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Negotiations underway for surrender of Michael Jackson's doctor [Updated]

An attorney for Michael Jackson’s doctor said he was in negotiations with a prosecutor Thursday morning about how the physician will surrender to face criminal charges in the pop icon’s death.

No case has been filed against Dr. Conrad Murray, but the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office is expected to file an involuntary manslaughter charge and potentially other counts against him this week, said numerous sources familiar with the case.

Murray’s lead attorney, Ed Chernoff, said he and Deputy Dist. Atty. David Walgren were discussing arrangements for booking and arraigning the doctor after the case is filed.

“We both share the goal of the efficient administration of this process,” Chernoff said.

A spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

A sticking point appeared to be whether Murray, who is staying with the mother of his infant son in Santa Monica, will be arrested and placed in handcuffs or permitted to turn himself in at a police station or courthouse.

Los Angeles Police Department officials were pushing for an arrest, according to a departmental source who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The source said police were concerned that allowing Murray to turn himself in suggested to the public -- including future jurors -- that he was entitled to special treatment and was a “white-collar” case rather than an accused criminal.

Murray’s lawyer insisted there was no reason for handcuffs or police cars.

“An arrest of Dr. Murray would be a waste of money, time and resources. We’ve always made it clear: You tell us where; we’ll be there. I’m sure something can be arranged,” Chernoff said.

He said Murray and his defense team have met with bail bond companies in preparation for the charges.

“We’ve had eight months to prepare,” he said, referring to the criminal probe of Murray that began in the hours after Jackson’s June 25 death.

Murray acknowledged giving propofol, a powerful anesthetic intended for use in operating rooms, to Jackson as a sleep aid the morning of his death, according to court documents. The coroner’s department ruled the death a homicide and said it was caused by “acute propofol intoxication” in combination with the use of sedatives also administered by the doctor.

Involuntary manslaughter, which applies to unlawful killing committed without malice or an intent to kill, carries a maximum sentence of four years in prison.

[Updated at 11:45 a.m.: The prosecutors who will try Murray are at odds with the police who built the case against him over whether the physician should be arrested or allowed to surrender, according to a high-ranking official in the district attorney’s office.

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case, said prosecutors oppose an arrest because Murray does not have a criminal record and poses no danger to the public.

The official denied that a surrender would represent special treatment for Murray, saying similarly situated defendants, including police officers accused of crimes, are commonly allowed to turn themselves in. “This shouldn’t be treated differently because it’s a celebrity-related case,” the official said.]

-- Harriet Ryan, Jack Leonard and Richard Winton

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he should be charged with destruction of crime scene as well becouse he was waiting for the propofol to dissapear from mjs body before calling police.

Allow Dr. Murray to turn himself handcuffed behind his back just as MJ was forced to endure in Santa Barbara. He's committed what will turn out to be the most publicized homicide in history; and keep him in jail pending the proceedings both for his own safety and so that he doesn't skip what will most likely be a low bail. He may not have a criminal history but he surely has reason to flee.

Why should this man receive any special "arrangements for booking and arraigning"?? After the charges have been filed, he should be rousted out of his mansion, slapped in handcuffs, hauled down to the county jail in a paddy wagon, put in a holding cell with all the other scum, fed moldy bologna sandwiches, paraded through a 'perp walk', arraigned in the normal rotation with the others, and released on $1 million bail (if he can post bail). Special treatment for the rich and famous is not enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

I've always wondered why certain suspects are allowed to "negotiate" a surrender? Just arrest the guy if you've got a warrant and be done with it!

I believe that he needs to be brought in with handcuffs just like they brought Michael Jackson when they arrested him and he was no danger to society. So they need to watch what they make sure they cross their T's and dot their I's because LA Cops and people that are involed in this case. Remember OJ's trial and other things that have happened. The DA that was after Michael Jackson for child molestation should maybe not be included in this case because if you think about it he wanted what he wanted so bad and did not get it. I think he has a problem with atthority. They have to do something about these doctor's that think they can do what they want where they want and not be caught.He knows that he should have had all the things he needed to use the drug he used. He was the one that gave it to MJ and then left the room I would call that negligence and they need to see that. There are children that the dr. involed that was not right for MJ's kids to see at all. They should asked the dr if he would want his children in that place that he put MJ's kids in?

Something is amiss. Manslaughter charges? Why not 2nd degree murder?…if not, 1st! Murder in the FIRST. Just look at the facts. Read the search warrant by LAPD by homicide division full of Murray's lies about the drugs he administered. Then look at the coroner's report. You will see Michael was CLEAN.. MJ admittedly had addiction issues to Rx drugs and f you had the kind of pain Michael dealt with, it is understandable. That said, Murray knew what he was doing in my opinion. "They" (whoever) took advantage of MJ's situation. It was akin to pushing a person in a wheelchair down a deep sloping hill then running away. Michael Jackson was murdered in cold blood I believe but the truth may never come out if a cover up ensues. Let justice take it's course. Of course, the "powers that be" meaning the persons behind the scene (not LAPD who did a wonderful job!) I mean the ones who stood to gain from this man's death--example? His valuable catalogue for instance..these people who may perhaps be hiding behind a corporate veil?? We may never know whole truth if Murray is charged with mere manslaughter. Is it obvious that there was a "high powered" meeting with the DA? Is it not routine that a deal could be struck? Here, here! Lets see a full on trial and let's see the truth come out. Michael was an innocent man on all counts. Just take the time to look at the facts of what happened in the criminal charges against him. Someone murdered Michael Jackson. Conrad Murray was a gun who pulled the trigger. That we do know. I pray for the Jackson Family, especially his mother and his children, and of course his brothers because even a guilty ruling in the Michael Jackson murder case cannot bring him back. Hand cuff this Murray. I want to see everyone of those people behind this unfathomable loss also handcuffed. We need to take a stand against greed.

