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Michael Jackson death investigation may be coming to a conclusion


There were growing signs Wednesday morning that the half-year investigation into the death of Michael Jackson could be coming to a conclusion.

L.A. prosecutors continue to decline comment on when -- or if -- they will charge Jackson's personal physician in connection with the pop star's death. But law enforcement sources have told The Times it's possible a decision will come sometime this week.

A lawyer for the Houston-based doctor, Conrad Murray, said Tuesday that his client is in Los Angeles and prepared to surrender if authorities file charges against him.

"I don't have any specific information that leads me to believe he is going to be charged this week," lawyer Ed Chernoff said, "but if he is, we've made it clear he's available to turn himself in."

The arrival of Murray and Chernoff, his lead attorney, from Houston set off a new round of speculation that authorities, who have been mulling a manslaughter case against the doctor since last summer, were about to file charges.

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County district attorney's office declined to say whether prosecutors planned to file a case against Murray. "All I can tell you is that we have not filed anything. When and if we do, we will let everyone know at one time," spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said.

Chernoff said Murray was visiting L.A. on personal matters -- he has an infant son in Santa Monica -- and also planned to attend a strategy session Tuesday afternoon with his criminal defense team, made up of Chernoff, local counsel J. Michael Flanagan and Long Beach attorney Joseph Low IV. Low represents Nicole Alvarez, the mother of Murray's infant son.

Murray acknowledged administering the anesthetic propofol to Jackson shortly before his death on June 25, 2009, according to police affidavits. An autopsy classified Jackson's death as a homicide and said the cause was "acute propofol intoxication" in combination with the use of sedatives.

An attorney who is said to represent members of the Jackson family, Brian Oxman, told CBS News this morning that manslaughter charges against Murray would be troubling. "That is just a slap on the wrist, and a slap in the face, because Michael Jackson was someone who we knew was in danger of being brought to his knees, brought his death, by the use of these medications," Oxman said.

-- Harriet Ryan, Richard Winton and Andrew Blankstein

Photo: Mourners at Michael Jackson's memorial service. Credit: Associated Press

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Dr Murray needs to be held accountable. The hypocratic oath states "do no harm". He had to have known that the combination of drugs he administered to Mr Jackson had the potential to be lethal.

michael i'm your number one fan

i love your songs

As much as I dislike the idea of Michael Jackson dying in the manner that he did, I still cannot agree with this quest to find a scapegoat for his death. I suspect that if the surviving Jackson family members were so upset about Michale's use of various chemicals to sleep they could have done a lot more than stand by and let it happen when he was alive. The sudden expression of deep concern and the requests for the greater punishment smacks of hypocrisy to me! I also think this extended evaluation of the facts surrounding Michale's death and the reasons for it also smacks of hypocrisy. This is no more than a witch hunt and a publicity grab. Let the man go in peace, and accept it for the accident that it was!

if that guy did kill my father micheal jackson then he should suffer all the consequnes

Murray's charges should be greater than involuntary manslaughter; as a doctor, he knew the dangers in what he was doing, and he did it anyway, for money; we should send a message to all the "doctor feelgoods" out there that they can't get away with murder.

i love and miss my father and iam mad cause i cant go see him

Michael Jackson was a gift from God to this world, through his music and his humanity. He trusted no one because everyone betrayed him; no one stood by him; now all his Hollywood cronies are speaking up about the man we, the fans, knew all along. Dr. Murray should lose his medical license so this doesn't happen to anyone else. RIP MJ

Conrad Murray should be charged with MURDER. It was such horrible negligence that it should be murder. How dare he do this to Michael and his CHILDREN and even his fans!!! Murray needs to be held accountable for his actions. People get away with everything these days...where is the justice?!! Haul him away and stick some propofol in his veins...and leave him.

I'll believe it when I see it. This is taking far too long. Also is Murray going to point the finger at the people who helped him score the propofol? Who was he talking on the phone with for 90 minutes before calling 911? Answers.

Michael Jackson was addicted to drugs, in common parlance : a drug addict. Jackson's family knew it as did many of his close advisors, friends and companions. They chose to do nothing and are equally complicit in Jackson's death. Jackson himself knew the risks, including death, related to his abuse of drugs and could well have intended "This Is It" to be his epitaph. Don't get me wrong, Dr. Murry acted irresponsibly and should be charged, but it was Michael himself that caused his death and his demand for and abuse of drugs that only money can buy.

omg i hope this doc of mj will go to jail i luv u mj

Conrad Murray should not be allowed to "turn himself in". He should be taken under arrest for the CRIMINAL FELONY he is about to be charged with. TMZ is reporting undercover LAPD car outside Murray's baby mama's house in Santa Monica.

Involuntary Manslaughter is not a strong enough charge. It should be Murder 2. But hope remains that there will be other Federal and State as well as civil charges that are brought against Murray. Hopefully this is just the beginning!


