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Marijuana seized in banana shipment at San Diego border crossing

Bananas -- Yellow

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in San Diego found more than $1 million worth of marijuana hidden in a shipment of bananas at the Mexico border, officials said Wednesday.

A drug-sniffing dog alerted officers to the shipment Monday when a 40-year-old Mexican truck driver applied to cross into the United States at the Otay Mesa cargo facility, the agency said in a statement.

When officers opened the boxes in the truck, they found 235 packages of marijuana weighing nearly a ton hidden among bunches of bananas, the statement said. Officers seized the marijuana, which is worth an estimated $1.17 million.

The driver was arrested by agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Last week, 315 packages of marijuana weighing 3,877 pounds were found hidden in a shipment of peppers and beans at the cargo facility.

-- Alexandra Zavis

Photo: Part of the shipment of bananas in which marijuana was found. Credit: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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I NEVER said that the excess of pot smokers where smoking it all. I actually didn't have a problem with people who smoked because my theory was it was like smoking cigarettes. You want to do that to your body it's your choice. I have my own maker i have to answer too. I don't judge anyone who does it. BUT when i have to run to your wife's aid because your BEATING THE CRUD OUT OF HER BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE MONEY TO PAY YOUR BILLS BECAUSE NOOOO ONE WILL HIRE YOU...... AND YOU'VE GIVEN UP ON EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE. Where is this helping. Where is this a good thing to legalize. If you had responsible adults that where making responsible ADULT DECISIONS. Then maybe it wouldn't be shunned. But IF THE ONLY EXAMPLE I CAN GIVE YOU IS A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

I AM AGAINST legalizing it because i think the type of Marajana that is being grown is RIDICULOUSLY STRONG.
And he spends more time going to rallies and meetings about how THEY HAVE THESE RIGHTS. If he took the same amount of time and spent it on his house, his yard, his family or his kids. MAYBE HE WOULDN'T LOSE EVERYTHING...for him. It's become an obsession.....
Any prescription medicine is suppose to be for good. But then you have people that take advantage of them AND BECOME ADDICTS. WE ARE condoning people to being ADDICTS. and i'm sorry. he wakes up, he smokes, he takes two steps, he smokes some more. IT IS EXCESSIVE. HE is a perfectly normal HARD WORKING CAPABLE MAN. and he should have NEVER BEEN given this card. SO IT'S RIDICULOUS....

Good job! Keep that pesticide-infested inferior strain at the border. We Californians prefer the organic or at least less pesticides than lettuce.

IT CA not Cali

This comes from the Trade Agreement with Mexico. Pot is fine when you need when you are Sick, but not for fun.

@ california resident

I guess that all the cops have to do now is find 5 papers in the driveway and ... there's your pot smoker. You caught us. All we want is to abuse our families and cause trouble in the neighborhood. Yep, we're caught. The secret's out. I guess I'll grow up and get that life now and fully support keeping cannabis illegal and fully funding the drug cartels. Yep, that makes perfect sense.

Unless you're painting with a broad brush.

Party ON Wayne ! ! !

you don't need a license to buy marijuana, but it just makes the process smoother.

YES, let's dwell on the fact that my neighbor leaves his newpapers in his yard but let's make excuses for his horrific behavior.
You missing the point. THIS WAS A NORMAL HARD WORKING MAN.
He was a daily pot smoker, but he had the average street dirt. Now he's growing this hard core weed and he is a completely different person. Different theory in life, different moral value's. I'm sorry. I don't believe you should explain to a small child that you smoke marajuana. In my opinion he shouldn't have been allowed this medical card. He was a hard labor hard working man. He doesn't have ailments that would leave him in a crippling manner. This is the problem. THERE HASN'T BEEN ANYONE OVERSEEING THIS PROGRAM AND if there has THEY HAVEN'T DONE THEIR JOB BECAUSE PEOPLE are just running amuck with this.
IF YOU are life threatening disease...LIFE THREATENING and it eases your pains. YES... you should get it..But other than that. NO...KEEP IT ILLEGAL.
Again, I ACTUALLY KNOW 3 PEOPLE who have this card. 1 is a friends teenage kid, the other a grown man, the 3rd a business aquantance. ALL TURNED WEIRD AND PARANOID.
If you would have all kept this a responsible thing then it wouldn't be an issue. People say I "COMPLETELY FUNCTION NORMAL WHEN I SMOKE WEED" that's fine, i've witnessed that with my own eyes. But now the 3 people i know have turned to the extreme. You've made it worse for yourself.
And frankly don't give me this nonsense about pestisides and stuff. You are probably the same person that has shared a blunt with people you barely know sharing your germs with each other...DISCUSTING.
where has your weed you've been smoking all these years come from. PLEASE don't play the martr now too.

@ California Resident

I'm sorry that you have a bad neighbor. My bad neighbor behind me is an alcoholic. He shot and killed his wife. A few years in jail and now he's back. My bad alcoholic neighbor beside me killed his best friend at the club over a new girl. He's back in the neighborhood as well. So much for jailing the violent. I don't like to be around them. They both are really violent when drunk. These alcoholics were good people once I suppose. Should I push for alcohol prohibition because of their actions? No? Why not?

It really sounds like your neighbor is an alcoholic and not a 'pot head'. He may be smoking but it's the alcohol that makes him violent...or something worse. Cannabis doesn't make you violent. Plenty of studies to back that statement including popular anecdotal evidence.

A guy at work got caught with some 'marijuana', about a quarter pound for his personal use, he said, and he is still in jail...two years later. He had no criminal record prior to the 'pot' arrest. He was a nice guy and quick to help if you asked. Not a pillar of the community but he's not getting wasted and killing people around him. I guess he's one of john walters unicorns. So the alcoholics have a disease and get treatment. The 'pot' smoker is a criminal and gets the full weight of the law. Logic? Sanity? I'm listening but I don't hear any.

The whole point to the legalization push is that cannabis prohibition isn't working. It wasn't working before. It isn't working now. And it isn't going to work in the future. Trying something over and over expecting different results is....

BTW, if it were legalize and regulated maybe your bad neighbor wouldn't be able to get the 'hard stuff'. Nothing like leaving a controlled substance to be controlled by criminal gangs. Sanity? Logic? I still listening.

Hahaha.... Mellow yellow.

who were these drivers?

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