FINALLY SOME JUSTICE FOR MJ'S FAMILY, KIDS, AND HIS FANS! Let this be a lesson for other "celebrity" doctors.

4 years max sentence. WHAT A JOKE. Factor in a reduction of time for good behaviour and he might do two at most. Add to that the chance of a plea bargain and he might get off with a slap on the wrist. And then America wonders why it has such a high homicide rate. If you hate someone, all you have to do is kill them, make it look like an accident and the MOST you get is 4 years. A JOKE!!!!!! There is no justice for MJ and the LAPD have a lot to answer for.

Well since the DA is charging Dr. Murray with Manslaughter, then every doctor and medical professional that ever tended to Michael Jackson should be indicted as well! Let's face it; Michael Jackson has been a drug addictt since his hair caught fire. He just had the means to buy personal Dr's that could write prescriptions and administer drugs at his beck and call and of course keep it all under wraps. Murray is simply the fall guy for every other Dr. before him, furthermore I personally believe that everybody close to him knew he was a dope fiend and did nothing to stop him from killing himself with prescription drugs. This includes father Joe, mother Katherine, all the brothers and sisters and "hangerons" who sucked up to him for the money. All the grieving family members and friends should've stepped up to the plate years ago and got this fool into rehab before all this happened. Sure he would've been mad at whom ever snitched on him, but after he got clean and sober, he would've been happy somebody had enough balls to save his live...

This individual IS a danger to the public.

He gave drugs that should never be given outside the hospital.

His patient died as consequence of his criminal negligence.

He tried everything he could to destroy evidence of his crime.

Next time he kills someone or endangers someone's life, he will certainly try to destroy evidence instead of saving the patient.

Don't send a wrong message to all the practitioners.

The LAPD didn't hesitate to put Michael in handcuffs when he was arrested for something that he was later found not guilty of. I am in the medical field- this doctor is guilty of gross negligence/incompetence at the very least. AT THE VERY LEAST. Michael made bad choices but doctors need to learn to say no- the oath says "first do no harm". So yes, put him in handcuffs.

"The source said police were concerned that allowing Murray to turn himself in suggested to the public -- including future jurors -- that he was entitled to special treatment and was a “white-collar” case rather than an accused criminal."

Basically, the court of the United States just admitted that it treats the wealthy different from the poor when dealing with criminal cases. We all know that the government of the United States is corrupt, but I find it interesting and almost amusing that an official has basically just admitted to this with the above quote.

At the risk of starting a firestorm - It seems like many people are just looking for a way to help prop up Michael's image. He wanted this drug - demanded this drug - ignored those who told him not to take this drug. Granted - there should have never been a doctor who should have "caved" to Michael's wishes but come on - Part of the responsibility rests on his shoulders. With the pressure and power that Jackson had to make things happen around him who thinks that it was 100% the fault of Dr. Conrad Murray?

This is an outrage! Michael was handcuffed when he turned himself in. Why was there a need for that? To humiliate and disgrace him that's why. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

My God what is wrong with mankind to condone the inhumane treatment of Michael when he turned himself in? Michael is an American citizen folks! A kind, peaceful, gentle and loving human being. Yet he was treated worse than animal! Disgusting!!!! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

Every person is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Except not for Michael.

Because Michael dared to be different... because he dared to share with those less fortunate...because he was gracious and generous opening up his home...because he dared to love and care for children... he was hunted like an animal and presumed guilty by the media..and the public bought the LIES hook line and sinker.

God Bless you Michael. There are many of us who never beLIEved the media LIES. We knew in our hearts who Michael the man was. We supported and defended you against the LIES and spread the TRUTH loud and proud. To this day we still do and we will NEVER stop!

L.O.V.E. you forever and a day.......

Let’s put this into prospective…a human being died at the hands of a so called profession. Regardless of anything else he was paid to oversee the well being of his patient, which he was grossly negligent in doing…Fact! JAIL HIM!!!!!!!
He can’t even keep is own story straight, in his first interview with the authorities he said he gave Michael 25 milligrams of Propofol…now he is saying he gave Michael 50 milligrams, what does that show you…LIAR, he can’t remember what he said prior. Plus, it was on top of a combination of other sedatives. He should have had a monitor on Michael to observe his heart rate, oxygen intake and it should have had an alarm on it. This way there would have been a warning if something went wrong. That’s bull when Murray said he was only out of the room for two minutes, the body can go for 3-4 minutes without oxygen before damage begins. So before that time passes you have to start CPR for it to be effective…Fact!!! Again…LIAR…JAIL HIM!!!
Just think of his kids…they’ll have to live with that memory of that HEARTBREAKING DAY for the rest of their lives. What fear they must of felt, with all the chaos going on!!! JAIL MURRAY…I won’t even give him the recognition of his so called professional title, because he didn’t stand by his oath!!!
Slap the cuffs on him and take him away the same way that Michael was!!!

With Love and Prayers,

He needs to be cuffed, he is a threat to society!
4 years is not enough if indeed he did murder Michael.
LAPD has a lot to answer to about the way they have handled this case.
The fans need answers, this IS Michael Jackson!! On the verge of making the biggest comeback the world has ever seen! Jam!!

I'll just "Simmer".....
Love you More MJ!!


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