Justice for Michael Jackson!
RIP Michael Jackson

Crud. It's not happening today, per TMZ. Maybe tomorrow.


Die young and leave a good looking corpse.

eu o amava muito tenho apenas 12 anos mas faço ideia de todo o sucesso que ele fazia choro todos os dias em lembrar que ele morreu mas para mim ele ainda continua vivo so tenho a dizer que i love you.

Surrender my ass, don't they have some of those annoying bracelets the Policy Officers carry on their belt hoops in his size? Slap them on his ass and march him straight to jail.

Since when does a MURDER get to surrender? This man is dangerous to the pubic he still believes he did nothing wrong but can't explain why Michael is dead.

I hate this man with a passion.

MJ's family and friends knew he had a drug addiction problem and on several occassions tried to help him but to no avail (see Janet Jackson's interview with Robin Roberts on ABC). Michael had to be responsible for his own well being as well as his private physician. Sad as it may seem, I believe it was all an accident but Murray should still suffer the consequences for what he did.

Conrad Murray can take away the most loved person on this planet...and he can try to convince himself that he is innocent, much like OJ probably believes he is innocent. But, Michael Jackson is in heaven and will live on in our hearts....forever. No one can take that from us, ever.

Michael Jackson truly a great performer. Michael Jackson
truly a druggy. Michael Jackson's family truly money hungry
people. The brothers seems to be thriving on attention-
getting stunts as well as the father. Michael Jackson truly
better off where he is........

I think it's ridiculous to charge Dr. Murray with a felony. He tried giving Michael less potent medications in order to induce sleep. It was Michael who kept insisting the Dr. use the anesthesia that ultimately killed him. From what I understand, the Dr. was concerned Michael was becoming dependent on that drug and the Dr. watered it down so as not to give too much. The responsibility for Michael's death lies squarely on Michael's shoulders and no one else's. The worst they should charge Dr. Murray with is accidental overdose. There was no intent, there was clearly the effort to AVOID giving that powerful drug to Michael.

@Harvey: So what you are saying is that it was an accident that the doctor ILLEGALLY used propofol outside a hospital setting, it was an accident that the doctor used propofol without proper heart monitors and other required equipment!
He is not a scapegoat, he was negligent and therefore should go to jail for murdering MJ!
Side note: do your research, the Jackson family did not know MJ was into a drug like propofol. They did not know he was having sleeping problems. Why because he hid it from them!!
They knew a few years ago he was hooked on Demerol and pain killers and did try to help him. Realize how hard it is to help an addicted soul. They never let family know. MJ had body guards surrounding him always, so his family could not get close to him.
Please cut out the poor old doctor routine.

Dr. Murray administered propofol without the proper monitoring equipment; he is not an anesthesiologist qualified to administer the drug properly; he left Michael Jackson alone while MJ was in an artificially induced coma; Jackson went into cardiac arrest and he did not have the proper medical equipment available to revive him. He had to have known that his actions could result in death. These actions fit the definition of 2nd degree murder, not involuntary manslaughter.

I am a big fan of Michael Jackson. However, I hold Mr. Jackson himself largely responsible for the fate that has befallen him. He had refused intervention and he had isolated himself from his family and other people who truly cared for him. Being a superstar, I imagine that MJ could obtain whatever he wanted, and that included medications that would otherwise not have been denied to people of lower stature. His addiction for medications that have been considered excessive and dangerous predated his association with Dr. Murray. Many doctors before Dr. Murray have disassociated themselves from MJ because he was manipulative and deceptive, as is often the case with any patient who has developed an addiction for any substance or drug. I love MJ, but this doctor just happened to be at the wrong place and at the wrong time. Sure he gave in to MJ's demands, but what could any compassionate doctor have done if a multi-million dollar concert deal was at stake?

Although Jackson was a drug addict, Conrad Murray long had a reputation of selling and getting any type of drugs anyone wanted if they paid him. He also has a reputation for ordering unnecessary and meaningless tests that only pad his profits and inflate costs of medical care. There are a long list of physicians who refuse to refer patients to him and Murray was not viewed as competent by doctors who worked with him. He is a very smooth talker and never took a patients needs into consideration when he treated them because he only looked at them as money centers. The fact that Jackson died and the doctor didn't have any drugs to counter act possible adverse reactions or equipment to monitor the patient, clearly lead to Jackson's death. So negligent or ignorant was Murray, the idiot couldn't even perform CPR correctly...He was trying to perform it on a bed which makes CPR impossible.

So poor was his medical service was that the doctor was unable to pay his basic bills. This guy has always felt he was above the law. I'm happy the LAPD is actively working the case and hope they do a good job at handling the chain of evidence and the DA puts on a decent case. That said, Manslaughter can carry a very high prison time if convicted.

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