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Former teen idol Leif Garrett arrested on charge of possession of heroin

Former teen idol Leif Garrett was released from jail this morning after his arrest on a charge of possession of heroin, authorities said.

Garrett, a former '70s singing and acting star with a lengthy history of drug usage and arrests, was taken into custody about 11:20 a.m. Monday after Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies patrolling the Metro subway station at Pershing Square discovered he was carrying black tar heroin, said Steve Whitmore, a sheriff's spokesman.

Garrett was about to board a train, and "he was sweating and shaking profusely," Whitmore said.

Garrett, 48, told the deputies his condition was because he "gets nervous around law enforcement because of his prior experience," Whitmore said. He denied having any drugs and allowed the deputies to search him, he said.

Garrett then informed the deputies that he was hiding black tar heroin in his shoe, Whitmore said. 

He was released on bond from the county jail at about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday. He is due back in court on Feb. 24.

Leif Garrett In 2006, Garrett was arrested on the Red Line subway on a charge of possession of heroin. 

In 1999, Los Angeles police arrested the bandanna-wearing musician in the MacArthur Park area after he allegedly tried to buy narcotics from undercover officers.

In 1979, Garrett was behind the wheel of a Porsche and allegedly under the influence of beer and drugs when he rear-ended a car, leaving his passenger disabled.

-- Richard Winton

Photo: The booking shot of Leif Garrett from 2006. Credit: L.A. County Sheriff's Department

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I wish someone in Hollywood would step up and pay for putting this poor guy in rehab for a year. A lot of them have extra money and understand addiction. I know he needs to help himself as well, so please don't lecture.

Holy cow. Google Leif Garrett images. Man, he hit the wall HARD.

So when is this 12-Step Religious Cult's "Higher Power" suppose to kick-in and make everything all better for Mr. Garrett?

Let me guess...he's going to be required to attend 12-Step Religious Cult meetings...WHAT A COMPLETE FRAUD & CON JOB THE 12-STEP NONSENSE IS!

I agree with you. He needs help. And before the hateful ignorant remarks start, addiction and mental problems aren't an EXCUSE to do bad things, but they ARE usually the REASON. I'm not excusing anything, and I'm fine with people being locked up so they can't hurt others. But if a person is redeemable at all, I pray someone finds the way to help him.

Will someone PLEASE give Mr. Garrett a TV series; that's the only thing EVIDENCE BASED to cure anything in Hollywood.

He doesn't look as cute as he used to look. Oh! Cruel Time!

He was so cute back in the 70s. If I were him, I would stay off of the Metro. Seems like the train is a jinx for him. Hopefully they'll keep him on "World's Dumbest Criminals" if that show is still on. He was really funny on that show.

He's totally guaranteed an Oscar win now!

I love you Leif! Praying for you and thinking of you all the time!

I can't believe I had a crush on this guy! He needs to find Jesus and surrender his weakness to him. That's the only way he will truly be healed.

Unfortunately in the U.S. there is virtually no chance for addicts like Leif to get treatment. It's a crying shame.

This guy has really done well for himself...NOT.

He should go on one of those has-been shows...or maybe box Danny Bonaduce...I thinks he needs and will probably accept any money offered to him...

He's lucky he looks the way he looks now...since he going to jail/prison...If he was sporting the Teen Idol look in prison, well, it wouldn't be good...

I wonder how much money he made as the Teen Idol guy back in the day...Now he's a stumble bum addicted to heroin...You just never know...

i would like to hear why exactly the police are searching someone down to their shoes and socks while they claim to be waiting for a train. surely the weapons of mass destruction weren't hidden in there...or were they?
yes, he did have a prior record, but there's nothing in this article to condone this behavior aside from him "sweating and shaking profusely". is that a crime in LA? maybe a ride to the ER or Detox would have been more appropriate.

i guess the drug war has really hardened some of us to the point where we are that disconnected from our neighbors trying to cover our own behinds.

Ive loved and prayed for Leif Garrett since I was 15 years old. Leif,please learn to forgive yourself for what happened to Roland. Honey, you know you need help or you wouldn't have admitted having the heroin in your shoe after they'd already searched you. Someone please help him get off this crap before people who really love him read about his funeral! Where is Dr. Phil? Leif Garrett is a funny, warm human being that made a phone call to me on our birthday we shared (at 15) . I was neglected and abused as a child and he turned my world around. He made me feel so special. Someone please help him and change his world.

If he were only to turn to GOD for his addiction problem! Wow. Leif could have possibly found the Truth. Maybe if he would have opened the Holy Bible, the Truth may have been revealed to him? That, he is a child of God and that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die for all mankind! There's truly a battle going on out there in today's world. It's been going on for centuries. Destroying lives! But, there is only one true Victor in Jesus Christ! Pray that you pick yourself up, shake off the dust,find a church and get on your knees!!


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