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Police search for 2 cars after 13-year-old girl fatally hit in Brentwood

Police searched Friday for two cars after a 13-year-old Harvard-Westlake School student was struck and killed in Brentwood while crossing the street on her way to school.

The girl was taken to UCLA Medical Center, where she died. Investigators were calling the accident a hit-and-run.

The girl was accompanied by her mother as she crossed Sunset Boulevard about 7:20 a.m., heading south near Cliffwood Drive, said Cmdr. Andy Smith of the Los Angeles Police Department. Police said the girl had been crossing the street against a red light to catch a bus.

She was struck by a gray late-model two-door SLK Mercedes-Benz turning right on Sunset Boulevard. The girl's mother pounded on the hood of the car with her fists and screamed, Smith said.

A black, four-door "sporty" Toyota made a turn directly after the Mercedes, but police did not know if it hit the girl. The Toyota was carrying four passengers, and the driver pulled to the curb and talked with the mother, police said. Both cars left the scene before police arrived.

Investigators are asking anyone with information to call (213) 473-0222.

Crisis counselors were working Friday with distressed students at the middle school.

-- Nicole Santa Cruz in Brentwood

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This is such a sad story. And the mother was right there which makes it even sadder. I wonder if they were texting or talking on the phone. We all need reminders and examples of how bad that is to do. Sorry to the family.

Gee, you would think that this accident happened in a less affluent area. What is wrong with our society. The hit and run driver would not been cited since the child was walking against the red light.

This is very sad. I see kids everyday being taught to jaywalk by their parents.

Can't stop now, I'm running late for my spa treatment.

Crossing Sunset Blvd against a red light in rush hour traffic? Not a good idea - even in a nice neighborhood. The mother is going to carry that guilt forever.

This is what happens when pedestrians don't obey the traffic laws. I see this every day on LAs streets. The fact that her parent was there makes it even worse

the event is sad. bad parenting for jaywalking. very bad morals for the moron who hit the girl and ran. not sure about the toyota people. they did stop but what did they say and why did they leave? hopefully they had a good look at the license plate or a better description of the car that ran and hopefully they'll call-in or show up at a police station to explain how they saw things.

You're blaming the victim? How about the common sense rule to drive with extreme caution when around a school bus? How about having your eyes in front of you and paying attention to what's going on while going through an intersection?

I don't know if the driver was legally at fault or not, since I wasn't there and don't have all the details, but it goes without saying that you proceed with caution around school buses, schools, and any area where children are bound to be present. Of course we should teach our children to cross streets safely, but to blame the victim here is outrageous. If the driver is truly not at fault or with nothing to hide, then why did they run?

No mercy for people who hit and run, regardless of fault. You don't leave some one to die in the street without rendering aid. That's inhumane and deserving of no mercy.

I find your comment inappropriate. Not funny. Think before you
post a stupid comment. A young girl died in front of her mother.

Obviously this child wasn't targeted to be run over. So when the person got out of the car, saw what he or she did, and fled, that changed the playing field from an accident to a cowardly act.

Based on the logistical data we have been presented with, the assumption can be made with high certainty that the victim was attempting to cross Cliffwood, was traveling Eastbound against a red. Given this information, it is logical to conclude that the vehicle likewise ran a red light in the execution of its right turn. Had the vehicle stopped at the red prior to executing the right turn, perhaps the driver would have seen the victim, or at least, the impact would not have been fatal. The victim may have been jaywalking, but the driver ran a red light and then was a perpetrator of felony hit & run.

Visibility at this particular intersection is high, with the exception of a tree right in front of the crosswalk. Given the particular position of this tree, and the crime scene tape, it might also be possible that the victim did not cross in the cross walk.

Did you ever think that maybe the driver fled because he/she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs? And probably speeding. Yes, no one should ever try to cross Sunset against a light. I have to cross Sunset all the time, unfortunately, and even with the light you are in jeopardy. Drivers on Sunset have no mercy. What ever happened to slowing down when you can't see what might be around a corner. Why not anticipate that there might be a pedestrian, who might not be using good judgement. Everyday I see people running to catch buses, or just stepping out into the street as the light changes. But so far, I have been going slow enough and I am watchful enough not to hit them.

Yes, crossing against a red light is not a good idea on any busy street during the morning rush hour. I see it daily when driving. A couple weeks ago a high school student got killed on Crenshaw Blvd running into the street trying to catch a MTA bus. That driver stopped and waited for the police.

"Gee, you would think that this accident happened in a less affluent area"
What does that mean? That less affluent people are colder and nastier than more affluent people? Most of the bad, mean, nasty, impatient drivers in LA are driving expensive, very affluent cars.

I go to school right down the street, and girls from my school saw the girl while they were driving to school. So sad,

Glenn Rodriguez?
you're not the smartest kid to say unintelligent remarks
especially when you don't really know the story.

As for the ones that i know are involved i wish them the
best and that all turns out okay.

Hello? Why are you blaming the mother for the whole event -- did you miss the part where the driver FLED THE SCENE?

terribly painful and sad.

but "Glenn" is right. if it would have happened in Van Nuys no one would have made a big deal.

no one should ever jaywalk on sunset. however, rarely people cross it around there because the highway speeds and curves make it terrifying. i'm surprised they were doing so.

Typical LA comments - that it was the pedestrian's fault! By law, even if the pedestrian is jaywalking, it is illegal not to stop for them - pedestrians have right of way ALWAYS. Also, it's also illegal not to stop if you've gotten into an accident. Some of these comments are beyond reproach like glenn's about this happening in an affluent area - so it's ok if this happened in Watts is what you're saying? W. LA is filled with these SLK drivers who routinely flout the law but it's the pedestrian's fault because they couldn't get out of the way of a speeding trophy wife who can't be bothered to stop so a child won't get killed - is that about right Jinni? So many comments about the bad jaywalkers but what about the uncaring, cruel driver who runs down a child and won't even stop. Legally, the driver of the car is guilty of murder, but I guess it's better to blame the victim, after all she was the one jaywalking so she could commit the selfish act of trying to get to school.
After living in LA for 7 years, I have never seen so many selfish, entitled luxury car driving a-holes who don't care how many motorists or pedestrians they hit because their rich spouses, parents or families will make any crime they commit go away.
I hope the driver goes to prison for a long time.

Very sad but avoidable. She should not have been going against the red light. Sunset blvd at 7:20am? Are you kidding me? Very dangerous. Really a shame. I agree with the previous post that it wasn't the driver's fault and should have stayed.

She was 14.... She went to my school...

Oh yeah, she also wasn't crossing on a red light, it was still flashing the hand... So sad... she went to my school....

No, nobody got the license plates... I feel so bad for her friends, family, and my traumatized friends who saw this accident... C'mon LA Times, get these articles right! She wasn't jaywalking!! A couple of my friends were interrogated by the police... : (

The person who hit the child should be placed in jail for at least 365 days so they can have ample time to understand what an idiot they are. If I saw the accident and I witnessed them leaving the scene I would have caught the driver and beaten the crap out of the driver so they would have learned a big lesson the hard way.


Shame on you and your comment. A mother watched her daughter get killed this morning and you make jokes. Clearly she should not have been crossing on the red light, but this is still no time to make jokes or place blame. My thoughts are with the family.

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