the 2005 conspiracy against Michael and had him unjustly prosecuted, is the criminal organization that, this time, hired Murray to kill Michael for several reasons: racial, political and financial. This time they knew that if Michael went back on stage, they would not be able to destroy his image again. That’s why they killed him 2 weeks before the concerts. But before killing Michael, this criminal organization, which, among others, includes the music industry and the media, arranged everything so “conveniently” that now they are getting huge profit from the massive selling of MJ’s products, and IT IS PRECISELY WITH THIS MONEY that they are paying Murray’s lawyers and his “white-collar” treatment. (How would Murray manage to afford all this otherwise?)

The crucifixion to which Michael was subjected in life and now the infamy of his murder speaks of a degree of savageness and cruelty that is hard to believe among human beings and leaves the world speechless.

If there is any justice, it should be done. Otherwise, the human race will have lost all its dignity.

1) Why did Murray put Michael to sleep in the morning if Michael had to attend the rehearsals at that time?
2) Why did Murray administer Michael propofol if that drug is only used for surgery procedures and not as a sedative and only in a medical setting and under strict monitoring by specialists?
3) Why, on top of this, did he simultaneously administer Michael other sedatives?
4) Why after administering Michael propofol he left him alone in the room to talk on the phone?
5) Why did he delay so long calling 911?
6) Why didn’t he notify Michael’s family at once?
7) Why didn’t he go with Michael in the ambulance to UCLA?
8) Why did Murray, who is “supposed to be a cardiologist”, do CPR to Michael on the bed instead of on the floor?

The only answer possible to these questions is that, Murray being a DOCTOR and so KNOWING perfectly well that all he was doing to Michael was inexorably leading to MICHAEL’S DEATH, he PREMEDITATELY murdered Michael.


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