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Gloria Allred attacks Tiger Woods at L.A. news conference. Did she make the case?

Talk back L.A.

Everyone seems to be talking about Tiger Woods' emotional apology he issued in a television address this morning.

But in Los Angeles, local TV stations followed Woods' statement with a news conference here in L.A. involving attorney Gloria Allred and one of the golfer's alleged mistresses. It was a TV event in itself -- but perhaps not in the way Allred had hoped.

Veronica Siwik-Daniels, also known as porn actress Joslyn James, talked about 1,000 text message the golfer allegedly sent and said she'd be open to a "telephone apology" from Woods.

Allred called Woods' address "a staged public relations stunt" and "a disgrace."

"I just watched Tiger Woods' apology on television, and he said that many people believed in him. He also said he wanted to make amends. He did not apologize by name to my client, Veronica, and I ask, why no apology?"

What do you think? Was Allred's news conference a "disgrace" or good television? What does Woods owe Siwik-Daniels? Share your views below.

More on the Allred press conference at KTLA and the Times' sports blog, The Fabulous Forum

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Hey you get what you "pay" for. Cheating on other woman's husband deserved nothing, as for Tiger's baby-no prove!! too bad, your lost, Ellen, the wife get everything and some.

Why should he apologize to her by name, she knew what she was getting herself into. If anything she should apologize to Tigers wife.

I don't like Tiger Woods, but why is Siwik-Daniels looking for an apology. She knew what she was getting into. Siwik-Daniels should apologize to Tiger's wife for being one of the multitude of females falling all over themselves to be with Tiger.

Gloria Allred needs to just go away. The porn actress is not exactly innocent in all this either.

Anytime I see a woman with Gloria Allred, I automatically know that she is a pathetic, worthless, loser. He owes her nothing. NOTHING! Just another golddigger who wants to get paid for spreading her legs. The quality of Gloria's clients reflect the quality of her. They should both take an overdose of something and just disappear.

gloria allred is an ambulance chaser attorney who attaches herself with controversy simply to keep her face in the media....as such, her staged press conference with that skank was a disgrace and it saddens me to see fox give her the air time...tiger woods owes nothing to siwek-daniels....his blanket apology applied to all involved....

I think Tiger Woods is a pig but why does he owe an apology to one of the sluts he cheated on his wife with? The low-class whore, Veronica Siwik-Daniels, owes an apology to Tiger's wife.

Gloria made the case that she is an outstanding publicity hound.

Woods didn't rape this woman. She's as much to blame as he is.

I am betting this "Porn Star" new that Tiger was married... And why am I not surprised to see Gloria Allred involved in more verbal defacation. Tell your client her five minutes is up. What the hell are you hoilding a press conference for? Do you really think a porn actress that sleeps with a married man is owed something? What a waste of space on the LA Times web site...

Who cares who Woods slept with. He's just like most very successful men, they believe their own hype. They believe they are exept from commom decency and treating others how you would want to be treated. His only apology is to his wife and the people who write his paychecks. It was a waste of airtime. And, Gloria Allred trying to get an apology to one of his mistresses is just to get her 15 more minutes of fame. It was a lame attempt and I'm starting to doubt her intentions. She just wants her ten minutes as well.

SO a woman who knowingly had a fling with a married celebrity thinks SHE is owed an apology? Has she apologized to Erin?

As for Gloria Allred, she is a shameless opportunist and irrelevant champion of nothing except potential damages. My question is, "What damages can be due a woman who knowingly celebrity beds and receives oceans of free publiscity when SHE makes it public?"

She's due a swift kick in the butt, if you ask me..

Gloria Allred fooled no one today with the egregious TV sensationaism she engaged in to get attention, oh, and money. Representing the out of work porn star who engaged with Tiger in an affair is reckless for those individuals who truly have issues of their own. This 'female' as her own films will prove her to be is not a victim but committed crimes against Elin, Tiger's wife, without conscience. Her sister and stepmother say she's a liar and indeed it's obvious she is. Gloria Allred is a self serving, egotistical hypocrite when she bathes us with manure demanding an apology for this rouge woman without class or a conscience. Tiger had an affair and so did the porn star but the movie isn't Pretty Woman. The guy is sorry for cheating on his wife. Face it. The pain is his wife's not this (ugh) whose obviously seen many hardships over her years on the road. Go away Gloria Allred for we will never like you. Gloria Allred turns down many individuals to represent for the notoriety and fame .. Does the word fame whore apply to one or both of the women giving their TV appearance demanding Tiger's apology on TV? Gloria and her client have mcuh in common and all for momey !!!

She knew the man was married. She wasn't beaten or mistreated. She says she gave up her work as a porn star. So apparently she's still looking for money for sexual favors.

She has no right to object.

Ha ha......ha ha ha ha.......ahahahahhhahahhahahahahahh!

Are u Serious??? u and Gloria are a disgrace.

What about all those ladies get together and apologize to Tigers wife. Start with that GLORIA!

Crazy to think she’s owed anything!!! Go back to your “business”.

both were adults going into this mess.

yep, she made the wrong choice.

Gloria Allred just plain hates men.

This constant crying "victim" thing is just pathetic.

Hmmm, hello your a porn star who sleeps with married men for a living and gets paid for it.

Why does Tiger owe you an apology? You knew he was married and you still slept with him. Don't lay the "he said he loved me bit" I doubt your naive if your in porn industry.

Why don't you and your lawyer apology to Tiger's wife and family to participating. He doesn't owe you a thing and if I was his wife I would have held a news conference already and called out all of you hoes!!!

Why do women cheat with married men? If a man is THAT UNHAPPY he'd be DIVORCED, or he's not much of a real man, so why cheat with a guy like that? Most likely ladies he's just cheating... Stop believing words and get real...

Gloria needs to go away. Tiger apologized to who he needed to and who matters most. Why apologize to a ho? Seriously, just move on

I love Gloria Allred! May she never, ever gain a sense of self-awareness and realize what a complete pompous ass she is, for she will then rob so many of her gift of comedy.

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